The Ambridge List of Lists by Nancy Knisley

The Ambridge List of Lists
of pre-1971 Ambridge businesses, schools, churches, and organizations
compiled by Nancy Knisley

This is a (never-ending) work in progress. More information will be added as I find it
--and time.
Additions and/or correction of errors gratefully accepted.
Note: the list does not reflect name or address changes after 1970

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Most recent update: April 11, 2021

Ambridge Businesses pre-1971
Retail and wholesale stores
Auto, truck, cycle, and trailer dealerships
Entertainment and recreation
Food, groceries, beverages
Gas stations
Restaurants, bars, hotels

Retail and wholesale stores (except for food/groceries) pre-1971
  • Adasiak's of Ambridge, 718 Merchant St., 715 Merchant St.
  • Advanced TV and Appliance Co., 291 Seventh St.
  • Alflora's, 660 Merchant St.; women's clothes
  • Almo Clothing Company, 663 Merchant St.
  • Al's Furniture Outlet, 337-339 Merchant St.
  • Al's Pants Store, 606 Merchant St.
  • Altmeyer's, 550 Merchant St., then 519-523 Merchant St.; linens and other white goods, fabric
  • AmBee Shoppe, 517 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge American Hardware, 536 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Army and Navy Store, 427 Merchant St,; later 517 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Auto Parts, 1130 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Auto Wrecking Co., 2805 Duss Ave.; auto parts and supplies
  • Ambridge Bargain Center, 705 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Bible Book Store, 292 Fifth St.
  • Ambridge Book Store
  • Ambridge Cement Block Co., 2508 Duss Ave.
  • Ambridge Dollar Store, 432 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Drug Co., Davis Block, Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Electric Supply Co., 1320 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Fire Extinguisher Co., 1600 Church St.
  • Ambridge Furniture Co., 653-655 Merchant St., 418 Merchant St., 722 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Greenhouses & Flower Shoppe, 498 Elm Rd.
  • Ambridge Hardware, Inc., 536 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Jewelers, 803 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Lumber and Building Co., Merchant at 16th St.
  • Ambridge Lumber and Builders Supplies, 2700 Duss Ave.
  • Ambridge News Co.
  • Ambridge News Depot, 451 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Pharmacy, 752 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Radio and TV, 815 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Radio Shop, 937 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Sewing Center, 647 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Smoke Shop, 818 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Supply Co., 1st St. and Park Rd.
  • Ambridge Television Sales and Service, 1414 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Tire Wholesalers, 79 Eleventh St.
  • Ambridge Wall Paper Company, 652 Merchant St., 820 Merchant St., then 833 Merchant St.
  • Amshutz & Co.; dry goods
  • Apex Television, 833 Merchant St.
  • Art Furniture, 452 Merchant St.
  • A. U. Doutch, 467 Merchant St.; auto supplies, motorcycles, sporting goods
  • Autenreith's Dollar Store, 519 Merchant St. 
  • B & H News Depot, 803 Merchant St.
  • Babyland Shoppe, 715 Merchant St.
  • Ballay Hardware, 631 Merchant St.
  • Bargain Furniture Mart, 651 Merchant St., 653 Merchant St.
  • Barkan's, 1223 Merchant St.;clothing, sporting goods
  • Baron's Hardware Store, 453 Merchant St.
  • Barrett Brothers, 127 Merchant St.; wholesale TV and radio parts
  • Barrett's Drug Store, Merchant at Sixth St.
  • Basset Auto and Accessory Shop, 662 Merchant St.
  • Bauerlein's, Glassware & Chinaware, Stoner Block
  • Bauman Office Equipment, 311 Sixth St.
  • B. Davidson's Sportswear
  • Beaver County Appliance Co., 1037 Maplewood Ave.; vacuums
  • Beaver Valley Builders Supplies, 906 Glenwood Ave.
  • B. Eichenser, The Men's Store, 533 Merchant St.
  • Bell Clothing Store, 576 Merchant St.; men's and boy's clothes
  • Bell Department Store, 576 Merchant St.
  • B. E. McMater, 610 Merchant St.; magazines, cigars, candy, lending library
  • Ben's Furniture, 418-420 Merchant St.
  • Better Value Shoe Store, 706 Merchant St.
  • Big Bargain Barn, 1025 Merchant St.
  • Bollinger's, 637 Merchant St.; records
  • Book's Shoe Store, 599 Merchant St., 609 Merchant St., then 555 Merchant St.
  • Brand & Bristow, 916 Merchant St.; appliances
  • Breakstone's Shoes, 
  • Breen's Furniture, Charles (now 4th) and Merchant Sts., 651 Merchant St.
  • Brenholts Brothers, hardware
  • Bridal Lane, 468 Merchant St.
  • Bride and Deb, 468 Merchant St.
  • B. Scott McFarland Building Supplies, 1532 Merchant St.
  • Calva's Gift Shop, 638 Merchant St.
  • Canadian Fur Co., 636 Merchant St.
  • Capitol Television and Appliance Co., 660 Merchant St.
  • Cardello Electric Supply Co., 1320 Merchant St.
  • Carrera Paint & Wallpaper, 719 Merchant St.
  • Caul's Drug Store, 6th and Merchant and 801 Merchant St.
  • Central Drug Store, 607 Merchant St.
  • Central Radio and T.V., 1194 Merchant St.
  • Charis, 573 Merchant St.; ladies foundation garments
  • Charles B. Nosoff, 559 Merchant St.; men's clothes
  • Charles Kristufek General Store, 300 First St.
  • Charles Men & Boy's Store, 639 Merchant St., 541 Merchant St.
  • Charles Rapp Band Instruments, 1101 Merchant St.
  • Charm Men's Shop, 507 Merchant St.
  • Chas. E. Cain Lumber, Creese St.
  • Chick's Smoke Shop, 601 Melrose Ave.
  • Children's Shop, 647 Merchant St.
  • Clerc & Allan Jewelry, 527 Merchant St.
  • Clerc's Jewelry Store, 710 Merchant St.
  • Coleman's, 545 Merchant St.; women's clothes
  • Colonial Flower Shop, 651 Merchant St., 292 Fifth St.
  • Colony Carpet Center, 530 Merchant St.
  • Color Craft Paints, 719 Merchant St.
  • Consumers Coal and Supply Co., 9th St. and Glenwood Ave.
  • Cove Tire Shop, 304 Duss Ave.
  • Da Chez Pharmacy, 1498 Duss Ave.
  • Daker Hat Shop, Merchant St.
  • Daniel's Novelty Shop, Penn Theatre Building, Merchant St.
  • Danzinger's Children's Shop, 641 Merchant St.
  • Darcel's Appliances, 466 Merchant St.
  • David Shop, 704 Merchant St., then 658 Merchant St.; women's clothing
  • Davidson's Department Store, 510 Merchant St., 1329 Merchant St.; men's, women's, and children's clothing and shoes
  • Davidson's Variety Store, 1329 Merchant St.
  • Davis Department Store, 518 Merchant St.
  • Davis News, 1298 Duss Ave.
  • Dean Phipps Tire & Auto Store, 605 Merchant St.
  • Denmark's Shoes, 468 Merchant St.
  • Dick Bros.
  • Dickson-Patton Hardware Co., 642 Merchant St.
  • Ditz & Rinehart Hardware Co., 507 Merchant St.
  • Donatelli's Pharmacy, 752 Merchant St.
  • Droz Drug Store, 609 Merchant St., 611 Merchant St.
  • Droz Furniture Co., 347 Merchant St.
  • Duce Auto Accessory Shop, 662 Merchant St.
  • Dunlop Tire & Rubber Co., 826 Merchant St.
  • Dunlop Tire Co., 811 Merchant St.
  • Duss Avenue Auto Parts, 28th St. and Duss Ave.
  • Duss Pharmacy, 1498 Duss Ave.
  • Duve Auto and Accessory, "next to post office" (but which one?); radio supplies
  • Earl Elster Florist, 11th and Merchant Sts. 
  • Economical Furniture, Co., 440 Merchant St.
  • Economy Auto and Radio Supply Company, 619 Merchant St.
  • Economy Drug Store, 14th and Merchant Streets and 499 Merchant St.
  • Economy Electric Supply Company, 817 Merchant St.
  • Economy Fruit Market, 13th and Merchant Sts.
  • Economy Furniture, 440-452 Merchant St.
  • Economy Lumber and Building Company, 2711 Duss Ave.
  • Economy News Dealer, 1233 Merchant St.
  • Economy's Big Store, 1329 Merchant St.
  • Edel's Children's Shop, 647 Merchant Street
  • Edward's Jewelry, 632 Merchant Street, 662 Merchant Street
  • Eger's Leading Jewelers, 710 Merchant St., 528 Merchant St.
  • Ellwood Lumber Co.
  • Elsie's Shoppe, Hotel Ambridge, 1st Floor; clothing
  • Elster Florists, 702 Merchant Street
  • Enelow Shoes, 577 Merchant Street
  • Esquire Hat Shop, 447 Merchant Street
  • Estelle Shop, 707 Merchant Street, later 638 Merchant Street; millinery, women's accessories
  • Estep & Potter Druggists, 414 Merchant Street
  • Evelyn's, 637 Merchant Street; cards and gifts
  • E. W. Parson & Co. Furniture, Merchant Street
  • Fabric Center, 712 Merchant St., then 750 Merchant St.
  • Fabric Fair, 647 Merchant St.
  • F. A. Droz, Wallpaper, Paints, Shrubbery, Seeds, Charles (now 4th) and Merchant Sts.
  • F. A. Herberline, Jewelry, Merchant St.
  • Fashion Hosiery, 551 Merchant St.
  • Father and Son Shoes, 545 Merchant Street, 577 Merchant St.
  • Field's Furniture Outlet, 345 Merchant St.
  • Fields Used Furniture Outlet, 339 Merchant St.
  • Fisher's Department Store, 562 Merchant St.
  • F. J. Dudzik, Jeweler, 314 Sixth St.
  • Flavarus Used Electrical Appliances, 144 Merchant St.
  • Flowers by Natalie, 711 Merchant St.
  • Fort Pitt Sales and Service Company, 453 Merchant St.
  • Fort Pitt Television & Appliances, 453 Merchant St.
  • Frances Todora's House of Wigs, 707 Merchant St.
  • Frank J. Dudzik Jeweler, 314 6th St.
  • Franklin Flower Shop, 551 Merchant St.
  • Freymark Drugs, 513 Merchant St.
  • Fritz Jahn Florist, 643 Merchant Street, 811 Merchant St.
  • F. S. Fair Hardware Co., Charles St. between Merchant St. and Maplewood Ave.
  • Gabriel's Mens' Wear, 606 Merchant St.
  • Garvin's Paints, 718 Merchant St.
  • Gas and Electric Shop, 654 Merchant St.
  • Gateway Shop, 660 Merchant St., later 831 Merchant St.; religious articles
  • Gaylord Shop, 511 Merchant St.; women's accessories
  • G.C. Murphy, 561-565 Merchant St.; variety store
  • Geier & Heilman Millinery, 573 Merchant St.
  • Geier & Heilman, 609 Merchant St.; ladies and children's clothes
  • Gents Clothing and Furnishings, 649 Merchant St,
  • Geo. J. Senk, Jeweler, 533 Merchant St.
  • Georgann's Tots N' Teens, 537 Merchant St.
  • George Brown General Store, 15th and Merchant St.
  • George's 5 & 10¢ Store
  • Gerson's for Records, 637 Merchant St.
  • G. F. Freymark Pharmacy, 513 Merchant St.
  • G. L. Trudel Radio Sales, 1116 Merchant St.
  • Gibb's Peoples Drug Store, 607 Merchant St.
  • Gift Basket, 709 Merchant St,, 700 Merchant St., 811 Merchant St.
  • Globe, 429 Merchant St.; men's and boys' clothes and shoes
  • Goorin & Harris Furniture, 651 Merchant St.
  • Gray's Auto Store, 453 Merchant St.
  • Griftwood Country Store, 13th and Merchant Sts.
  • Gusky's Home Furnishings, 550 Merchant St.
  • Guzyk Supply Co., 2426 Duss Ave.; hardware
  • Hamilton's, 568 Merchant St.; records
  • Hankins Shoe Store, Penn Theatre Building, 5th and Merchant Sts.
  • Harrison Shops, 541 Merchant St.; women's clothes
  • Harry's Hat Shop, 6th St. and Melrose Ave.
  • Hayes' Flower Shop, 455 Merchant St., 624 Merchant St.
  • Health City, 549 Merchant St,
  • Helene's Fashion Colony, 717 Merchant St.
  • Helene's Smart Fashions, 717 Merchant St.
  • Hellman Army Store, 452 Merchant St.
  • Herbert Woods, 449 Melrose Ave.; florist
  • Hick's Carpet Co., 907 Merchant St.
  • Hicks Floor Inc., 909 Merchant St.
  • H. K. Armstrong; sweepers
  • Hollywood Shop, 704 Merchant St.; women's clothing
  • Home Clothing Co., 636 Merchant St.
  • Home Furniture Co., 337 Merchant St.
  • Home Supply Co., 568 Merchant St.; household furnishings
  • Hosiery Mart, 643 Merchant St.
  • House of Wigs, 707 Merchant St.
  • Howard's Auto Electric, 1305 Merchant St.
  • Hutchison's, 639 Merchant St.; dry goods
  • Ideal Wall Paper & Paint Co., 458 Merchant St., then 663 Merchant St.
  • Jackson-Gomersall Wallpaper, 652 Merchant St.
  • Jackson's Shoe Store, 543 Merchant St.
  • Jacob Henrici Book Store, 458 Merchant St.
  • J. A. Timney, 593 Merchant St.; electrical appliances
  • J. A. Timney Electric Co., 612-614 Merchant St.
  • J. C. Doutt Co., Dry Goods, 550 Merchant St.
  • Jay's, 811 Merchant St.; paint, tile, building accessories
  • J. C. Penney, 531 Merchant St., 601 Merchant Street; department store
  • Jerome Pharmacy, 1400 Duss Ave.
  • Jimmie's Used Electrical Appliances,144 Merchant St.
  • J. Miller Jeweler, 753 Merchant Street
  • John F. Moyer Drug Store, 566 Merchant Street
  • John N. Minteer, 753 Merchant Street; jewelry
  • Johns Bargain Store, 519 Merchant St.
  • Johnson's Shoe Store, 1234 Merchant St.
  • J. Oriol's Fine Shoes and Furnishings, 717 Merchant St.
  • Joseph M. Sullivan Quality Carpets, 611 Merchant St.
  • J. Z. Levy & Son Department Store, Merchant St.
  • Karoleski's, 701 Olive Lane; candy, soda fountain, news
  • Katcher's Furniture, 578 Merchant St., 694 Merchant St. and 2503 Duss Ave., later 659 Merchant St.
  • Katcher's Music Store, 578 Merchant St.
  • Kato's School and Office Supplies, 607 Merchant St.
  • Kelly and Cohen, 507 Merchant St.; appliances
  • Kemena & Ehrheart Lumber Yard, 
  • Kemena Lumber Company, Melrose Ave. and 11th St., 10th and Merchant Sts.
  • Kinney Shoe Store, 545 Merchant St.
  • Kirschbaum Clothes, 559 Merchant St.
  • Kitty's Flower Shop, 323 Eight Street, then 85 Eleventh St.
  • Kratz Tire and Auto Supply, Inc., 343 Maplewood Ave.
  • Krauss Gift Shop, 564 Merchant St.
  • Krauss Jewelers, 546 Merchant St., later 610 Merchant Street
  • Kroll's, 321 Merchant Street; men's clothing
  • Kubek's Electrical Appliance Store, 1121 Merchant St.
  • Kunz Wallpaper and Paint Co., 298 Fourth St.
  • Kuzma Literary Service, 601 Merchant St.; books
  • Laman's Wallpaper & Paint, 294 Fourth St.
  • Landau's, 649 Merchant St.; men's clothes
  • Lauf's Drug Store, 413 Merchant St.
  • Lauf's Tire Shop, 299 Merchant St.
  • Lee's Shoppe, 619 Merchant St.; ladies' clothing
  • Lenrick Sales, 451 Merchant St.; clothing, shoes, drapes
  • Leonard Jewell, 15th St., watches
  • Leo's Pharmacy/Leo's Drug Store, 700 Merchant St., 663 Merchant St.
  • Levy Furniture Co., 120 Merchant St.
  • Lindsay Jewelry, 536 Merchant St.
  • Lindsey's Jewelry Store, 546 Merchant St. 
  • Louise Shoppe, 647 Merchant St.; infants' and children's wear
  • Luce Hardware & Supply Co.
  • Ludovici Music Store, 321 Merchant St.
  • Lustig's, 663 Merchant St.; floor and wall covering
  • M. A. Cooper Wallpaper & Paint Store, 937 Merchant St. 
  • Macfarlane's Pharmacy, 14th and Merchant Sts.
  • Magura's Men's Clothing/Magura's Factory Salesroom, 658 Merchant St.
  • Major Medi-mart Center, 907 Merchant St.; convalescent sales and rentals
  • Manhattan News Dealers, 451 Merchant St.; news, magazines, stationary, toys
  • Mark's Shoe Store, 503 Merchant St.
  • Martin Tire Co., 823 Merchant St., 817 Merchant St.
  • Martsolf Furniture Company, 798 Merchant St.
  • Mary Kay Shop, 542 Merchant St.; greeting cards, gifts
  • Mattuch Paints & Hardware, 1610 Duss Ave.
  • Mayer Drug Co., 566 Merchant St.
  • Maynard's Jewelry, 649 Merchant St., 628 Merchant St.
  • Melrose Flower Shop, 459 Maplewood Ave.
  • Melville Shoe Corp., 513 Merchant St.
  • Men's Wear Store, 555 Merchant St.
  • Merrill's Music Mart, 637 Merchant St.; records
  • Meyer Floral Shoppe, 912 Merchant St. 
  • Meyer Jewelry, 662 Merchant St.
  • Mickey's Flower Shop, 711 Merchant St.
  • Mihalek's Music Store, 1216 Duss Ave.; instruments
  • Mikush Appliances, 818 Merchant St., then 811 Merchant St.
  • M. Lieberman, Merchant St.; men's clothes and shoes
  • Milleman's, 568 Merchant St.; pianos, appliances
  • Mineard's Pet Shop, 512 Melrose Ave. 
  • Mitchell Beauty Supply, 829 Merchant St.
  • Model Clothing House
  • Modern Furniture, 432-434 Merchant St., then 651 Merchant St.
  • Modern Shoe Shop, 499 Sixth St.
  • Morris Franklin, 1329 Merchant St.; furnishings
  • M. O. Safe Tool, Inc, 319 Merchant St.
  • Motive Parts Company of Ambridge, 997 Merchant St.
  • Moyer Drug Co., 566 Merchant St.
  • Mytinger & Co. Hardware, 570 Merchant St.
  • Mytinger & Young Hardware, 570 Merchant St.
  • Nathan Breakstone, 426 Merchant St.; clothing, boots
  • National Clothing Store, 609 Merchant St.
  • Nat's Men's Shop, 606 Merchant St.
  • Neuman's Millinery Store, 660 Merchant St.
  • News Center, 1298 Duss Ave.
  • Nosoff's Men's Store, 559 Merchant St. 
  • Novice's Good Shoes, 555 Merchant St.
  • Obradovich Dry Goods Store, 1219 Merchant St.
  • Ohio Valley Lumber, 328 Fourteenth St.
  • Olbum's Furniture, 722 Merchant St.
  • Orizsko's Flower Shoppe and Gifts, 503 Merchant St.
  • Padco Paint, 605 Merchant St.
  • Panek's United News, 610 Merchant St.
  • Pearl Fashion, 527 Merchant St., 515 Merchant St., 537 Merchant St.
  • Penny Furniture Co., 418 Merchant St.
  • People's Service Drug Store, 598 Merchant St., 608 Merchant St.
  • Perlman Jewelers, 606 Merchant St., 609 Merchant St.
  • Pittsburgh Auto Equipment Co., 1007 Merchant St.
  • Pitt Stores, Inc., 757 Merchant St.
  • PJ's News, 1298 Duss Ave.
  • P. M. Karowey Electric Shop
  • Princess Shoppe, 454 Merchant St.; women's clothing
  • Pugliano Radio and Television, 411 Fifth St.
  • Quality Shoe Store, 625 Merchant St.
  • Rainbow Palette, 765 Merchant St.; art supplies
  • Rand's Deep Cut Rate Drug Co, 559 Merchant St.
  • Rand's Rexall Drugs, 559 Merchant St.
  • Rapp Music Shop, 1101 Merchant St.
  • R.C. Garvin and Sons, Inc., 718 Merchant St.; Paint, locksmith, auto supplies
  • Refrigeration-Engineering, 238 Merchant St., 658 Merchant St.; appliances
  • Reichart Furniture, 653 Merchant St.
  • Reich's Drug Store, 598 Merchant St.
  • Reliable Battery Co., 1196 Merchant St.
  • R.G. Allison, Feed and Seed
  • Robert's Men's Clothing, Penn Theater building at 5th and Merchant St., then 459 Merchant St.
  • Robert McMillan, Jeweler, 705 Merchant St.
  • Ross Plumbing and Heating Supplies, 451 and/or 453 Merchant St., 5?? Merchant St., then 319 Merchant St.
  • Royal Tile, 1337 Merchant St.
  • Sacks, 517 Merchant St., 533-535 Merchant St.; women's clothing
  • Sala Electric, 826 Merchant St.
  • Sam Friedberg, 503 Merchant St.; men's clothes and shoes
  • Sami H. Dym, 649 Merchant St.; men's clothing
  • Sanders Dependable Jeweler, 551 Merchant St. 
  • S & S Shoes, 613 Merchant Street, 599 Merchant St.
  • Sandy's Knit Shop, 812 Duss Ave.
  • Saralee's Children's Store, 559 Merchant Street
  • Schiff's Pharmacy, 431 Merchant Street, 700 Merchant St.
  • Schwartz's Ladies Store, 549 Merchant St.
  • Sears Roebuck and Co., 817 Merchant St., then 653-655 Merchant St.; appliances, auto supplies, hardware
  • S. G. Horlick, 578 Merchant St.; sporting goods, tobacco, periodicals
  • Sherwin-Williams Paints, 660 Merchant St., 564 Merchant St,, 648 Merchant St.
  • S. H. Landau, 649 Merchant St.; men's clothing
  • Shoe Market, 625 Merchant St.
  • Shoppers World of Ambridge, 1025 Merchant St.
  • Singer Sewing Center, 611 Merchant Street, then 647 Merchant St.
  • S. J. Connor Dry Goods and Groceries, 629 Merchant St.
  • Snyder Discount, 429 Merchant St., 503 Merchant St.; small appliances
  • Sol's/ SOLS of Ambridge, 633 Merchant St., later 562 Merchant St., then 601 Merchant St.; auto parts and hardware, later sporting goods
  • Sophia Calvas, 706 Merchant St.; linens, hosiery, novelties
  • Spak's News, 1298 Duss Ave.
  • S. P. Kristufek's Store, Merchant St. between 1st and 2nd Sts.
  • Sports News, 319 Eighth St.
  • Sports Shop, 647 Merchant St.
  • Spot's Tire Shop/Spots Tire and Battery, 813 Merchant St.
  • Stanley Flower Shop, 810 Merchant St.
  • Steel City Building Center, Ohio River Blvd. (Rt. 65)
  • Steiner's Curtains and Drapery Shop, 564 Merchant St.
  • Sterling Quality Paint Store, 757 Merchant St.
  • Steve's Sports Center, 842 Beaver Rd.; sporting goods
  • Stewart's Hardware, 1229 Merchant St.
  • Stork's Nest, 503 Merchant St., 632 Merchant St., 650 Merchant St.; children's clothing
  • Sullivan Carpet, 752 Merchant St.
  • Sun Drug Store, 625 Merchant St.
  • Sweitzer's, 327 Creese St., 337 Fourteenth St.; used furniture
  • Tamers Feminine Fashion, 549 Merchant St.
  • Taylor Drug Company, 1498 Duss Ave.
  • Taylor Pharmacy, 1498 Duss Ave.
  • Terner's Men's Wear, 654 Merchant St.. 555 Merchant St.
  • Terner's Men's Wear and Sporting Goods, 503 Merchant St.
  • The Flower Shop, 450 Merchant St.
  • The Star, Merchant St., Men's clothing
  • Thos. Fitzgerald, Druggist, Merchant St.
  • Three Sisters Dress Shop, 454 Merchant St.
  • Thrift Apparel Store, 549 Merchant Street, 410 Merchant St.
  • Thrift Drugs, 598 Merchant St.
  • Tiger Shop/Sportswear, 576 Merchant St.; men's clothing
  • Tingley Pharmacy, 4?? Merchant St.
  • Tile City, 801 Merchant Street, then 424 Merchant St.
  • Timney Electric, 553 Merchant, 612 Merchant St.
  • Timney's, 612-614 Merchant St.; appliances and furniture
  • Tinie's Dress Shoppe, 454 Merchant St., 468 Merchant St., 667 Merchant St.
  • Tom Fitzgerald Druggist, Merchant St.
  • Tom's Jewelry 462 Merchant St. 
  • Troll's Clothing Shop, 558 Merchant, St. 605 Merchant St.
  • T. T. Ray Pharmacy, 1400 Duss Ave.
  • TV Parts Company, 1116 Merchant St.
  • Union Clothing Company, 650 Merchant St.
  • Union Ellay Store, 650 Merchant St.
  • Union-National, 609 Merchant St.; men's and women's clothing
  • United News & Cigar Store (Panek's), 610 Merchant St.
  • Valley Cut Rate Drug, 316 First St.
  • Valley Drug Store, 318 First St.
  • Valley Hat Shop, 447 Merchant St.
  • Valley Shoe Store, 444 Merchant St.
  • Venger's  Hosiery and Gift Shop, 537 Merchant St.
  • Venger's Gift Shop, 537 Merchant St.
  • Venger Shop, 545 Merchant St.; women's clothing
  • Victor Weber, 604 Third St., washing marchines
  • Villela's Garden Center, 323 Eighth St.
  • Vogue Dree Salon, 459 Maplewood Ave.
  • V. W. Weber Electric Shop
  • Wagner & Kolakowski/Wagner-Kolakowski Jewelers, 812 Duss Ave. 
  • Wagner Jewelers, 812 Duss Ave.
  • Wall's and Sons, 507 Eighth St.; feed and seed
  • Western Auto Associate Store, 566 Merchant St.
  • Wilkens Jewelers, 605 Merchant St.
  • Wilson Furniture Co., 418 Merchant St., 420 Merchant St.
  • Wise Shops Inc., 507 Merchant St.
  • Witmeyer's Drug and Prescription Stores, Opposite American Bridge Offices and near Economy Hotel
  • W. J. Mullan, 576 Merchant St.; appliances
  • W. J. Mullan, Music Supplies, 573 Merchant St.
  • Wolber Gas and Electric, 303 Merchant St.
  • Wolber's Electrical and Gas Ranges, 1197 Merchant St.
  • Woods Flowers, 499 Melrose Ave.
  • Woolworth and Co., 541 Merchant St.
  • Workingmen's Store, 706 Merchant St.
  • Young's Shoes, 701 Merchant St.
  • Young World, 541 Merchant St.
  • Zielinski's Hardware, 1809 Duss Ave.
  • Zvonar's Tire Shop, 11th St. and Ohioview Ave.

