Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ambridge today: Pool steps

Ambridge pool steps from the bottom
November 20, 2013
copyright Nancy Knisley
I took these photos of what the Ambridge pool steps now look like during my last visit to Ambridge, November 20, 2013.

The bottom few steps just above the alley behind the houses on the 2100 block of Beaver Road are fairly well deteriorated.

For those not familiar with the steps, or have forgotten, the red wall at the top of the steps in this photo is not actually the top of the steps. The steps split at the wall, and there are 14 more steps to go when you reach the split.

Ambridge pool steps, top
November 20, 2013
copyright Nancy Knisley
The photo from the top shows the first 14 steps curving down to the bottom of the wall where the steps split. I have no idea why the steps were built that way. To keep climbers from feeling too daunted when they looked up from the bottom? To keep kids too tired from swimming all day from tumbling straight down from the top? Esthetics?

The wall, steps, and railing here are in good condition.

The top of the wall is an observation point. There is a bench there looking towards the empty, weedy lot where the bathhouse once stood.

Ambridge pool steps looking down
November 20, 2013
copyright Nancy Knisley

And, finally, the view from the top of the wall, looking down. The section of the steps from the wall to the bottom of the railing looked to be in fairly good condition, although I did not walk down--or up--them to confirm that observation.

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