Auto, truck, cycle, and trailer dealerships pre-1971
  • Albert Motor Co., 751 Merchant St.
  • Alexander M. Robertson Sales and Service, 2499 Duss Ave.; Auburn Automobiles, general repairs and storage
  • Ambridge Auto Co.; Lexington, Saxon
  • Ambridge Auto Sales, 347 Merchant St.; Oakland and Pontiac
  • Ambridge Auto Sales, 28th Street and Duss Ave.
  • Ambridge Lincoln-Mercury-Comet Company, 2198 Duss Ave.
  • Ambridge Lincoln Mercury Comet Better Used Cars, 2570 Duss Ave.
  • Ambridge Motor Company, 1006 Merchant St.; Nash, Studebaker
  • Ambridge Scooter Sales, 352 Merchant St.
  • A. R. C. H. Snyder, Inc., 914 Merchant St.; Pontiac
  • Autico Motor Sales,  1107-1109 Merchant St.
  • Baierl Chevrolet, Inc. 1900 Duss Ave.
  • Barky Motor Sales, 4th and Merchant Sts., 287 Fourth St.
  • Bentley Motor Co., Oldsmobile, 287 Fourth St.
  • Brand and Bristow Car Dealers, 916 Merchant St.
  • Brand Pontiac, 916 Merchant St.
  • Cain Chevrolet, 1900 Duss Ave.
  • C and W Packard, 1196 Merchant St.
  • Cliff Heath, Inc., 1000 Merchant St.
  • Connell-Tepe Chevrolet Co., 703 Merchant St.
  • Dick Hunt Ford, 2516 Duss Ave.
  • Fisher Ford Sales, 26th and Duss Ave.
  • Greelees Motor Co., 426 Maplewood Ave.
  • Honda Frankie's Cycle Shop, 447 Merchant St.
  • Hupmobile Sales and Service, 901 Glenwood Ave.
  • Kindsvatter and Taylor Sales and Service, 320 Merchant St.; Essex and Hudson cars
  • Ladd Marmon Sales, 1916 - 1920 Duss Ave.
  • Ladd Motor Sales, 1916 Duss Ave.
  • L & S Auto Service, 901 Glenwood Ave.; Hudsons
  • L & S Rambler Dealers, 901 Glenwood Ave.
  • Laney Pontiac, 201 Merchant St.
  • Lang Motors, Inc., 1196 Merchant St.; Packard
  • Laris Motor Sales, 26th St. & Duss Ave.; Ford
  • Lauf Motor Sales and Service, 836 Merchant St.
  • Mackintosh-Craven Garage, Duss Ave. and Merchant St.
  • Mackintosh Garage, 612 Merchant St.; Buick, G.M.C. Trucks
  • Marie Gas & Oil Co., 201 Merchant St.; Packard sales and service
  • Mauro Studebaker, 817 Merchant St.
  • McCoy Garage, 10th St. 
  • McKelvey Garage Sales and Service, 817 Merchant St.; Studebaker and Marmon cars, Mack trucks, general repairs, storage
  • Morton Chevrolet, Inc., 1900 Duss Ave.
  • Oakland Truck Sales, 11th Street near Melrose Ave.; military surplus materials
  • Ombres Auto Sales, 1111 - 1115 Merchant St.
  • Paramount Packard Company, 2310 Duss Ave.
  • Popik Auto Sales, 1118 Merchant St.; used cars
  • Regan Auto Mart, 911 Merchant St.
  • R. E. Stettler & Sons, 1307 Merchant St.; Oldsmobile, Cadillac
  • Robert J. Prigg Motor Sales, 1015 Merchant St. and 913 Merchant St.; used cars
  • R.S. Henry, 2504 Duss Ave.; used cars
  • Sanford Motors, Inc., 10th and Merchant Sts.; Dodge, Plymouth
  • Sharman Buick Co., 1320 Merchant St.
  • Sharman Buick Co. Used Cars, 2310 Duss Ave.
  • Sokol Motor Sales, 287 Fourth St.
  • Sonnett and Sirocky, 2198 Duss Ave.; Lincoln Mercury
  • Steeltown Motors, 817 Merchant St.; Studebaker
  • Steeltown Motors Used Car Supermarket, 817 Merchant St.
  • Stettler Motor Company, Inc., 916 Merchant St.
  • Swift and Cain, 19th St. and Duss Ave.; Chevrolet
  • Swobe and Deane Pontiac-Buick, 201 Merchant St.
  • Tepe Chevrolet, 914-920 Merchant St.
  • Thompson Auto Sales Co., 9th St. and Glenwood Ave.; Nash, Paige
  • Twin(s) Trailer Sales, 8th St. and Latimer Ave. (renamed Kennedy Dr.)
  • Valley Dodge, Inc.,1000 Merchant St. and 11th and Merchant Sts.
  • Wagner & Fraser, 996-1002 Merchant St.; Dodge/Plymouth
  • Wagner & Kribbs Sales and Service, 10th and Merchant Sts.; Dodge Brother cars, Graham Brothers Trucks
  • Walker Motor Sales, 751 Merchant St.; Buick

Entertainment and recreation pre-1971
  • Arragon Ballroom, 332 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Amusement Co., (Prince and Regent Theatres)
  • Ambridge Arena/Auditorium, 200 block of 4th St., north (odd numbered) side (now vacant lot between a beer distributor and the former Red Bull Inn)
  • Ambridge Bowling Alleys, 914 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Branch, Pittsburgh Playhouse School of the Theater, American Legion Building, 400 Duss Ave.
  • Ambridge Recreation Parlor, 401 Maplewood Ave.
  • Ambridge Theatre, 714 Merchant St.
  • Arcade Pool Room, 720 Merchant St.
  • Beaver County Bowling Co., 914 Merchant St.
  • Benny's Pool Room, 1407 Merchant St.
  • Bettie Mathias Dancing School, 405 Eighth St. 
  • Brunswick Pool Room, 710 Merchant St.
  • C. Roland Rapp, music instruction and instruments, 710 Merchant St. 
  • Club Billiards and Bowling, Merchant and Fifth Sts.
  • Club Bowling Alleys, 403 Maplewood Ave.
  • Colonial Theater, 559 Merchant St.
  • Cronise's Dancing School, Keenan Hall
  • Cue & Cushion Pool Room, 447 Merchant St.
  • Dave Jaskol's Billiard Parlors, 457 Merchant St.
  • Dave's Place, 457 Merchant St.; billiards
  • Doris Singer Dance Studio, 411 Maplewood Ave.
  • Dovey's School of Dance, 599 Merchant St.
  • Economy Lanes, 1307 Merchant St.
  • Empire Theater
  • Family Theater, 555 Merchant St.
  • Grand Theater, 561 Merchant St. (later location of G.C. Murphy)
  • Honolulu Conservatory of Music, 708 Merchant St., Room 10
  • Idle Hours Theater
  • Jaskol's Bowling Alley, 401 Maplewood Ave.
  • John Huczko Accordion Instruction, 825 Thirteenth St.
  • LaBenz Bowling Alleys, 498 Merchant St. 
  • Lordo Dancing School, 509 Merchant St.
  • Majestic Theater, 559 Merchant St.
  • Mann's Studio of Dance, Veniceo's Cafe
  • Mayfair Ballroom, 322 Merchant St.
  • Melody Ballroom, 472 Merchant St.
  • Nationwide School of Music, Eighth St. and Glenwood Ave.
  • Palm Gardens Theater, 200 block of 4th St., north (odd numbered) side (now vacant lot between a beer distributor and the former Red Bull Inn)
  • Paris Pool Room, 530 Merchant St.
  • Peggy and Eleanor's School of Dancing
  • Peggy Ann Studios of Dancing, 315 Sherman St., 1499 Merchant St.
  • Penn Accordion Studios, 717 Merchant St.
  • Penn Roof Ballroom, 451 - 453 Merchant St. 
  • Penn Theater, 498 Merchant St.
  • Pike Bowling Alleys, 914 Merchant St.
  • Prince Theater, 638 Merchant St.
  • Rainbow Garden, 200 block of 4th St., north (odd numbered) side (now vacant lot between a beer distributor and the former Red Bull Inn).
  • Regent Theater, 5th and Merchant Sts.
  • Senate Theater, 5th and Merchant Sts.; also bowling lanes on 2nd floor
  • State Theater, 749 Merchant St.
  • Tom Thumb Miniature Golf
  • Tony & Millie Pezzillo Pool Room, 1415 Merchant St.
  • Vin Vincent's Orchestra, 1025 Pine St.

Food, groceries, beverages pre-1971
  • A&P (Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company), 601 Melrose Ave., 311 Fourteenth St., 307 Merchant St., 411 Merchant St., 546 Merchant St., 699 Merchant St., and finally 311 Eleventh St. (between 11th and Sherman Sts.)
  • A. B. Schneider Groceries and Meats, 1899 Duss Ave.
  • Aloe's Market, 802 Duss Ave.
  • Amato's Beer Distributor, 624 Duss Ave., 314 Wagner Ave.
  • Amato's Grocery, 802 Duss Ave., 
  • Ambridge Fish & Poultry Market, 347 Merchant St., 818 Merchant St., 352 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Fruit Market, 698 Merchant St.
  • Ambridge Produce Co., Charles St. between Merchant St. and Maplewood Ave.
  • Ambridge Sanitary Milk Co., 340 Park Rd.
  • Ambridge White Front Grocery, 313 Fifth St.
  • A. M. Kristufek Market, 1027 Spruce St.
  • Anderson Confectionery, 322 Park Rd.
  • Anderson's Candyland, 529 Merchant St.
  • Arcade, 1809 Duss Ave.; convenience store
  • Athens Baking Co., 305 First St. 
  • August Meyer Bakery, 708 Merchant St.
  • August Wall Bakery, 708 Merchant St.
  • Avenue Dairy and Bakery, 1815 Duss Ave.
  • B & J Market, 4?? Merchant St.
  • Barker's Bakery, 648 Merchant St.
  • Beaver Distributing Company, 633 Merchant St.
  • Beerbower & Thomas, Fine Groceries and Meats, 542 Merchant St. 
  • Bellas Meat Market, 310 First St.
  • Bickler's Meat Market, 1200 Merchant St.
  • Big D Foods, 2910 Duss Ave.
  • Bill's Food Market, 1498 Duss Ave.
  • Blanarik's Grocery, Ridge Rd.
  • Bobbi's Dairy, 1316 Duss Ave.
  • Borgia's Market, 625 Duss Ave.
  • Briola Bros. Grocery, 424 Merchant St.
  • Bufalini Grocery, 699 Melrose Ave.
  • Caplan Wholesale Grocery Co., 798 Merchant St.
  • Central Cash Market, 319 Eighth St.
  • Central Confectionary, 1813 Duss Ave.
  • C. Fausti Food Market, 703 Merchant St.
  • Chester's Food Market, 1498 Duss Ave.
  • Chris' Duss Avenue Market, 1807 Duss Ave.
  • Church Street Market, 1601 Church Street
  • Ciapala Grocery, 601 Duss Avenue, 629 Olive Lane
  • City Cash Market, 1807 Duss Ave.
  • City Meat Market (E. B. Poorman), Corner Merchant and Seventh Sts.
  • Clover Farm Stores, 798 Fifteenth St.
  • Cohen and Son Produce, 313 Creese St.
  • Commercial Meat Sales, 1405 Merchant St.
  • Community Cash Market, 1026 Duss Ave.
  • Corner Market, 698 Merchant St.
  • Country Poultry Market, 601 Melrose Ave.
  • C. P. Caugher Grocery, 14th St.
  • Csurny's Clover Farm Store, 6th Street and Glenwood Ave.
  • Dale's Market/Dale Leiper's Market, 1507 Duss Ave.
  • Dari Mart, 601 Beaver Rd.
  • Dave's Market, 345 Merchant St.
  • Deaktor's Grocery, 520 Merchant St. 
  • Del Farm, 2910 Duss Ave.
  • Duquesne Beer Distributing Company, 832 Merchant St.
  • Duss Avenue Market, 1807 Duss Ave.
  • Duss Market, 1316 Duss Ave.
  • D. W. Althaurer, Coffee Roaster, 660 Merchant St.
  • Eagle Market, 754 Merchant St., 726 Merchant St.
  • E. B. Poorman, Meats and Groceries, 701 Merchant St.
  • Economy Bakery, 13th Street near Merchant St.
  • Economy Dairy Store, 1401 Merchant St.
  • Economy Fruit Market, 1301 Merchant St.
  • Economy Super Market, 300 First St.
  • Eighth Street Dairy, 799 Duss Ave.
  • Eleventh Street Market, 1101 Merchant St.
  • Eleventh Street Market, 1102 Beaver Rd.
  • Emanuel Conakis Grocery and Confectionery, 318 First St.
  • Evans Meats, 312 First St.
  • Faris Superette, 465 Merchant St.
  • F. J. Stadler, Distributor of Beer, 834 Merchant St.
  • Fourteenth Street Meat Market, 273 Fourteenth St.
  • Frank Bacon Grocery, 1221 Merchant St.
  • Frank's Italian Market, 1133 Merchant St.
  • Frank Sudia Meats, 300 First St.
  • Gebhardt's Market, 501 Merchant St.
  • Geo. Brown Groceries, 1400 Merchant St.
  • Geo. C. Hilpert Meat and Groceries, Merchant and 7th Sts.
  • George Sivey Grocery and Meats, 800 Fifth St.
  • Geraltowski Grocery, 1027 Beaver Rd.
  • Giant Eagle Market, 644 Merchant Street, 2400 Duss Ave.
  • Giunta's Food Center, 659 Merchant St.
  • Gorup's Market, 198 Maplewood Ave.
  • Gref Home Bakery, 316 First Street
  • Gref's Bakery, 458 Merchant Street
  • Grosdeck's Clover Farm Store, 290-292 First Street
  • Gutowski Bakery, 527 8th Street and 699 Merchant Street
  • Harmony Confectionery, 70 Beaver Street
  • Harmony Distributors, 2409 Duss Avenue; beer
  • Helgerman & Mattern Bakery, 708 Merchant Street
  • Hen House, 1238 Merchant Street; eggs and poultry
  • Herman's Bakery, 559 Merchant Street
  • Hi Confectionery, Duss Ave. across from Sr. High School
  • Hi-Lo Food Store, 309 Merchant Street, 1336 Merchant Street
  • Ideal Dairy Co., 399 Maplewood Aven.
  • Iron City Distributing Co., 8th St. and Glenwood Ave.; beer
  • Isaly's, 575 Merchant, 643 Merchant St.,1302 Duss Ave.; dairy store
  • Iwanowski Grocery, 1517 Beaver Rd.
  • James Vagias, Ice Cream, Wholesale and Retail, Stoner Block
  • J. E. Boyle & Co.; wines and liquors
  • J. Fingeret & Son, 25th St. and Duss Ave.; beer distributor
  • Joe Carr Market, 1693 Merchant St.
  • Joe Kluz Confectionery & Grocery Store, 799 Duss Ave.
  • Joe's Beverage Co, 1024 Duss Ave.
  • Joe's Place, 356 Park Rd.; confectionery
  • Joe's Quality Produce Super Market, 566 Merchant St.
  • Joe Spagnolo & Co. Fancy Fruit and Vegetables, 501 Merchant St.
  • John Bittner Groceries and Meats, 1331 Merchant St.
  • John Evans, Groceries and Meats, 312 First St.
  • John Vlasic Bakery, Grocery, and Poultry, 338 Maplewood Ave.
  • Joseph Klinkowski Store, 294 First St.
  • Joseph Valentine Bakery, 628 Glenwood Ave.
  • Jurkowski Distributing, 606 Duss Ave., then 1154 Merchant St.; beer
  • K & P Delicatessen, 1415 Merchant St.
  • Karoleski's, 701 Olive Lane (Olive Lane was orig. Elm Lane); candy, soda fountain, news
  • Kascek's Delicatessen, 1599 Church St.
  • Klein Groceries, 469 Merchant St.
  • Kokoszka Grocery, 1798 Duss Ave.
  • Kostecki Grocery, 799 19th St.
  • Kristufek's Grocery, 2658 Beaver Rd.
  • Krasulak Groceries and Meat, 1001 Beaver Rd.
  • Kroger, 913 Merchant St.
  • Kroger and Eagle Stores, 442 Merchant St., 540 Merchant St., 726 Merchant St. 
  • Kroger Grocery & Bakery, 825 Merchant St.
  • Kroger Self-Serve Store, 625 Merchant St.
  • Krohe's Meat Market, 5th and Merchant Sts.
  • Larson's Market, 577 Merchant St.
  • Lazar and Co., 698 Glenwood Ave.; grocery
  • Leiper Grocery, 1507 Duss Ave.
  • Lewandowski's Market, 898 Eighteenth St.
  • L. F. Sweet Confectionery, Bryden Rd. (now 8th Street) and Merchant St.
  • Liberty Confectionery, 264 First St.
  • Liberty Meat and Grocery Co., 310 First St.
  • Loblaws, 2910 Duss Ave.; currently the location of Shop 'n Save
  • Lojek's Market, 1027 Spruce St.
  • Lojek's National Bakery, 7th St. and Olive Lane (orig. called Elm Lane)
  • Lucci's Market, 898 Beaver Rd.
  • Majer Grocery 1117 Beaver Rd.
  • M & M Market, 800 Fifth St.
  • Manojlovic Candy and Cigars, 4th St. and Park Rd.
  • McCauley's Market, 1693 Merchant St.
  • Model Dairy Company, 2751 Duss Ave.
  • Morris Market, 658 Merchant St.
  • Morrison's Market, 410 Merchant St.
  • National Bakery Co. Seventh St. & Olive Lane
  • National Meat & Grocery Co., 1601 Duss Ave.
  • Nat R. Briscoe (beer distributor), 832 Merchant St.
  • Ohio Valley Beer Distributors, 1498 Duss Ave.
  • O.K. Grocery, 422 Merchant St. and 564 Merchant St.
  • Open Air Market, 659 Merchant St.
  • Otto Mutschler Bakery, 708 Merchant St.
  • Palko's Market, 805 8th St.
  • P & G Fruit Market, 1298 Duss Ave.
  • Parisi Grocery, 1203 Merchant St.
  • Pat's Market, 701 Merchant St.
  • Paul's Bakery, 511 Merchant St. and 1338 Merchant St.
  • Penny Cash Market, 701 Merchant St.
  • Peoples Market Co., 450 Merchant St.
  • Pesker's, 553 Duss Ave.
  • Peoples Market Co., 450 Merchant St.
  • Pic 'N Sav Market, 2400 Duss Ave., then 2750 Duss Ave.
  • Radakovich Market, 1026 Duss Ave.
  • Repine's Dairy Store, 920 Ridge Rd.
  • Repp's Bakery, 350 Merchant St.
  • Romano Imported Food, 703 Merchant St.
  • R. V. Plunkett Groceries and Meats, 667 Merchant St.
  • S. A. Dickey, Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 14th St. 
  • Safran's Market, 1599 Church St.
  • Sall's Market, 736 Merchant St. 
  • Salopek's Market, 268 First St.
  • Sanitary Bakery (Gutowski's), 517 Bryden Rd. (now 8th St.)
  • Sanitary Market, 540 Merchant St., 433 Merchant St., 467 Merchant St., 465 Merchant St.
  • Schmidt's Grocery & Confectionery, 98 Sixteenth St.
  • Sheleheda's Grocery, 800 Fifth St.
  • Shippan & Campbell Grocers, 654 Merchant St.
  • Shumyla Confectionery, 600 Melrose Ave.
  • S. J. Connor Dry Goods and Groceries, 629 Merchant St.
  • S. Jurkowski Beer Distributor, 606 Duss Ave.
  • Slavik Grocery, 1221 Merchant St.
  • Slorik Meat Market, 1236 Merchant St.
  • Stangl's Bakery, 1210 Merchant St., 528 Merchant St., 542 Merchant St., 1813 Duss Ave., 572 Merchant St., 527 Merchant St.
  • Stanley Dombrowski Market, 1027 Beaver Rd.
  • Stanley Jurkowski, Sr., 1154 Merchant St.; beer importer, distributor
  • Stanley Krasulak, Groceries and Meat Market, 1001 Beaver Rd.
  • Star Market, 698 Merchant St., 530 Merchant St. and 1035 Merchant St.
  • State Liquor Store, 999 Merchant St.
  • Sterling Stores Groceries and Meat, 1899 Duss Ave.
  • Stop-N-Go, intersection of Duss Ave. and Merchant St.
  • Sturey's Market, 801 Twenty-first St.
  • Sun Super Market, 345 Merchant St. and 1025 Merchant St.
  • Superior Market, 2210 Duss Ave.
  • System Bakery, 429 Merchant St.
  • Taylor Milk Co., intersection of Duss Ave. and Merchant St.
  • Taylor's Dairy Store, 604 Merchant St.
  • Theresa DeStefano Market, 1102 Beaver Rd.
  • Tick Tock Dairy and Deli, 1101 Merchant St.
  • Tony's Poultry Market, 1417 Merchant St.
  • Town Talk Super Market, 290 First St.
  • Tsacalis Market, 286 First St.
  • Tully's Dairy, 1599 Church St.
  • United Dairy, 897 Melrose Ave.
  • Vlasic Brothers Market, 160 Maplewood Ave., 345 Maplewood Ave., 798 Fifteenth St.
  • Vlasic Market, 198 Maplewood Ave.
  • Vlasic Wholesale Grocery, 2407 Duss Ave.
  • White Front Fruit Market, 313 Fifth St.
  • White Front Grocery & Market, 313 Fifth St. 
  • W. J. Campbell, Groceries, 650 Merchant St.
  • Wojciechowski Grocery and Meat, 1525 Lenz Ave.
  • Yurkovich's Cash Market, 1398 Duss Ave.
  • Zielinski Fruits and Vegetables, 807 24th St.
  • Ziggy's Dairy, 398 Maplewood Ave. and 14th and Merchant Sts.

      Gas stations pre-1971
      • Abe's Sunoco Station, 1401 Duss Ave.
      • Adam's Mobil Service, 1204 Merchant St.
      • Adams Service Station, 11th St. at the Bridge; Gulf
      • Al's Mobil Service Station, 834 Duss Ave.
      • Ambridge Cities Service, 1200 Duss Ave.
      • Ambridge Pennzoil Station, 1099 Merchant St.
      • Anderson's Sunoco Service, 1401 Duss Ave.
      • Andy's Service Station, 401 Duss Ave.
      • Best Value Gasoline, 8th St. and Duss Ave., 8th Street and Melrose Ave.
      • Bob Druzisky's Service Station (Ashland), 2516 Duss Ave.
      • Boron Oil Co., 801 Merchant St.
      • Branyans Amoco Service Station, Duss Ave. at 24th St.
      • Brisini Texaco Service, 2698 Duss Ave.
      • Catanzarite Esso Service, 834 Duss Ave.
      • Charlie's Sterling Service Station, 1398 Merchant St.
      • Dante's Sunoco Station, Duss Ave. at Keystone Rd.
      • Davis Service Station, 401 Duss Ave.
      • D.R. Mineard Esso, 834 Duss Ave.
      • Economy Sinclair Service Station, 1918 Duss Ave. 
      • Eddie's Atlantic Service, 800 Merchant St.
      • Fecko Mobil Service, 11th St. and Ohioview Ave.
      • First Aid Service Station, 1809 Duss Ave.
      • Frank's Pennzoil Station, 1099 Merchant St.
      • Frank Weidinger's Texaco Service Station, 8th and Merchant Sts.
      • Goerman Amoco Service, 2399 Duss Ave.
      • Happy Evans' Service Station, 16th St. and Duss Ave.
      • H. B. Sutton Service Station, 11th and Merchant Sts.
      • Hess Atlantic Service, 603 Duss Ave.
      • Hornyack's Atlantic Service, 8th and Merchant Sts.
      • Jim's Pennzoil Station, 1100 Merchant St.
      • John Lebda's Sunoco Station, 1100 Merchant St.
      • John L. Palladini's Sunoco Service Station, 436 Duss Ave.
      • Johnny's Sunoco Service, 1100 Merchant St. and Duss and Glenwood Aves.
      • Ken Moore's Atlantic Station, 14th St. and Duss Ave., 8th and Merchant Sts.
      • Kenstler's Amoco, 2399 Duss Ave.
      • Kenstler Auto Service Station, Duss Ave. at 24th St.
      • Keystone Gas, 801 Duss Ave.
      • Keystone Gasoline, 2915 Duss Ave.
      • Kindelberger's Texaco Service, 1598 Duss Ave.
      • Koman's Cities Service, 12th St. and Duss Ave.
      • Koman Service Station, 2399 Duss Ave.
      • Kubek's Cities Service, 12th St. and Duss Ave.
      • La Scala Sunoco Service, 4th St. and Duss Ave.
      • Lebda's Sunoco Servie, 1100 Merchant St. and Duss and Glenwood Aves.
      • Leo's Amoco Service Station, 8th Street and Melrose Ave.
      • Leslie's Cities Service, 1204 Merchant St.
      • Loschiavo Service Station, 14th and Merchant Sts.
      • Marie Gas & Oil Co., 201 Merchant St.
      • Mickey's Esso Service, 2298 Duss Ave.
      • Mike's Cities Service, 1202 Duss Ave.
      • Mike's Sunoco Service, 2898 Duss Ave.
      • Nick's Mobile Service, 1901 Duss Ave.
      • Pennzoil Co., 11th and Merchant Sts.
      • Peter's and Paul's Service, 1598 Duss Ave.
      • Pete's Texaco Station, 1598 Duss Ave.
      • Petrosol Station, 23rd St. and Duss Ave.
      • Presto's Service Station, 2900 Duss Ave.
      • Puryear's Pennzoil, 11th and Merchant Sts.
      • Sala's Quaker State Service, 1398 Merchant St.
      • Sklarsky's Service Station, 800 Merchant St.
      • Stewart's Citgo, 12th St. and Duss Ave.
      • Stewart's Cities Service, 12th St. and Duss Ave.
      • Stewart's Cut Rate Service Station 1599 Duss Ave.
      • Stewart's Gas, 1599 Duss Ave.
      • Stewart's Pennzoil, 11th and Merchant Sts.
      • Sudia's Gulf, 401 Duss Ave.
      • Sun Oil Company Service Station, 11th and Merchant Sts.
      • Sutton's Cash Station, 11th and Merchant Sts.
      • The Esso Station (M. Adamowski), 834 Duss Ave.
      • Todorczuk's Mobil Service, 1901 Duss Ave.
      • Veres Texaco Station, 438 Duss Ave.
      • Varlichi's Atlantic Service, 14th St. and Duss Ave.
      • Wanchick Service Station, 1599 Duss Ave.
      • Weidinger's Texaco Service Station, 8th and Merchant Sts.

      Industries, pre-1971
      • Ambridge Bottling Works, 710 Merchant St., 417 Eighth St., 411 Maplewood Ave.
      • American Bridge Company, Ohio River front, southern Ambridge
      • Ambridge-Economy Brewing Company, Sherman (Essen) & 11th Sts. 
      • Ambridge Knitting Company, 15th St. and Ohioview Ave.
      • Ambridge Ornamental Iron Works, Melrose Ave., then 2710 Duss Ave.
      • Ambridge Tool and Die Mfg. Co., Corner of Merchant and Charles (now 4th) Sts., 1616 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Valve Reconditioning Co., 11th St. and Ohioview Ave.?
      • A. M. Byers Company, Duss Ave.
      • American Fuse Company, ammunition
      • Armco, Ambridge Works, 23rd St/ and Duss Ave.
      • Arnold Schonegg Brewing Co., Sherman and 11th Sts. 
      • Arnold Schonegg Harmony Brewing Co., Sherman and 11th Sts. 
      • Asbestos Protected Metal Company (became H.H. Robertson Co.)
      • Aspromat Company
      • Bollinger Brothers, 1001 Duss Ave.
      • Bollinger Corp., 1001 Duss Ave.
      • Brenholts Machine Co., SE corner of Charles (4th St. and Merchant)
      • Briola Brothers Ice, 10th St. at Glenwood Ave.
      • Central Tube Company
      • Droz Carton
      • Economy Cigar Co., Laughlin St.
      • Economy Electric Co., Merchant and 16th St.; car generators and starters
      • G. M. Fisher Body Works; former American Bridge Company building
      • Grapette Bottling Co., 1924 Duss Ave.
      • Hahn Beverage Distillery Co., Bryden Rd. (now 8th St.) and Merchant St.
      • H.J. Heinz Company, 11th St.
      • H. H. Robertson Company, north side of 14th St. between Merchant St. and Duss Ave.
      • H. K. Porter
      • Hubbard Milling Co., 410 Eleventh St.
      • Ideal Dairy Co., 399 Maplewood Ave.
      • Keystone (Sheet) Metal Company
      • Kober Cooperage Co., Melrose Ave. and 8th St.
      • Larston Corrugated Carton Co., 413-499 Eleventh St.
      • L. Hermann Soap Factory, between Merchant and spur rail tracks and between Boyleston and 15th Sts.
      • Liberty Ice Company
      • Magneto and Common Sense Auto Co.; auto supplies
      • M. F. Liebermann Sheet Metal Works, 1411 Merchant St.
      • Model Dairy, 2700 Duss Ave.
      • National Electric, 14th St.
      • National Metal Molding, 14th St.
      • National Supply Company, 23rd St. and Duss Ave.
      • Old Economy Brewing Co., Fair Oaks near Big Sewickley Creek
      • Ohio Sand Company
      • Pekin Cooperage Company; barrels and kegs for liquids and chemicals
      • Pittsburgh Coal Washer Co., 11th St. and Duss Ave.
      • Pittsburgh Steel Construction Co. 
      • Spang-Chalfant, 23rd St. and Duss Ave.
      • Standard Seamless Tube Company, Ambridge Plant, 23rd St. and Duss Ave.
      • Tate-Jones, oil burners
      • Taylor Milk Co., intersection of Duss Ave, and Merchant St. 
      • United Dairy, 897 Melrose Ave.
      • Universal Machine Company, Inc., 1120 Ohioview Ave.
      • Wiesmann Fitting Co., 19th St.
      • Wyckoff Drawn Steel Co./Wyckoff Steel Company, 21st St. and Duss Ave.

      Media pre-1971
      • Ambridge Citizen, 699 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Daily Citizen Printing and Publishing Co., 930 Glenwood Ave.
      • Ambridge-Economy Citizen, 458 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Evening Gazette, 7th St.
      • Ambridge Leader, 1325 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge News-Herald, 288 Charles (4th) St., 300 block Merchant St.
      • Citizens Printing & Publishing Co., 699 Merchant St.
      • Daily Citizen624-626 Maplewood Ave., 930 Glenwood Ave.
      • The Citizen, 624-626 Maplewood Ave.
      • WMBA Radio
      • WYRO Radio, studio

      Restaurants, bars, hotels pre-1971
      • AC Restaurant, 1231 Merchant St.
      • Adamski's Bar, 542 Merchant St.
      • Alibi Bar, 1011 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Dairy Queen, 2612 Duss Ave.
      • Ambridge Grill, 462 Merchant St. 
      • Ambridge Hotel, 801 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Lunch, 1197 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Oyster House, 1401 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Playhouse (restaurant) 470 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Tavern, 72 Beaver Rd. 
      • Ambridge Waffle Shop, 662 Merchant St.
      • American Restaurant, 282 Fourth St.
      • Anson's Night Club, 343 Maplewood Ave.
      • A.P. Oyster Bar, 303 Fourteenth St.
      • AP Restaurant, 303 Fourteenth St. 
      • Bamboo Bar, 321 Eighth St.
      • B & G Grill, 284 Fourth St. 
      • B & J Grill, 294 First St.
      • B & P Bar, 622 Duss Ave.
      • Baltimore Lunchroom, First St.
      • Barlama's Luncheonette/Sandwich Shop/Restaurant, 720 Merchant St.
      • Bentva Restaurant, 1321 Merchant St.
      • Berkey's Restaurant, 454 Merchant St.
      • Blossom Grill, 296 First St.
      • Bill's Grill, 2300 Duss Ave.
      • Bill's Place, 327 Creese St.
      • Boston Lunch, 442 Merchant St. 
      • Brass Rail, 542 Merchant St.
      • Bridge Cafe, 1101 Merchant St.
      • Britania Restaurant, 296 First St.
      • Bufalini's Bar, 648 Merchant St.
      • Bufalini's Tavern, 750 Merchant St.
      • Cafrelli's Bar, 292 Fourth St.
      • Canteen, 300 First St. 
      • Carlton Night Club, 1098 Duss Ave.
      • Carrodus Sandwich Shop, 1219 Merchant St.
      • Casello's Ocean House, 705 Merchant St.
      • Caviar Restaurant/Tavern, 1020 Duss Ave.
      • Cerone's Italian Restaurant, 18?? Duss Ave. 
      • Chestnut Inn, 1011 Merchant St.
      • Ciapala's Bar, 601 Olive Lane
      • City Restaurant, 448 Merchant St.
      • Club Monterey, 2500 Duss Ave.
      • Club Normandy, 2500 Duss Ave.
      • Coffee House, 294 First St.
      • Coffee Pot Inn, 2800 Duss Ave.
      • Colonial Grill, 522 Merchant St.
      • Colonial Inn, Economy Bank Bldg., 303 Fourteenth St.
      • Community Kitchens, 609 Merchant St.
      • Danny's Lounge, 2915 Duss Ave.
      • D & S Restaurant, 330 14th St.
      • Davis Hotel, 300 Merchant St.
      • Depace Bar, 1505 Duss Ave.
      • Dewey's Lounge, 2915 Duss Ave.
      • Dick & Eds, 816 Merchant St.
      • Dickson's Bar, 1515 Merchant St.
      • Dixie Inn, 312 Sixth St.
      • Dom & Al Flame Pizzeria, 427 Merchant St.
      • Dracz's Bar, 705 Merchant St.
      • Duss Avenue Cafe, 1897 Duss Ave.
      • Eat 'n Park, 2820 Duss Ave.
      • Economy Grill, 317 Fourteenth St.
      • Economy Restaurant, 1501 Merchant St.
      • Ed's Grill, 1398 Duss Ave. 
      • Eighth Street Cafe, 551 Eighth St.
      • Essex Hotel, 461 Maplewood Ave.
      • Faman's Quick Lunch, 354 Merchant St.
      • Fifth Street Diner, 286 Fifth St.
      • Fifteenth Street Grill, 798 Fifteenth St. 
      • Fish's Steak House, 1327 Merchant St.
      • Florence's Restaurant, 1401 Merchant St.
      • Flory's Grill, 398 Park Rd.
      • Fountain Lounge, 333 Fourteenth St.
      • Fourth Street Cafe, 355 Maplewood Ave.
      • Fox Hotel, 358 Merchant Sts.
      • Frank's Grill, 1398 Duss Ave.
      • Frank's Pizza, 618 Duss Ave.
      • Fred's Divot, 816 Merchant St.
      • French Point Hotel
      • Gene's Coffee Shop, 801 Merchant St.
      • George Hotel, 412 Merchant St.
      • Gister's Tavern, 800 Tenth St.
      • Glass Front Cafe, 2316 Duss Ave.
      • Golden Moon Inn, 2916 Duss Ave.
      • Goodman's Old Time Bar & Restaurant, 358 Merchant St.
      • Grand Restaurant, 1300 Merchant St.,1235-37 Merchant St., 1231 Merchant St.
      • Gref Home Bakery, 316 First St.
      • Greek Coffee Shop, 278 First St.
      • Guzan Lunch Room, 913 Beaver Rd.
      • Harmony Hotel, 2?? 14th St.
      • Harry Carrodus Sandwich Shop, 1219 Merchant St.
      • Harry Karas' Place, 291 First St.
      • Helen's Lunch, 4th St.
      • Hess Hotel, 398 Merchant St.
      • Hess Tavern, 601 Olive Lane
      • High Hat Night Club, 638 Duss Ave.
      • Highway Restaurant, 1398 Duss Ave.
      • Hill's Tavern, 1601 Duss Ave.
      • Himes Tavern, 600 Melrose Ave.
      • Home Restaurant, 1811 Duss Ave.
      • Hoot's Rainbow Lounge, 412 Merchant St.
      • Horseshoe Bar, 728 Merchant St.
      • Horseshoe Inn, Merchant St.
      • Hotel Gaser
      • Hotel George, 412 Merchant St.
      • Hotel Griffin, 412 Merchant St.
      • Ideal Lunch Room, 343-345 Maplewood Ave.
      • James Restaurant, 751 Merchant St. 
      • J & J Bar, 1301 Merchant St.
      • Jay's Bar,. 2398 Duss Ave.
      • Jim Dickson Hotel, 1515 Merchant St.
      • Jim's Bar, 18?? Duss Ave.
      • Jim's Light Lunch, 912 Merchant St.
      • Jimmy's Place, 291 First St., 294 First St.
      • Joe's Place, 608 Merchant St.
      • John & Ted's Restaurant, 1800 Beaver Rd.
      • John's Cafe, 1800 Beaver Rd. 
      • Johnny's Sandwich Shop, 6th St. and Duss Ave. 
      • John's Bar, 347 Merchant St.
      • Jovial Bar, 345 Merchant St.
      • Joy's Restaurant, 1238 Merchant St.
      • K & J Grill, 435 Merchant St.
      • K & N Restaurant, 755 Merchant St.
      • Karoleski's, 701 Olive Lane; candy, soda fountain, news
      • Keystone Grill, 320 Fourteenth St.
      • Knafelc's bar, 699 Glenwood Ave.
      • Knapp's Diner, 236 Fifth St.
      • Kon Hotel, 801 Eleventh St., 1408 Duss Ave.
      • Kowalewski's Bar, 763 Merchant St.
      • Krankota Grill, 1219 Merchant St.
      • Kutulakis' Bar, 305 Merchant St.
      • Lincoln Way Dining Car, 552 Merchant St.
      • Lou and Tony's Tavern, 1601 Duss Ave.
      • Mae's Restaurant, 2207 Duss Ave. 
      • Maple Restaurant, 463 Maplewood Ave.
      • Maplewood Lunch, 348 Maplewood Ave.
      • Marine Bar, 450 Merchant St.
      • Marovich Restaurant, 2422 Duss Ave.
      • Marty's Place 411 Merchant St.
      • Mathews Bar, 100 Merchant St.
      • Mathews Grill, 100 Merchant St.
      • Mathews Restaurant, 282 Fourth St.
      • Maxim's Tavern/Maxim's Cafe, 2300 Duss Ave.
      • Mayflower Restaurant, 467 Merchant St.
      • Metropolitan Hotel, 329 Fourteenth St. 
      • Michelosen's Tavern, 699 Glenwood Ave.
      • Milan Restaurant & Hotel, 2101 Duss Ave.
      • Mim's Bar, 331 Merchant St.
      • Mim's Place, 345 Maplewood Ave. 
      • Model Restaurant, 763 Merchant St.
      • Montery Club, 7th and Merchant St. 
      • Moon Glo Inn, 750 Merchant St.
      • Mrs. Alice Kelly, American Restaurant, 282 Fourth St.
      • Musical Bar, 452 Merchant St.
      • National Restaurant, 1415 Merchant St.
      • National Tavern, 324 Fourteenth St.
      • Nawrocki's Cafe, 599 Duss Ave.
      • New Deal Lunchroom, 321 Eighth St.
      • New Rainbow Room Hotel and Bar, 412 Merchant St. 
      • Nicholas Grill, 401 Merchant St. 
      • Old Economy Hotel, 14th and Merchant St., southwest corner
      • Olga's Cafe, 1800 Beaver Rd.
      • Orbit Inn, 1327 Merchant St.
      • Oyster Bar, 662 Merchant St.
      • Palace Cafe, 540 Merchant St.
      • Palace Inn, 540 Merchant St.
      • Parrot Tea Room, 520 Merchant St. 
      • Pastrick's Lunch, 992 Duss Ave., then 890 Duss Ave. 
      • Paul's Bar, 347 Merchant St.
      • Paul's Dog House, 753 Merchant St.
      • Pearls Restaurant, 2207 Duss Ave.
      • Penn Sweet Shoppe, "next to Penn Theatre," Merchant St.; later 501 Merchant St.
      • Penn Grill, 470 Merchant St.
      • People's Lunch 1235 Merchant St.
      • People's Restaurant, 282-284 Fourth St.
      • Perricelli's Bar, 317 Fourteenth St. 
      • Pete's Place, 305 Merchant St.
      • Phil's Place, 751 Merchant St.
      • Pink Star Lounge, 462 Merchant St.
      • Pitsanis Bar, 1101 Merchant St.
      • Pizza House, 1415 Merchant St., then 1238 Merchant St.
      • Polish Village, 24th St. and Duss Ave.
      • Poker's Town & Country Bar & Sandwich Shop, 540 Merchant St.
      • Prince Grill, 634 Merchant St.
      • Puritan Inn, 12th and Merchant Sts. 
      • Puskarich Restaurant, 2316 Duss Ave.
      • Rainbow Hotel, 412 Merchant St.
      • Rainbow Room, 412 Merchant St.
      • R & M Sandwich Shop, 718 Merchant St.
      • Ranaldi's Pizza Shoppe, 1403 Merchant St.
      • Ray's Grill, 335 Merchant St. 
      • Real Barbeque, 1301 Merchant St. 
      • Red Bull Inn, 401 Merchant St. 
      • Roma Restaurant, 1513 Duss Ave.
      • Rossiter & Tragesser Restaurant, 816 Merchant St.
      • Samay Hotel, 801 Eleventh St.
      • Sandwich Shoppe, 1321 Merchant St.
      • Sarah's Place, 446 Merchant St.
      • Saratoga Restaurant, 467 Merchant St.
      • Schneider's Lunch Room, 1897-99 Duss Ave.
      • Schneider's Restaurant, 1800 Duss Avenue
      • Sestile Bar and Grill, 2215 Duss Ave.
      • Sestile Hotel, 2215 Duss Ave. 
      • Shumyla's Lunchroom, 600 Melrose Ave.
      • Silver Moon Restaurant, 1415 Merchant St.
      • Six-O-One Bar, 601 Olive Lane
      • Sixth Street Grill, 312 Sixth St.
      • Slav Hotel, 2101-03 Duss Ave.
      • Smiley's Tavern, 939 Merchant St.
      • Smith's Bar, 834 Merchant St.
      • Splendid Quick Lunch, 608 Merchant St.
      • Sportsman Bar, 1505 Duss Ave.
      • Sportsman's Bar and Lounge, 8th and Merchant Sts.
      • Stag & Doe, 816 Merchant St.
      • Star Grill, 1501 Merchant St. 
      • State Luncheonette, 721 Merchant St. 
      • Stubby's Tavern, 939 Merchant St.
      • Sunrise Inn, 1800 Beaver Rd. 
      • Surrey Inn, 912 Merchant Street, 900 Merchant St.
      • Taormina's Lounge, 2915 Duss Ave.
      • Taw's Divot, 816 Merchant St.
      • The Fountain, 516 Merchant St., Confectioner and Ice Cream Manufacturer, wholesale and retail
      • The Swallows, 816 Merchant St.
      • Tick Tock Dairy Bar, 1101 Merchant St.
      • T. Nawrocki Bar, 6th Street and Duss Ave.
      • Tourist Lunch, 14th St.
      • Town & Country, 540 Merchant St.
      • Town Inn, 1601 Duss Ave.
      • Turcic Cafe, 551 8th St. 
      • Tryst Soda Grill, 710 Merchant St.
      • Ugo's Bar, 912 Merchant St.
      • Valley Inn, Merchant St.
      • Venice Cafe, 622 Duss Ave.
      • Victory Restaurant, 260 First St.
      • Villella's Bar, 72 Beaver Rd.
      • Vincent Restaurant, 826 Merchant St.
      • Vince's Pizzeria, 427 Merchant St. 
      • Walko's Tavern, 699 Glenwood Ave. 
      • Walt's Bar, 600 Melrose Ave.
      • Walt's Sandwich Shop, 763 Merchant St.
      • Wayne Inn, at Legionville Bridge; offered camping, playground
      • Wenglasz Bar, 312 Sixth St.
      • Zimmer's Bar, 761 Merchant St.
      • Zimmer's Tavern, 755 Merchant St.

      Services pre-1971
      • A. B. Campbell, Painter, 1501 Merchant St.
      • Accent Kitchens, 1011 Merchant St.
      • A. Czulak Studio, 528 Merchant St., 315 Merchant St.; photography
      • Adamovsky's Tailor Shop, 820 Merchant St.
      • Adhemar Mascaux Barber Shop, 753 Merchant St. 
      • A. D. Rossi Inc., Real Estate Sales, 410 Merchant St.
      • Albert's Barber Shop, 1499 Merchant St.
      • Aliquippa Electrical Construction Inc, 1239 Merchant St.
      • Aliquippa Printing Co., 930 Glenwood Ave. 
      • Altman Real Estate and Insurance, 709 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Auto Repair, 814 Glenwood Avenue
      • Ambridge Borough Electric Light & Power Company
      • Ambridge Building and Loan Association, 292 Fifth St.
      • Ambridge Consumer Discount Company
      • Ambridge Delivery Service, 810 Glenwood Ave.
      • Ambridge Dry Cleaning & Tailoring Co., 717 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Gas Company, 467 Maplewood Ave.
      • Ambridge Hand Laundry,
      • Ambridge National Bank, 6th and Merchant Sts.
      • Ambridge Plumbing & Heating, 1809 Merchant St., 750 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Plumbing Co., 286 Charles (Fourth) St.
      • Ambridge Polonia Building and Loan Assoc., 312 Sixth St.
      • Ambridge Realty Co., Charles (Fourth) St. and Maplewood Ave.
      • Ambridge Savings and Loan, 506 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Savings and Trust Company, Fifth and Merchant Sts.; 504 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Shoe Repair, 642 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Taxicab Co., 397 Maplewood Ave.
      • Ambridge Tire Repair Company, 699 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Tire Retread, 101 Beaver St.
      • Ambridge Yellow Cab Co., 810 Glenwood Ave., 800 Melrose Ave., 1411 Merchant St.
      • American Cleaning Co., 182 Charles (Fourth) St., 308 Sixth St.
      • American Finance Corp, 566 Merchant St.
      • American Slate Roof & Construction Co., 1029 Rice Ave.
      • Anita's Beauty Shop, 724 Twenty-fourth St.
      • Anna Marie Beauty Salon, 459 Maplewood Ave. 
      • Anto's Cleaners & Tailors, 351 Merchant St.
      • Armor Co, 694 Merchant St.; kitchen remodeling 
      • Arnold Citizen Printing Co., 832 Merchant St.
      • Automotive Electric Co., 1196 Merchant St.; battery service
      • Baginski Tailor Shop, 508 Eighth St.
      • Baiardo Bros., Excavating contractors, 815 Thirteenth St. 
      • Beaver Valley Motor Club (AAA), 346 Merchant St.
      • Bearings and Transmission, Inc. 930 Glenwood Ave.
      • Beaver Valley Printing, 1196 Merchant St.
      • Bell Dry Cleaning, 719 Merchant St.
      • Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania
      • Ben Scott's Barber Shop, 634 Glenwood Ave.
      • Ben's Furniture, 418-420 Merchant St.
      • Berger Upholstering, 1008 Merchant St.
      • Betty's Beauty Shop, 640 Merchant St.
      • Bizic Brothers Cabinet Co., 610 Pine St.
      • Bob's TV & Radio Service, 1017 Ridge Rd.
      • Brandy's Cleaning & Pressing, Park Rd. and Charles (now 4th) St.
      • Braun Quality Cleaning, 813 Merchant St.
      • Breholts Brothers, installed steam and hot water heating systems 
      • Brenholtz Machine Co.; repair garage
      • Bruno's Barber Shop, 636 Merchant St.
      • C. A. Lindsay, 546 Merchant St.; watch, jewelry, eyeglass repair
      • Caroline Beauty Salon, 636 Merchant St.
      • C. B. Herter Tire Service, 817 Merchant St.
      • Charles Cleaners, 699 Melrose Ave.
      • Charles Pelesky, 2633 Beaver Rd.; painting
      • Charm Beauty Shop, 10th and Merchant Sts.
      • Chas. E. Cain, 812 Fifteenth St.; general contracting
      • Chester Whitehouse Plumbing and Heating, 1502 Duss Ave.
      • City Plumbing and Heating Co., 184 Fourth St., 427 Merchant St.
      • Colonial Cleaning and Pressing Co.
      • Community Garage, 287 Fourth St.
      • Continental Heating Co., 545 Eighth St., 1235 Merchant St. 
      • Coronet Dry Cleaners, 632 Merchant St.
      • Crib Diaper Service, 610 Merchant St.
      • Dan's Hair Styling, 508 Eighth St.
      • DeBrucky and Gallas Barber Shop, 443 Merchant St.
      • Deluxe Sound and Radio Service, 836 Merchant St. 
      • Domenic's Coiffures, 439 Merchant St.
      • E & M Cleaners, 1505 Duss Ave.
      • Economy Bank of Ambridge, 500 Merchant St.
      • Economy National Bank 
      • Economy Painting Company, 330 Duss Ave.
      • Economy Realty Company
      • Economy Shoe Service, 1223 Merchant St.
      • Eddie's Auto Repair Shop, 407 Melrose Ave.
      • Ed's Barber Shop, 600 Sixth St.
      • Ed Skinger Plastering, 642 Olive Lane
      • E. S. Parson & Co., Undertaking, Merchant St.
      • Evanko TV, 660 Merchant St.
      • Evan's Garage, 2nd and Merchant Sts.
      • Fawcett Radio and TV Services, 1207 Church St.; repairs 
      • Fiske Studio, photographer, 829 Merchant St. 
      • First Federal Saving & Loan, 828 Merchant Sts.
      • First National Bank of Ambridge
      • Fitzgerald and Syka Funeral Home, 833 (Latimer Avenue) Kennedy Dr. 
      • Floree J. Aquino Shoe Repair, 499 Sixth St.
      • Frank Banovitch, Contractor, Real Estate
      • Frank's Beauty Shop, 536 Merchant St.
      • Frank's General Repairs, 333 Merchant St.
      • Fred Hettinger Barber
      • Freeble Real Estate & Insurance Agency, 303 Merchant St., 833 Merchant St.
      • Gabor Electric, 8th St. and Duss Ave.
      • Gabor's Beauty Shop, 634 Merchant St.
      • Gallas Beauty Parlor, 443 Merchant St.
      • Gene's Barber Shop, 705 Merchant St.
      • Geo. C. Axtell, Electric Dealer and Contractor
      • George Hacker, Tailor, 24 Fifteenth St., 291 Fourteenth St.
      • George Lego Monuments, Merchant St. 
      • Gerstberger Auto Repair, 2104 Duss Ave.
      • G. K. Mytinger, 337 Boyleston Ave.; heating, air conditioning, sheet metal work
      • Gold Nugget Key Shop, 290 Fourth St.
      • Gold Nugget Locksmithing, 444 Merchant St.
      • Gold Nugget Shoe Shining Parlor, 444 Merchant St.
      • Goodman's, Tailor, Clothier and Hatter, Merchant St. 
      • Gorman Dignam Garage Co, Merchant St.
      • Green's Transfer, 402 Glenwood Ave.; moving
      • Guardian Financial Corporation, 636 Merchant St.
      • Haig Samandjian, Tailor, 1199 Merchant St.
      • Half Hour Self-Service Laundry, 1008 Merchant St.,1040 Melrose Ave.
      • Hapich's Barber Shop, 919 Beaver Rd.
      • Harmony Printing, 2503 Duss Ave.
      • Harriger Construction, 757 Merchant St.
      • Helen Hatton Beauty Salon, 656 Merchant St., then 598 Merchant St. 
      • Henry's Dry Cleaning, 1602 Duss Ave.
      • Holland Furnace Office, 545 Eighth St.
      • Home Protective Savings and Loan Ass'n., 405 Merchant St.
      • Household Finance Corporation, 576 Merchant St.
      • Howley Studio, 439 Merchant St.
      • Iron-Rite Cleaners, 1040 Melrose Ave.
      • Jack & Jill One Hour Cleaners, 656 Merchant St. and 1898 Duss Ave.
      • James E. McKee, Real Estate, Insurance and Mortgagees, 
      • J. Fingeret and Son, Inc., Steel Service Center, 2599 Duss Ave.
      • J. F. Wagner, Auto Painting and Trimming, 1201 Merchant St.
      • J. G. Griffin, Artist and Photographer
      • J. J. Mulligan, Funeral Director and Embalmer, 645-647 Merchant St.
      • J. L. McCreary Plumbing & Heating Co., 1109 Merchant St.
      • J. M. Morelly, The Custom Tailor, 290 Fifth St., rear of Fitzgerald's Drug Store
      • Joe and George Timchak, Shoe Repair and Hat Shop, 941 Merchant St.
      • Joe & Sons Shoe Service, 199 Merchant St.
      • John Domansky Tailor Shop, 293 Fourteenth St.
      • John F. Maloney Real Estate, 7th St. and Glenwood Ave., 605 Merchant St.
      • John S. Dunn, 292 Seventh St.; insurance
      • John W. Soldressen Agency, 1240 Merchant St., 1303 Merchant St.; real estate, insurance
      • J. O. Ladd; watch and jewelry repair
      • J. R. Cleaners, 196 First St.
      • J. R. Cunningham, Plumber, 15th St. and Beaver Rd.
      • J. Strock Memorial Works, 926 Duss Ave.
      • J. T. Kernan, Funeral Director and Emblamer, 645 Merchant St.
      • J. W. Marlatt & Son, Funeral Directors and Embalmers, 512 Merchant St.
      • Kal's Body Shop, 2507 Duss Ave. 
      • Kay's Beauty Shop, 518 Merchant St.
      • Kemena & Ehrheart, 443 Merchant St.
      • Kenneth E. Hare Funeral Home, 500 Park Rd.
      • Kerr Valley Realty Co., 506 Merchant St.
      • Kitty's Beauty Salon, 607 Merchant St.
      • Kristufek Agency, 405 Merchant St.; real estate, insurance
      • Kubia Enterprises, Inc. 319 Merchant Street; building and developer
      • Laman's Furniture Service, 294 Fourth St.; furniture repairing and refinishing
      • Liberty Dye Works, Cleaners & Dyers, 712 Merchant St. 
      • Liberty Loan, 648 Merchant St.
      • Lincoln Auto Repair Garage, Merchant St.
      • Lincoln Loan Service Corp., 545 Merchant St.
      • Linick Quality Cleaners, 813 Merchant St.
      • Mackintosh Insurance Agency, 1200 Merchant St.
      • Mae Ross Beauty Shop, 701 Merchant St. 
      • Majestic Cleaners & Dryers, 1235 Merchant St.
      • Majestic Cleaners/Laundromat, 1201 Merchant St.
      • Marilew Kacz's Coiffures, 1236 Merchant St.
      • Martin Braun, Tailoring and Men's Wear, 607 Merchant St.
      • Matter Funeral Home, 1133 Church St.
      • Mayton & Wagner, 2312 Duss Ave.; auto body repair
      • McCabe Funeral Home, 546 Maplewood Ave.
      • McKee-Nadler Inc,, 660 Merchant St.; real estate, insurance, mortgages
      • Mellon National Bank and Trust Company, 600 Merchant St.
      • Merchant Street Repair Shop, shoe repair, 1100 Merchant St. 
      • Michael P. Fecko, 292 Fifth St. 
      • Mitchell Beauty Salon, 712 Merchant St., 829 Merchant St.
      • Model Cleaners and Dyers, 831 Merchant St.
      • Modern Rug Cleaning, 803 Twenty-fourth St.
      • Modern Shoe Rebuilders, 499 Sixth St.
      • Modern Times Shoe Repair, 1918 Duss
      • Myron Ronaldo School Photographer, 702 Merchant St.
      • Myron Studio, 702 Merchant St.
      • National Dry Cleaners, 316 Sixth St. and 656 Duss Ave.
      • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., Robert K. Hamilton, 917 Maplewood Ave.
      • Nick Theodore Dry Cleaners, 131 Merchant St.
      • Nussbaum's Barber Shoppe, 576 Merchant St.
      • Naugle's Sweeper Service, 439 Merchant St.
      • Ocena's Beauty Shop, 1999 Duss Ave.
      • O'Donnell's Funeral Home, 833 Latimer Ave. (Kennedy Dr.)
      • Ohio River Motor Coach Co., 430 Maplewood Ave. 
      • One Hour Thrifty Cleaners, 2504 Duss Ave.
      • Oriol's Tailors, 321 Fourteenth St.
      • Ostocian-Towcimak Funeral Parlor, Merchant St.
      • O. W. Price, Funeral Director, Prince Building, Merchant St.
      • Patterson Auto Repair, 4th St. and Maplewood Ave.
      • Patterson's Garage, 8th St. and Glenwood Ave.
      • Pete Osso Barber Shop, Eighth St.
      • Peter Dambrosio Shoe Repairing Shop, 1305 Merchant St., 1301 Merchant St., 1221 Merchant St.
      • People's National Bank of Economy
      • Peter Pan, 431 Merchant St.; cleaner and laundry
      • Petroski Roofing and Heating, 630 Beaver Rd.
      • Pittsburgh Insurance Company, 439 Merchant St. and 826 Merchant St.
      • Pittsburgh National Bank, 700 Merchant St.
      • Plaidland, 817 Merchant St.; plaid stamp redemption center
      • Porto Beauty Salon, 310 Fourteenth St.
      • Professional Hearing Aid Center, 608 Merchant St., 606 Merchant St.
      • Prudential Insurance Company of America, 508 Merchant St.
      • Ray Swayne Barber Shop, 643 Merchant St.
      • Reese Brothers Welding, 1601 Duss Ave.
      • Reno Electric, Inc., 1006 Merchant St.
      • Rich's Auto Service, 836 Merchant St.; repairs, body work 
      • Rick & Gerstberger Auto Repair, 2104 Duss Ave.
      • Ritz Beauty Salon, 717 Merchant St.
      • R. L. Pfeifer, Funeral Director, 447 Merchant St.
      • Royal Patrician Beauty Salon, 11th and Merchant Sts.
      • Ross Auto Body, 606 Duss Ave.
      • Ross Remodeling, 319 Merchant St.
      • Roth's Auto Repair, Ridge Road Ext.
      • Royal Cleaners, 411 Sixth St., then 604 Duss Ave.
      • Royal Cleaning Works
      • Salvati's Shoe Shop, 309 1/2 Fourteenth St.
      • Sam Shon Shoe Repair Shop, 246 Merchant St.
      • Sam's Shoe Service, 501 Glenwood Ave.
      • Sendek Barber Shop, 398 First St.
      • Sewickley Rug Cleaning, 79 11th St.
      • Simon Insurance, 313 Merchant St.
      • Skapik Real Estate and Insurance, 313 Merchant St.
      • Slavik Cleaners, 264 Fifteenth St.
      • S. L. VanHorn; plastering
      • Snyder Hair Styling, 1417 Merchant St.
      • S. Piotrowski, Foreign Exchange and Steamship Tickets, 638 Merchant St.
      • Stanley Cullewski Barber Shop, Bryden Rd. (now 8th St.) and Merchant St.
      • Steel Valley Cablevision/Color Cable, 576 Merchant St.
      • Stefanacci's Shoe Shop, 123 Merchant St.
      • Stepansky Coal and Coke Co., 837 Glenwood Ave. 
      • Sterling Sewing, 321 Merchant St.; specialty sewing
      • Steven A. Blanarik, Emerald Ave.; general contracting, building
      • Swayne's Barber Shop, 810 Merchant St. 
      • Sweitzer's Beneral Hauling, 327 Creese St.
      • Tait's Garage, 1307 Merchant St.; storage, repairs
      • Thrift Plan Finance Corporation, 604 Merchant St.
      • Thrifty Cleaners, 2504 Duss Ave.
      • Timchak Shoe Service 
      • Tony's Barber Shop, 704 Merchant St.
      • Trasport Beauty Shoppe, 607 Merchant St.
      • Travelers Insurance, Theodore Gaydos, 622 Merchant St.
      • United Rentals of Ambridge, 1616 Merchant St.
      • United Small Loan Corp., 708 Merchant St.
      • Universal Shoe Repair Shop, 411 Sixth St.
      • Valley Realty Co., 506 Merchant Street, 315 Fifth St. 
      • Valley Studios, 307 Merchant St. 
      • Vance's Auto Service, 2800 Duss Ave., 1925 Duss Ave.
      • Vaughn Arnold's Citizen Printing, 930-940 Glenwood Ave.
      • Vic's Barber Shop, 409 Sixth St.
      • Vogan Studio, 727 Merchant Street, 664 Merchant St.; photography
      • Von Moos Battery & Electric Service, 1918 Duss Ave. 
      • Waligora Upholstery & Furniture Repair, 290 Fourth St.
      • Wanda's Beauty Salon, 294 Seventh St.
      • Wardle Dry Cleaning, 712 Merchant St., 1008 Melrose Ave., 800 Twenty-fourth St.
      • Western & Southern Life Insurance Co., 836 Merchant St.
      • W. G. Harper, Funeral Director, 626 Merchant St.
      • Whitehouse Plumbing, 140 Merchant Street, then 1302 Duss Ave.
      • Willard M. Lewis, 717 Merchant St.; real estate, mortgages, insurance
      • Wm. R. Towcimak, Funeral Director, 350 Merchant St.
      • W. R. Towcimak Funeral Home, 1099 Maplewood Ave.
      • Workers Loan Co., 545 Merchant St.
      • Yolanda's Beauty Salon, 506 Eighth St.
      • Zaman's Furniture Store, upholstering, furniture repair, 294 Fourth St.

      • *****

        Ambridge area schools pre-1971
      Elementary schools
      • Anthony Wayne, 2001 Lenz Avenue
      • Economy Township School, Conway Wallrose Road
      • First Ward, 215 Merchant Street
      • Fourth Ward, 16th and Church Streets
      • Harmony, 5th Street above Beaver Road
      • Highland
      • Liberty, 5th Street above Beaver Road
      • Park Road, 749 Park Road
      • Ridge Road
      • Second Ward, Maplewood Avenue near 8th Street; later became the Ambridge Recreation Center
      High Schools
      • Ambridge High School, 749 Park Road (later became Park Road School); grades 7-12
      • Ambridge Junior High School, Duss Avenue
      • Ambridge Junior-Senior High School, 909 Duss Avenue

      • Ambridge School of Practical Nursing

      Grade schools (K - 8)
      • Ambridge Area Catholic School: primary students attended St. Veronica; grades 4-6 attended Divine Redeemer; grades 7 and 8 attended St. Stanislaus; later all grades attended St. Veronica
      • Divine Redeemer, 300 Merchant Street, then 230 Maplewood Avenue
      • Sts. Peter and Paul
      • St. Stanislaus
      • St. Veronica's Grade School, 710 Melrose Avenue
      High Schools
      • Saint Veronica's High School, 5th Street above Beaver Road
      • Mt. Gallitzin Academy*
      • Quigley High School*
      *Although located in Baden and not part of the Ambridge Area School District, these schools were attended by students from Ambridge.


      • Elizabeth Academy of Beauty Culture, 599 Merchant St.
      • Franco Beauty Academy, 528 Merchant St.
      • Twin City Business and Technical Institute, Ambridge Savings and Trust Co. Bldg.


      Ambridge churches/synagogues/other places of worship (pre-1971)

      • Ambridge Assembly of God, 348 Maplewood Ave.
      • Beth Samuel Congregation, 462 Maplewood Ave., 463 Maplewood Ave., Kennedy Dr. and 8th St.
      • Calvary Presbyterian Church, 823 Maplewood Ave.
      • Christ the King Roman Catholic, 10th St. and Melrose Ave.
      • Christian and Missionary Alliance, 901 Merchant St.
      • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon), 411 Maplewood Ave.
      • Deliverance Tabernacle, 1515 Merchant St.
      • Divine Redeemer Roman Catholic, 239 Merchant St.
      • Economy United Presbyterian, 1123 Merchant St. (later renamed United Presbyterian Church of Ambridge)
      • First Baptist, 11th St.and Maplewood Ave.
      • First Christian Church, 640 Park Rd.
      • First Methodist Episcopal, 6th Street and Melrose Ave., then 7th St, and Maplewood Ave. 
      • First Presbyterian, 823 Maplewood Ave.
      • First United Methodist of Ambridge, 7th St. and Maplewood Ave.
      • First United Presbyterian Church, 1123 Merchant St.
      • Free Methodist, 18th Street and Lenz Ave.
      • Grace United Presbyterian, 1123 Merchant Street
      • Holy Ghost Russian Orthodox Church, 200 Maplewood Ave.
      • Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic, 239 Merchant St.
      • Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox, 300 Maplewood Ave.
      • Holy Trinity Roman Catholic, 415 Melrose Ave.
      • Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall, 1026 Melrose Ave.
      • Life Chapel, 1325 Merchant Street, then 1338 Merchant St.
      • Methodist Episcopal Church, Melrose Ave. and Sixth St.
      • Our Savior's Lutheran, 2147 Ridge Rd. Ext.
      • Pilgrim Holiness, 1515 Merchant St.
      • SS. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic, 6th Street and Melrose Ave.
      • St. John Lutheran, 1320 Church St.
      • St. John's the Baptist Greek Catholic, 5th St. and Duss Ave.
      • St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church, former St. Matthias Church Building, then 640 Park Rd.
      • St. Matthias Episcopal, Park Rd. near 7th St.
      • St. Stanislaus, 6th St. and Beaver Rd.
      • St. Veronica's Roman Catholic, 722 Glenwood Ave.
      • St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox, 9th St. and Melrose Ave.
      • United Presbyterian Church of Ambridge, 1123 Merchant St.
      • Zion's First Evangelical Lutheran, 8th St. and Park Rd.

      Ambridge Organizations pre-1971

      Clubs and Organizations

      Clubs and Organizaions (pre-1971)
      • Agnes Fern Rebekah Lodge No. 397, 348 Merchant St., 420 Maplewood Ave.
      • Ambridge Automobile Club
      • Ambridge Area Wolves, Den III
      • Ambridge B'nai B'rith Lodge No. 1198
      • Ambridge Board of Trade
      • Ambridge Business and Professional Women's Club
      • Ambridge Chamber of Commerce
      • Ambridge Civic League
      • Ambridge Community Band
      • Ambridge Community Concert Association
      • Ambridge Community Theater
      • Ambridge Country Club
      • Ambridge District Sportsman's Association
      • Ambridge Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees)
      • Ambridge Junior Women's Club
      • Ambridge Kiwanis
      • Ambridge Lodge No. 1447 Order of Owls, 451 Merchant St.
      • Ambridge Lions
      • Ambridge Municipal Band
      • Ambridge Quarterback Club
      • Ambridge "R" Club
      • Ambridge Racing Pigeons Club
      • Ambridge Rotary
      • Ambridge Service Men's Association, 330 Third St., 400 Duss Ave.
      • Ambridge Symphony Orchestra 
      • Ambridge Women's Club
      • American Carpatho-Russian Club, 800 Pine St.
      • American Legion, Post 341, 310 Third St., 400 Duss Ave.
      • American Turners Club, 315 Sherman St.
      • Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE), No. 983, Jenny Bldg., 8th and Merchant Sts.; Steuber Bldg., 625 - 629 Merchant St.; 400 Duss Ave.; 22 Beaver St., Leetsdale.
      • Business Men's Association of Ambridge
      • Byer's Plant Supervisor Assn., Legionville Hollow Rd.
      • Carpatho-Russian Band of Ambridge PA
      • Catholic Daughters of America, Court Ambridge No. 777
      • Civic League of Ambridge
      • Clan and Lady Gordon Lodges, Order of Scottish Clans and the Daughters of Scotia
      • Croation American Citizen Club, 339 Merchant St.
      • Croatian Fraternal Union, St. Nicholas Lodge #304, 327 Merchant St., 1236 Merchant St., 303 Fourteenth St.
      • Czech-American National Alliance, Ambridge Branch
      • Czechoslovak Dramatic Club, 287 Fourth St.
      • Dames of Malta, Economy Sisterhood No. 88
      • Daughters of the American Revolution, Colonel Henry Bouquet Chapter of Ambridge, Pa.
      • F & AM Masonic Lodge #701, 627 Merchant St.
      • Federation of Italian Societies of Ambridge
      • Fraternal Order of Eagles No. 1365, Steubler Bldg., 625 - 629 Merchant St.; Ambridge Auditorium, Charles St.; 655 Merchant St,; 401 Maplewood Ave.
      • German Beneficial Union (GBU), District No. 331, Merchant St. and Bryden Rd. (now 8th Street)
      • German Veterans and Soldiers Alliance of Ambridge
      • Golden Age Club, Ambridge Recreation Center
      • Greek American Progressive Association (GAPA), 310 Third St.
      • Greek American Youth Association (GOYA), Third St. and Maplewood Ave.
      • Harmonie Maennerchor Club, 315 Sherman St.
      • Harmony Township Civic Club
      • Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), 451 Merchant St. (3rd Fl), 348 Merchant St., 420 Maplewood Ave.
      • Italian American Citizen's Club
      • Italian Sons and Daughters of America, 337 Merchant St.
      • Italian Women's Club
      • Junior Revelier Chorus, 120 Merchant St.
      • Knights of Columbus, 628 Duss Ave., 322 Maplewood Ave.
      • Knights of Pythias No. 504
      • K.S.K.J. #183 (Kranjsko slovenska katoliška jednota or Carniolan Slovene Catholic Union), 120 Merchant St.
      • La Vittoria Lodge, #986
      • Loyal Order of Moose (LOOM) No. 77, 451 Merchant St. (2nd Fl), 1300 Merchant St.
      • Old Economy Toastmasters Club
      • Order of the Amaranth, Ambridge Court No. 12
      • Patriotic Order of Americans, Ambridge Camp No. 167
      • Patriotic Order Sons of America
      • Polish Falcons of American, Nest 182, 529 Eighth St.
      • Polish National Alliance/Związku Narodoweg Polskiego (PNA/ZNP), Group 1013, 405 Eighth St.
      • Pythian Sisters, Glen Ross Temple No. 73
      • Reveliers #699, 120 Merchant St.
      • Revelier Youth Circle, 120 Merchant St.
      • Russian Community Society of Ambridge, 405-407 Maplewood Ave.
      • Russian Society of St. Michael Hall, 308 Maplewood Ave.
      • Serbian National Federation, Vidov Dan Branch 188, 345 Merchant St.
      • Seckatary (Seck) Hawkins Club, Ambridge Chapter
      • Slovak Catholic Sokol #206, 322 Maplewood Ave., 801 11th St.
      • Slovak Gymnastics Union (Sokol) #62, 424 Duss Ave.
      • S.N.D. Ladies Auxiliary, 120 Merchant St.
      • Slovenian National Home/Slovenski Narodni Dom (SND), 135 Merchant St., 127 Merchant St., 114-120 Merchant St. 120 Merchant St., 199 Park Rd.
      • Slavonic Progressive Union
      • S.N.P.J. #33 (Slovenska Narodna Podporna Jednota or Slovene National Benefit Society), 120 Merchant St.
      • S.N.P.J. #699
      • St. George Lyceum, 324 Maplewood Ave.
      • St. John the Baptist Brotherhood #66, 327 Maplewood Ave.
      • St. Michael Archangel Greek Catholic Gymnastic Society, 800 Pine St.
      • San Rocco Society, 646 Pine St.
      • Societa Roman Ordine, 604 Duss Ave.
      • Sons of Columbus Council #83, 603 Beaver Rd.
      • Sons of Italy Lodge (SOI) #164, 603 Beaver Rd.
      • Supreme Lodge of Lithuanians, 278 Pine St., 798 Pine St.
      • S.Z.Z. #74 (Slovensko zavarovalno združenje or Slovenian Insurance Association), 120 Merchant St. 
      • Ukrainian National Association of St. Basil, 600 Glenwood Ave.
      • Ukrainian National Association of St. Nicholas, Branch #276, 697 Glenwood Ave.
      • Ukrainian Workingmen's Club, Branch 5, 509 Melrose Ave.
      • United Polish Societies of Ambridge
      • Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Fulton C. Smith Post #165, 1116 Merchant St., then 1098 Duss Ave.
      • Vidov-Dan Serbian Club, Lodge 188 Serb National Federation, 288 Fourth St.
      • Women of Mooseheart Legion, Chapter No. 5
      • Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) of Ambridge
      • Workingmen's Beneficial Union, Dist. No. 1, 332 Merchant St.,1505 Duss Ave.
      • Young People's Social Club, 337 Merchant St.
      Unions (pre-1971)
      • A. M. Byers, Local 1268, USW-CIO, 1116 Merchant St.
      • Association of Technical and Clerical Employees of the American Bridge Co.
      • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local Union B-1073, 1499 Merchant St.
      • United Steelworkers of America, American Bridge Company Local Union, Ambridge Theatre Bldg.
      • United Steelworkers of America, District Office No. 29, 1007 Melrose Avenue
      • United Steelworkers of American, H. H. Robertson, Local Union No. 1463
      • United Steelworkers of America, Local No. 1360, 1329 Merchant St.
      • United Steelworkers of America, Spang-Chalfont Local Union
      • United Steelworkers of America, Wyckoff Local Union

      Copyright 2013 - 2021 Nancy Knisley


      1. There was a bridal shop but I can't remember the name. Also, was there a Batchelor's furniture in Ambridge?

        1. Helene's Bridal Shop

        2. I have added Helene's Fashion Colony which also had bridal gowns, plus Bride and Deb, and Bridal Lane.

          I know there was a Batchelor's Furniture in Northern Lights. I haven't found one in Ambridge. Anyone have an address for Batchelor's in Ambridge?

        3. There was a Batchelor's Furniture in Ambridge, but can't remember exactly where. Think it was either the 600 or 700 block of Merchant.

        4. was between 6th and 7th street

        5. Heleen's Bridal Shop...In the 700 block of Merchnt St

        6. jd aka john domansky
          i thought soldressen was on the 1200 block of merchant st at the corner of 13th st start. lucacevic ?? store across from grand restaurant.same block as stangls

        7. jd aka john domansky
          4th ward school was not on church street it was in between merchant & church & took up the whole center of the block, surrounded by houses on church & merchant great basketball court & playgrounds, good night time hangout too. they had pingpong tables setup, swings & seesaws & a big sandbox, where high jumping was over a rope held on each end & raised after a clear jump, until you failed.

        8. jd aka john domansky
          2 thoughts to add, while fresh on my mind, on 8th st river side of merchant st was a roller skating rink inside, about center of the block, earlt 1940s there also was a heating a/c & plumbing store just a few doors down toward 9th st. my 1st real job was working there b4 HH robertson, not 18 yet, 1950, i learn so much from 2 great plumbers & studying plumbling fixtures & joints, it carried on to my fitter welder mechanical career of 40 yrs. down on 9th st, same side was a shoe repatr shoe shine shop w/3 or 4 shoe shine chairs, elevated, close to state liquer store, shined shoes there too after tavern shining jobs, middle teens. next block, same side, police station, jail was on 11th st side in basement & you could talk w/prisoners thru bars, saw some friends down there, not all bad people went to jail. somehow i remember a family living upstairs in the police station tho, am i wrong??

        9. jd aka john domansky
          a 1980 ambridge phone book shows Batchlors in monaca & baden.

        10. jd aka john domansky
          another job i forgot, worked for blanariks dad & son, building homes, started digging a ditch to supply electric (leestdale) from beaver rd to houses on hill to be built , right across from leestdale school, homes were for family relatives, father anton breck, 1 for son & i think 1 for daughter. yellow brick, nice homes, antons home was on the ambridge side, a big white sort of mansion, sets in off beaver rd a bit , maybe still there?? learned how to mix mud, (mortar for bricks) father blanarik was something on the AHS school board in the 1940s.

        11. jd aka john domansky

          everything else i have writtren here is b4 what i am going to write now.
          i statred going to allegheny country club in sewickley heights area to caddy, maybe late 1940s , if you caddied you sat on the corner by the bank on beaver rd & waited on a ACC member to pick you up to go & caddy, rode in some great cars, mercedes, buick woodies & many others too. 1954 got laid off from hh robertsons & caddied all summer, in august there was an LPG womens golf match there, I got picked & caddied a few rounds & my lady lost, but we went practice rounds b4 & i got to see & talk with all the pros, saw Babe Zaharius, patty berg mickey wright (won the match) & so many other women,, previous years I saw men golf pros too they practiced there & played in oakland (pitts) hogan snead, bryron & so many others. i moved to chicago area dec 1954 , during 1958 i came back to see mom in osborne & went to caddy one day the club pro was a scotchman, name?? glad to see me again, i caddied a few rounds double bags in those days even if i was only 140 lbs, got in my car, parked it under the members spot, a black 1957 chevvy, red inside skirts & dual pipes, loud but nice. & took a couple of caddys down to sewickley with me. members asked who is that kids dad?? dad died 1948. i felt pretty proud going down that hill & back to my real life in chicago area, now 60 yrs later I am writting about it, how cool is that???

          one last footnote,
          i was visiting son in arizona in 2005 his hospital was hosting a LPGW classic, he asked me to caddy for him & in practice he matched up with grace park (not hawaii 5 0 grace park) she was ranked #2 & got 3rd in final. i had a t shirt made with, i caddied in 1954 LPG in sewickley , I got swamed & some women signed my shirt, Garce was 1st to sign. what a fun life huh???

        12. jd aka john domansky

          i see an address for hackers tailor shop 24 15th st & 291 14th st. i never recall the 24 15th st being there. may be wrong.
          there were 4 tailor cleaning shops near 14th & merchant st 1940s & 50s, hackers 291 domanskys 293 oriols 3?? between domansky & oriol was a very old building next to the corner bar, tap & restaurant 14th & merchant, there were an old man & woman, lived there too, had a daughter that wore a leopard skin coat & walked all over ambridge talking to herself, very loudly, everyone knew her & just ler her be. about 1967, on a back to ambridge trip, stopped in a wexford antique shop on big sewkley rd i think on right side going toward ambridge up a hill in a big red barn, bought a set of limoge china, he had for a long time, still have them, back to again 14th st well the old couple sold out & an antque shop opened up, went in & they stripped a very old hanging shelf, for $4. WOW i refinished it at home & it still hangs in the living room here. anyone recall that shop on 14th up from merchant on left, right across from portos barber shop, got haircuts there, fred was the best.

        13. jd aka john domansky

          just read about the AHS 1967 basketball team story about the championship win & who they played, a very ironic piece of history for me,
          there is a nearby munster ind. community hospital, about 3 miles from me, the guy that started it up in the early 1960s was from schenly high grad 1948 robinson was his name, today that hospital is famous, it saved my life & my wifes too. he lived near ambridge & we both ended up here, calumet area of chicago. i saw school was mostly black today, back in 1948 it had a large % too. thing is i was at robinson estate sale 1 yr ago & got much stuff, yr books, photos etc still have a lot of them. i saw where one guy went to duke so did bernard janicki 1950 AHS grad, good frien & neighbor lived on 13th st across from 293 14th st. us. always called him Tajoe ted in slavic

        14. jd aka john domansky
          a few errors in my memory, one is the breck family in leetsdale pa, where i started working after grad. school, father was gaspar breck, had a son that hunted in their backyard almost on hills behind home, had a beagle, gaspar had a bro named anton in ambridge 15th & duss,

        15. jd aka john domansky

          2 businesses in town that ring a bell 1 is on list other is not. tony & millies pool hall 1400 something merchant st, tony ran the pool hall,w/gambling in back room, dice & cards. bull gradek was manager & house man, ran back & pool room, i shot much pool there, gambled also. what sticks out here is tony had a nice looking wife & great looking daughter, my age but untouchable by many, he had a 1938 about oldsmobile he parked in garage in alley behind business, it was a boat, the 1st olds w/auto trans.

          next business is a photo studio named haisleys or halseys (close) my confirmation pic came from them about 1941 or so. still have it. they did a big business for quite a few years, why no mention of them?? great people lived upstairs of studio on 4th st. mid block about. also an old dear friend of family was john graham, on school board in the 1940s wife died very early from C & had a son named darr, little younger than i. they lived 2nd floor over stewarts hardware or vey close to that. I never figured out who lived upstairs of the bar on long block 12th st , as kids we played ball in str. south of bar & once a neighbors dog run out & bit me on the calf (leg) 2nd dog bite for me, 1st was in st paul mn early 1930s left lip area, nice scar still there. nephew john brooks got bit in the face in st paul at the loss family reunion 1960s, always loved dogs & just lost our last brit, a few yrs ago.

        16. jd aka john domansky

          one business that i can't find in index, it was active 1940s to maybe 1960s or later, mike dahmas market & vegetable 14th str 300 something odd # next to swietzers & the bar & hotel on either side of him, mike was also the huckster in town & area around, i know because I went selling house to house w.him & sons, he had 4, sammy oldest george, alfred & allen, he always offered me good fruit to eat & i would only eat a few, not smart. he went up to the hills, in a dodge stake bed dark green, he also dug out the basement w.that truck , haul sand away. across the str, was a small diner restaurant, low roof 1 story joint, w/a juke box, being the artist wanna be i once drew a pic of the diner &gave it to pwner, got a burger for that. the bar in the hotel was busy , mill guys, i worked at hh robertsons they had a whistle that blew, for men to go out to eat, 20 mins allowed, it blew 18 mins, warning, get back fast & the 20 mins after, back in or docked pay, i walked to work at hh 1st 2 years from 293 14th st, then from 1925 duss every morn, for a while we lived on 17th st east of duss, last few months at 10 th & melrose then to chicago 1954 xmas lived in ambridge from 1935 or so until 1954 1 1/2 yrs in boys town 49 to 50, came back often, family relatives in area were brecks otrahaliks, durbins, romas was owned by dom & millie 1500 duss across from the brecks, one of the portos worked at the cleaners 1500 duss

        17. jd aka john domansky

          i just viewed the photo that is showing on the facebook page about ambridge memories, i am not on face book but somehow i got to that page,
          there is a pic of the hacker tailor shop, man & woman standing in front of a double large window sided w/a big door in center also glass, the man looks like hacker as i recall in the early 1940s, very old & walked slowly, as did his wife, that pic is not the 291 14th st address, that is the shop that no one can id, further down towards the river, mid block, the greek family lived over top of it. the 291 address had a single entrance & a sign hanging over the entrance . still they had a son or grandson name bud marquette, about 10 yrs older than me, he was cathy rigbys coach in the 1970s olympics, gymnastics. i think that year was the slayings in the olympic village of jew athletes., not sure. bud ended up in calif, i could write his wife( alive yet?) & find out the hacker story for sure, she was a flaming redhead beauty, i told her that & she said, silver now. good people, i will check about what i said.

        18. jd aka john domansky,

          i have just reread my letters from cathy rigby & ethel marquette (wife of clayton (bud) marquette. 2001 jan postmarks,
          i just put bud marquette into a google search & was amazed at what came up. what a guy. lived next door to me on 14th near merchant st. like i said before we would be outside on sat & sun. walking on our hands & doing acrobatic stunts on the side walk, later he saw me at the gym 1950 or so & tried hard to get me into club, i was not very regimented at that time, sorry i did not let him give me a chance. maybe he would have made me a better diver anyway, our daughter was the diver in our family.

        19. jd aka john domansky

          there was a store front, unused on the south side of 14th st, west of the tait home (1940s) & east of the janicki home on even numbered side of 200 block of 14th st. it was a red brick 2 story w/a side entrance to go upstairs, the todd family lived there in the 40s, there were always flowers in pots sitting in the sunny windows (both sides of front entrance) drapes were there to block the view inside, do not recall who lived there, but the pots were there, always. back in those days 40s, people hung out on street corners & talked, kids played in the streets & on sidewalks & sat on neighbors front steps, never got chased, always were told hi, how are youse guys. many years the west side of lawlers candy, pop etc store was a great hangout , played games until to dark to see, fun was from sunrise to too dark, go home & get scrubbed down. cold water flats had large metal tubs for saturday baths. no bathtubs in quite a few flats. most buildings were built in 1880s in this area. large red brick buildings like economy village. nearby residents names i recall were bathursts, taits, todds, 2 janicki family, i have ones confirmation name, walter, he had the harley motorcycle we all admired, farrahs, wards, seraks, the red brick house on south corner near old economy had a one eyed kid, bb gun casualty. dad had a big 47 buick yellow. the haisley family rev , wife boy & girl the big church in all the pcs reverend, we also raided victory gardens, old man lawler always had the coldest dads root beers. 5 cents

        20. jd aka john domansky

          the wanchick service station at 1599 duss ave was a sinclair gas, where i first heard in 1953 or 4 the lion sleeps tonight, walking home from hh one afternoon

        21. jd aka john domansky

          been wracking my brain, trying to recall the name of the owner of the plumbing heating air conditioning store, just north on 8th st, west side not far from the mikush store, we may have know his parents (mikush) & family, having lived in the building in the back 1st floor apartment, next to the ambridge horel in the late 1930s have some pics in back yard, mr mikush do you know the store owners name.?? please tell me if you know. a big guy , he went to holy redeemer & did all his own duct work for furnace & air units, had a big brake for bending sheeting & was a genius at fabrication, & plumbing, had 2 great plumbers working for him in 1950 when I hired in as plumber helper. please reply??

      2. Harmony twy school was called Highland,
        Johnny's Sandwich shoppe at 6th and Duss,
        LaForge Jewelry 600 block of Merchant....
        Many more missing and I can't wait to see this list grow

        1. LaForge was actually called Maynard's. That was Maynard's last name.

        2. Have added Johnny's Sandwich Shop.

          I've been trying to find out more about the history of the Ambridge school system and Harmony Township schools. Was Harmony Township's Highland School always part of the Ambridge School system?

        3. Highland School was built around 1932 and at that time children from Harmony Township ( who had been going to school at "Harmony School" on the corner of Fifth and Duss Avenue) began attending Highland School until 9th grade. Then they finished out their high school years at Ambridge High School.

        4. Highland school formally merged with AHS in 1972. Prior to that (from 1932 on) it was a separate entity with grades 1-9. Upon graduation, the students went to Ambridge, Mount Gallistsan (sp?) and some to the school near Leetsdale or private schools.

        5. Actually, LaForge's was called "Maynard's" and LaForge was his last name. Maynard and Lee owned and operated it. The Al's Pants, at 606 Merchant Street, is wrong. My parents owned that building, and my father was an eye doctor at 608 and Perlman's Jewelry Store was at 606 until my mother took it over and opened the Professional Hearing Aid Center.

        6. This comment has been removed by the author.

        7. The address for Al's Pant's Store was taken from an ad in the ZNP/PNA 30th Anniversary Program (1908-1938). "New and only pants and sweater shop in Ambridge, Al's Pants Store, 606 Merchant Street."

          When did your parents buy the building?

      3. Mobile gas at 4th and Merchant
        How about PS And Franks Pizza

        1. When was the Mobil station in business? Was it before or after the Boron station.

          Were PS and Franks in business before '71. I know PS had a different name before it moved to its present location which was...?

        2. Frank's Pizzeria was founded in 1958

        3. I thought I had already added Frank's, but I didn't. I will add them.

        4. jd aka john domansky
          gas station at 4th & merchant had to be right across from nicholas grill, on start of hill going up to bpoe?? large building on 4 & duss. no other gas stations to my knowledge on 4th & merchant 1940 thru 1950.

        5. Davis Gulf was located at 420 Duss Ave. (law offices today), and there was a Sunoco station across the street at approximately 436 Duss (now apartments).

      4. Tully's Dairy 1599 Church St. - Florence's Restaurant 1501 Merchant St. - Benny's Pool Room 1507 Merchant St. - Metropolitan Hotel 14th St. - Star Grill 1501 Merchant St.

        1. All added. Now that's what I like to see...addresses!

        2. Florence's Restaurant and Benny's Pool Room should have been 1401 and 1407 Merchant St. My mistake. Paul

        3. jd aka john domansky
          does anyone remember the manufacturing building on the merchant & 14th st block, on corner of boyleston & merchant, had something to do w/roofing, tar was made there, it was a large brown smooth block building, one story. towards 15th st was an alley, a pool hall an automotive or machining area that did welding, on down on corner was a beauty salon, across the st was a tavern, near mcfarlands across the st.

        4. jd aka john domansky
          there was a schmidts market store or dairy. on corner of church btween 15th & 16th st. sons were fred & nickname a kiki, learned to play pinocle on their porch. late 1940s, have some old pics of them in an album.

        5. jd aka john domansky
          tullys dairy had to be after the schmidts store at 1599 church st, same block as 4th ward school & large apartment building across the st. where the percivals lived, radar was a son, had a bad left arm & sold newspapers 1940s

      5. Kevin Butch O'KeefeJanuary 10, 2014 at 11:50 AM

        Ambidge Fish &Poultry, Sun Super Market, Mim's Bar, John'Bar, Stanley's Bar, AAA Travel all in the 300 block ofMerchant. Also, Lehman's paint and wallpaper and Waligora's Upholstry and Village Pizza all on 4th. Street. Andersons store and Manjolovic's in the 300 block of Park road. Gorup's market at 2nd and Maplewood

        1. I added the businesses I now have addresses for: Sun Super Market, John's Bar, Waligora's Upholstery,

          I have Laman's Wallpaper & Paint listed. Is Lehman's a different store? Or did one of us get the spelling wrong?

          What was Andersons store? Are you referring to something different than Anderson's Candyland?

          What kind of store was Manjolovic's?

      6. Markowitz shoe store 503 Merchant and Authenrite's 519 merchant

        1. Added Authenrite's. Thanks so much for that address. I've been looking for it for quite a while.

          Was the name of the shoe store just "Markowitz," or "Markowitz Shoes" or "Markowitz Shoe Store"?

        2. On Merchant St. In Ambridge my grandfather operated the Thomas R. Supe World Wide Travel Service I believe it was in business from the late 1940's to the middle of the 1960's

      7. Nancy,
        You forgot me. Jim Neft SOLS of Ambridge
        601 Merchant St. Formerly 633 Merchant and 562 Merchant

        1. Yes I did, the first time around. Sol's is now on the list.

      8. Helene's womens and bridal next store to babyland. K & N restaurant near James Restaurant

        1. Rondos Market on 21st. across from Anthony school. The Arcade which was befor Salopeks on 19th. and Duss. Pauls Bakery at 19th and Duss.

        2. Boron gas stations 400 and 801 merchant street. 2400 Duss Ave.

        3. Valley Dodge 1097 Merchant Street.

        4. Helene's was added as was K & N. Valley is on the list.

          I will add the businesses on Duss and Rondos when I have an address. Was Rondo's on the northeast corner?

      9. Kenneth E. Hare Funeral Home at 500 Park Road opened in 1963.

      10. La Forge's was in actuality Maynards.

      11. Tri point ice cream duss ave side of the Taylor dairy building.

        1. I need an address. Was this an ice cream shop or ??

        2. It was in the taylors building. The ice cream part of their business

        3. taylors was THE place in 40s, milk etc plant hot ice in storge cases that we would steal & smoke in mouth dumb? next to divine redeemer school & church then know as holy redeemer. a tire shop & about 4 churches in next blocks area, pool hall pet shop some kind of social club where friends & I were tossed for doing dirty dancing in 1958 or 9. lived in ambrisge 1936 til 1954, swam BA in ohio river at 12th st. walked over PRR tracks 1 kid got hit , me almost, lived in about 8 different places, hard times. lors of fun tho. good memories, lots of friends. 1950 grad not ahs, left in 48 came back 50 left for chi town 54, been back many times.

        4. jd aka john domansky author of the above,

      12. Teds floors and wahls

        1. By Wahls, do you mean Wall's and Sons? If so, it's on the list. "Wm. H. Wall's and Sons."

          Need an address for Teds. Was the name Ted's Floors? Just Ted's? Did Ted's sell floors or install floors?

        2. Teds floors 550 merchant st

        3. What yr did griftwood country store open

      13. Central radio and tv

        1. I added it to the list, but it may be in the wrong category. Did Central sell or repair TVs?

        2. jd aka john domansky

          if this is the central tv shop on end of 11th st & merchant st, it was a red brick (old style like most in ambridge) it sat north of an auto repair shop & across from the barber shop on south west side corner, tv shop had a neon sign in window, repairs & pretty sure sold too but a limited supply, not like tv stores today, do not remember owners tho. further up north was the gas station , then across the street (wagner)? was stangls, there was a tiny building on the north west side of the short block of 12th st & merchant, google is not showing that there now, i think it was a newspaper agency or ??
          nancy i wish i could bring up more about that large building on 13th & creese west of merchant, why does the wild rhubarb growing there stick in my mind & the stacks of empty booze bottles, worth money today in antique shops.

      14. Berger furniture 2 locations across for.police station pizza the down by the yastee freeze on the 400 block of duss

        1. I need addresses for Berger Furniture. Afraid I couldn't parse the rest of your post after "across." Do you mean one location of Berger Furniture was across from the current location of Police Station Pizza and the other was on the 400 block of Duss?

      15. Dante's Barber shop. Leo's drug,Denny's Disc Den,Bamboo bar,Karleski's,

      16. Kevin Butch OKeefeJanuary 12, 2014 at 7:03 PM

        Padco paint store 605 Merchant

      17. Mellon Bank, 600 Merchant St.

      18. Karleski's was at the corner of 7th Street amd Olive Lane

        1. 701 Olive Lane

        2. I believe there was a bakery across 7th St. from Karoleski's at 699 Olive Ln. called Kowal's Bakery. I could be wrong about the name, but I remember the experience coming from mass at St. V's.

        3. Tim Caul, Lojek's National Bakery. usually just called Lojek's, was at 7th and Olive Lane and very popular with the St. V's mass goers. I believe that's the bakery you are thinking of and is already on the list.

      19. Fourth Street Cafe was bar at 355 Maplewood Ave. owned by my mother Mary Fezar. Lots of people just called it Mary's, Ambridge Yellow Cab company was next door. Owned by Ira Shaffer who had a son Richard who was the DJ at the Friday Night Canteens at the High School. Ziggy's Dairy and Resturant was across the street where Dr Harris the dentist has his office now.

        1. I added the Fourth Street Cafe to the list. I'm inviting people with memories of family businesses to write about them and send photos of they have them. Let me know if you're interested.

          I need to see if I have an address for the Cab company. I may have. I know I still need an address for Ziggy's. I've been looking for one for quite a while.

        2. john domansky tailor shop 293 14th st, next to the bar on corner & marquette tailor shop,son bud was olympic coach of cathy rigby & a friend of mine that worked in hh robertson in 1950 s early

        3. jd aka john domansky above is my blog nancy has a few pics of that shop i sent last month, 1942, shop w/lettering etal.


      21. Kevin Butch O'KeefeJanuary 14, 2014 at 12:38 PM

        Cue & Cushion pool room 447 Merchant st

        1. Am I correct that the pool room would fall under "Entertainment"?

      22. KNAFELC 'S bar 699 Glenwood

      23. Two gas stations: Citi Service and Esso

      24. Hi Nancy...while going through my Mom's 1948 yearbook I wrote down some businesses
        1. Myron Ronaldo (school photographer) 702 Merchant
        2. Ambridge Jewelers 803 Merchant
        3. Gutowski's Bakery (I see you have 517 8th and I'm coming up with 699 and 1025 Merchant also).
        4. Danny's auto Service 8th and Duss (next to the High school)
        5. Hess Atlantic Service Corner of 6th and Duss
        6. Beaver Valley Printing 1196 Merchant
        7. J. Strock Memorial Works 926 Duss
        8. Reese Brothers Welding 1601 Duss
        9. D.R. Mineard (esso station) 834 Duss
        10.Charles Rapp Band Instruments 11th and Merchant
        11. Valley Realty I have at 507 Merchant (moved)?
        12. Stangls Bakery I have 528 and 1210 Merchant
        13. Ambridge Yellow Cab 800 Melrose
        14. Pastricks you have yearbook it's 922 ??
        15.Sherwin Williams you have 564 and in the yearbook 660 Merchant.

        I can scan these ads if you'd like them.....thanks for everything...PJ Shotter

        1. what was moms maiden name ?, i knew her was there in 48

        2. pj i have a 1948 ahs yearbook am a sophomore, your family name shott? moms maiden name was ??? may know her. jd john domansky

      25. Pearls Restaurant .....2207 Duss Ave.

      26. We also had two neighborhood grocery stores. One was at 18'th street and Beaver Road the other at 19'th Street and Lenz Ave. I don't remember the names.

        1. jd aka john domansky
          i believe there was hamerliks grocery store on a corner, lenz & 20 or so, 1940 & 50s mom had running tab, stopped from pool swimming to eat or starve. had a daughter angelina.

      27. The Bamboo Bar and Grill. Not sure of the 2 addresses it was at but the last one was near the Bowling Alley off of Merchant street.

        1. bamboo bar the last one was where the turners was

        2. The Bamboo Bar moved into the old Harmonie Maennerchor building on Sherman Street after 1970, and this list only goes through 1970.

        3. jd aka john domansky

          on 11th st large building across from kubiks, was the original VFW it had a back entrance & a dummy store the late 1930s & early 40s went w/dad on sundays, no bars open, just clubs, remember dad buying camel cigs out of a machine using a quarter & getting 3 cents back inside the pack side, Later VFW was on 10th & duss 11th st corner, buddy john mosura was a fixture there in about 1995, last time i saw him, he & wife helen lived just up the 11th st hill on right side. he woulld walk down to club, had a drink w/him in 1995. he had silver hair & me still blonde but thinning. good buddies yet from the early 40s

        4. jd aka john domansky
          1980 phone book shows bamboo bar 321 8th st

      28. Can u tell me what was first built on the corner of 4th and merchant which then became Nicholas grill then the red bull inn-

        1. Sorry, but I do not know what was on the property before the Nicholas Grill.

        2. While not absolutely certain - could it have been the Ambridge Hotel?

        3. The Ambridge Hotel was at the corner of Eight and Merchant Streets, not Fourth and Merchant Streets. I wrote an article about the history of the Ambridge Hotel on April 27, 2014. You can read it by clicking on this link:

      29. How about Ross Auto Body 606 Duss Ave it bin a part of Ambridge for over 65 years and is waiting for me to reopen the doors to this day

        1. jd aka john domansky

          are u any relation to the ray ross gamily in chicago il area???

        2. family sorry!!!

      30. American Slate & Roof Company. Rice Avenue. Owner Frank Murawski. This company put the new roof on St. Stanislaus and also laid the oak basketball court at the old St. Veronica's school. I actually bought some of the left-over oak flooring and put it in my house on 722 14th street.

      31. Though the '60's the gas station at 1401 14th street was Varlicki's Atlantic station.

        1. jd aka john domansky
          where was there a gas station at 1401 14th st????
          1401 would be on top on hill on 14th, wrong address, where are you refering to? do u mean corner of duss & 14th??

      32. On 14th and Duss was Ed Poppik's bar.

        1. On the corner? 1398? Did the bar have a name, or just "Ed Poppik's bar"?

      33. Does anyone remember if the restaurant Brass Rail was owned by Dick Rossiter and Ed (?). Was the Brass Rail sometimes called Dick and Ed's?.

      34. 1298 Duss Ave was a newstand that sold a little of everything. My parents bought it as Davis News around 1966 and named it Spak's News. Then in 1970 my mom sold it to the Polce family and they named it PJ's News.

      35. Bob, Spak's was already on the list. I was surprised to see that I hadn't already added the other two businesses too. I meant to do that when we discussed that building months ago. They're added now. Thanks.

      36. What about Steinmetz Construction at 313 Merchant Street, Jerry Steinmentz shared an office with Jim Simon of Simon Insurance??

      37. I believe the first name on your list is misspelled. It should be Adasiaks...owned by Stella Adasiak who was the aunt of Joe Karasek who owned Helene's Fashion Colony (Helene was Joe's Mom).

      38. Sorry, I misspelled it as well, it's Adaisiak.

        1. I'm looking at an ad that spells the store's name "Adasiak's" so for right now, I'll go with that. Might be a typo. Are you copying the "Adaisiak" spelling from somewhere?

          Thanks for the alert.

      39. No, perhaps I was right the first time........

      40. Not sure of the type of business but it was in the building of 501 cafe.

        1. I think you may be referring to Sam's Shoe Service. It's on the list under "Services."

      41. Did I miss it? Is United Dairy ( on 9th and Melrose) listed? or the Highway Bar between 13th and 14th on Duss Avenue?

        1. I don't have Highway Bar. I'll try to get an address for it. But United Dairy is on the list under "Food, groceries, beverages."

      42. This comment has been removed by the author.

      43. Hi Nancy! Great Aunt and Great Uncle Margie and Teddy Kowalski had a couple of National Dry Cleaners in town. Main location at 656 Duss, and a secondary location at 316 Sixth. (deleted original post... had a typo)

        1. National Dry Cleaners--both locations--is already on the list. Look under "Services." By the way, my parents were friends with Marge and Ted.

      44. Nevermind... just found them in your list!

      45. I lived 2 doors down from the Eleventh Street Market, 1102 Beaver Road which was on the NW corner, but have always known it as Teresa's Market from mid 40's until mid 50's when it was taken over by a Mr. Rotolo. Don't know his first name. Pushak's market was on the SE corner of 11th and Beaver during the same time period and likely had the highest 11th street address since there was no door to the building on Beaver road.

        1. The Beaver County Appraiser's list that I just saw published online has Mr. Frank Pushak as proprietor of 898 11th street. That's the Pushak's market I referred to above.

        2. ijd aka john domansky
          i remember that market, next door from corner was a friend, randolph opasich, same age, used to catch fireflies at night in front & back yard.earley 40s

        3. i mean the 1102 beaver rd market
          john domansky

      46. I think the address for the Highway was 1314 Duss Avenue

      47. Also at 443 Merchant St. Prior to 1971 Gallas and Debrock Barber shop, Gallas wife had a beauty shop that is listed here as 443 Merchant St, her shop had a side entrance walked down a hallway and her shop was in the back room.My grandfather Bought it in 1955 off of Mr. Gallas & it was & has been Villella's BarberShop since then. Slight name change a few yrs ago when I took over,Villella's Hair Shop now.My grandfather,then my dad, now me, 3 generations later.

      48. There was a hat shop on 4th street on Rook's side that did cleaning, etc. We referred to it as Harry's Hat Shop. It was still there in the 50's.

      49. There use to be a small hardware store I think it was Bailleys or something like that around 500 to 600 block. Also Willard Lewis Ins was next to Flowers by Natile on the 700 block. in the 50's and 60's

        1. Ballay Hardware is already on the list.

          I'm looking for an address for Willard Lewis. Thanks.

        2. Look in the current Phone Book.... lol

          818 Merchant Street, It's STILL there...

        3. The Willard Lewis address I was looking for was the old one in the 700 block of Merchant. I later found it and added to the list: Willard M. Lewis, 717 Merchant.

          Willard Lewis may now be at 818 Merchant, but I don't know yet when it moved there from the 700 block. Do you? The list doesn't include any address changes after 1970.

        4. Willard Lewis co moved in 1979 to current location

      50. I think that the address for Book's Shoe Store was 555 Merchant Street. 550 is on the other side of the street.

      51. I remember Tony and Casimer Korol's dad had some kind of a shop on 8th St, maybe a shoe repair shop.

      52. Korol's had a TV/radio type repair shop. Corner of 8th and Melrose.

      53. I worker for
        Ambridge Yellow Cab while it was at 357 Maplewood in 1960 or so.

      54. dicksons bar?? were fat eddies bar is

      55. Don't know it you have this, but it may help you.....check out this link

      56. I remember a dairy on 7th and Melrose, on the same side of the street as Christ then King Church. I do not remember the name but they had good milkshakes! There was a small (very crowded grocery store on 6th and Merchant named "Dandy Dollar". I haven't seen Sun Drug Store listed either. It was on 6th and Merchant, across from Kraus Jewelers, and they had a snack bar and soda fountain with little juke boxes on the counters. There was also Tile City , originally on 4th and Merchant but later moved to 5th.

        1. The Dairy was United Dairy. It's listed. As are Sun Drugs and Tile City. I don't know why you aren't seeing them.

          I have two addresses for Tile City:801 Merchant Street, then 424 Merchant. Perhaps they moved to Fifth Street after 1971?

          I've heard of Dandy Dollar. Don't know why I chose to leave it off the list. Maybe also post-'71? I'll check.

        2. jd aka john domansy

          nancy, in the 1940s & 50s, i think united dairy sold more banana splits then any other ice cream treat. they were made in a large boat type clear glass dish about 4" wide & 8" long. they used a whole banana, on the sides & 3 large scoops of any kind ice cream you asked for, then whipped cream & cherries on top, cost maybe 35 or 40 cents tops. they outsold others by 3 to 1. shakes were good too & sundaes ran a close 3rd, i learned how to make shakes sodas etc at the boys town visitors cafeteria, & after graduating & in 1953 I showed ron vandenbord how real shakes were made at the vandenbord bakery soda shop. so thick a spoon would stand up in one. down a ways was a candy shop market, run by an older one legged guy & son, he froze candy bars & sold them in summer. sons name was nick, old guy was a crab. you can only buy one of the same thing he said.
          on 19th st a nicks barber shop, same side yet. byers behind & spangs down more & byers steel down next in line, all on same side of road. recall seeing them pour a heat out of a bessemer ,lit up the sky for miles around. saw one at a museum,

        3. jd
          above has error wycoff goes in there not 1st byers, it ended up behind 1925 duss ave, house.

      57. This is a link to a booklet published in 1956

        1. The Daily Citizen Trade Area Directory wasn't a "booklet." It was a huge hard cover book. It's a great resource. Too bad 1956 seems to be the only year the Citizen published one.

          A while back, I was given a copy by a reader to whom I'm enormously grateful because prior to that gift, I was using the copy in the Ambridge library--a bit inconvenient since I live near Baltimore.

      58. Nancy,

        You might want to add these organizations to your list of service organizations. Order of the Eastern Star (women's organization associated with the Masons) and the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (daughters of Masons and Eastern Star memebers).Also the Rebekahs (associated with the International Order of Odd Fellows)

        1. Thanks for the information! I knew girls who were in the Rainbow girls. I completely forgot about the organization until your comment.

      59. Forgive if these were brought up before but there was a clothing store on Merchant Street in 1972 and it was called something like "Baily & Barret"? I think it was between 5 & 6 on the same side as Andersons. There were also two Pauls bakeries on Merchant Street one between 7 & 8 and the other between 6 & 5. Both on the same side of the street. There was the Horseshoe bar owned by Angelo & Dollie Rotolo a couple of doors down from Bufalini's. Pauls bakery was on that same side. There was also a restaurant briefly on Merchant Street owned or run by a guy called Perch or Kurch? It was between 7 & 6 and I think it was called the chessboard or checkerboard.

        1. I've added the Horseshoe Bar. Thanks.

          As for the clothing store, the Paul's Bakery location that isn't already on the list, and the restaurant: if these businesses opened after 1970, they would not be added to the list. All the lists only go through 1970. I'll keep my eye open for any indication that they existed before 1971. If you find more information, let me know.

      60. Best Value Gasoline 8th Street and Duss Ave. Duss Ave. location formerly Catanzarite's Esso

        1. 8th st location was the corner of 8th st and Melrose Ave and the alley running behind Caplan's Wholesale Grocery
          Duss Ave location was directly across from the High school

      61. Autco Motor Sales, 1109 Merchant Street

        Should be Autico

      62. Dick Hunt Ford, 2516 Duss Avenue
        Fisher Ford Sales, 26th and Duss Avenue...
        SAME Place, Different Owners. Previously Baierl Chevrolet, after Ford, it was Harrison, but that was after 71

      63. Does anyone recall hearing about the Ambridge Waffle Shop (662 Merchant St.). This was most likely where my Belgian grandmother worked with her sister (who was born late 1890's/ early 1900's). My mother said the restaurant was known for its waffles, but they also made pies, so I'm not positive that this was the restaurant. I'm trying to determine the dates of operation/locate any written material about the restaurants of that era. Any help greatly appreciated.

        1. I will have to check my research to see what the source of the address on the list was, which at least should tell us the date the Waffle House operated. I will let you know when I find it.

        2. I see an Ambridge Lunch and Waffle Shop, 662 Merchant St. in 1929. Later, there was an Ambridge Waffle Shop, 656 Merchant St. in 1931. The last mention of the Ambridge Waffle Shop I've found in my notes so far is 1940.

          Hope that helps.

      64. Wonder if you'all knew that ISALY'S (you have listed above) was an anakerism for, "I Shall Always Love You Sweetheart", I ust go to the one on Duss Ave all the time for a Klondike Bar and a Big SkyScraper Cones etc...there was a 'corner store' just adjacent from that Isaly's on Duss & 13th st - I forgot the name :-(

        1. While "I Shall Always Love You Sweetheart" is a great way to remember the correct way to spell Isaly's, Isaly's was the last name of the family that founded the stores.

          As of now, I have no idea what the "corner store just adjacent from that Isaly's on Duss & 13th St.," which I guess would have been 1300 Duss Ave., might have been. I'll keep my eyes out for some information.

        2. I remember an Isaly's on Melrose Avenue, across 9th Street from St. Vladimir's Church back in the 50's and 60's.

        3. Thank you for your reply. My mistake. I remember going there after church many Sundays. Don't know why I thought it was an Isaly's.

          I just stumbled on your blog recently. Thank you for your time and efforts. It is wonderful and so enriching. I haven't been able to get through it all yet, but it keeps me enthralled for hours at a time.

      65. Unless I missed these Above somewhere:I see a Mims Place... but there was a MIMMS Bar on Merchant street across(ish) from Taylors Milk ...I usta get Fantastic Fish sandwiches there on Fridays ... And ... VILLELLAS BAR down around the 1st st hill next to the bridge, they had the Best Hot Sausage Subs!...and .... I there usta be a VILLELLAS BARBER SHOP on Beaver Rd, I think tween 9th & 10ths St....this is all in the 50's-early 60s - gone after that :-O

        1. My bad. I knew about Mim's on Merchant St. and had the address some time ago, just never added it. It's on the list now.

          As for Villella's Bar and Villella's Barber Shop, I'm looking for addresses now.

      66. And there was the SHAMROCK BAR, between 6th & 7th street on Merchant - in the late 50s - 60s ...

      67. Reading this brought back many childhood memories. Pastrick's was at 922 Duss. As a child, I lived next door at 920 Duss. Also, there was a small grocery store on 8th St. between Beaver Road and Pine St. by the name of Palko's. And a grocery store on the corner of Beaver Road & 8th I believe was owned by the Karas family.

        1. There were little neighborhood grocery stores everywhere!! So convenient!

      68. Thank you for this marvelous post! I was happy to see my in-laws (Bizic Brothers Cabinetry Co.) listed too, on 610 Pine Street. How sorry I was when that huge sign they had had rotted away too much to save when the property on Valley Road was sold...

      69. Can anyone tell me who the husband and wife who owned the Arcade, 1809 Duss Ave, a convenience store, when did it open and close?

      70. My Grandfather had a store at 1693 Merchant Street, Joseph Carr, can you find any history on the store and the dates it opened and closed. I have photos when the store was across from the old water works.
        Thanks, Ken Siegel

      71. My Grandfather had a store at 1693 merchant street in the 1940's. His name was Joseph Carr. Can you find out any information on the family and store? I have photos when the store was across from the old water world. Thank you, Ken

        1. The only information that I think I have about a market at 1693 Merchant St. is when it was called McCauley's Market.

          I wrote a blog post about McCauley's Market on July 31, 2015. That post includes a photo taken in 1941.

          Here's the url of that blog post:

          I would be very interested in seeing your photos and if you'll allow me to share them on the blog, I'd be willing to try to find more information when I had the chance.

          If you'd like to share the photos, you can email them to me at

          Another option: if you're on Facebook, you can post the photos and ask about your grandfather's store on the blog's Facebook page. Maybe someone who reads that page will remember your grandfather and his store.

          Have you tried checking the Beaver County Genealogy and History Center in Beaver?

      72. I'm working on renovating 815 Merchant St. This building was Ambridge Radio and TV. Does anyone have pictures of the street and front of the building?

      73. I got a job at Bollingers Corp after high school used to think how I used to watch that back yard crane go back and forth while in school then ending up running it lol

      74. Does anyone know the name of the German Resturant that was close to old Economy?

        1. Might you be thinking of Mad Anthony Bier Stube Und Restaurant, 13th and Merchant St.?

      75. Hi Nancy...
        I wish health to all
        Your list does not include Anna Czulak's clothing store (528 Merchant Street?), the wife of photographer Andrews Czulak (315 Merchant Street). When did the photo studio first open and when did the clothing store? Thank you. (from Greece)

        1. Do you know the name of Anna Czulak's clothing store? Or the era in which it operated?

          I'll have to check my notes to see if I have any information about the opening of the studio. If I find anything, I'll post it.

      76. I dont know the name of the Anna's store, but Andrew Czulak had a photo studio since 1920

      77. My mom and dad lived on 16th st ,dad graduated from st V,s and mom ambridge in 43. They met at Grand Lunch 12 st and married soon after. She remembers going on field trips to Rock Spring Park in Chester WVA. Spent a lot of time at St Michael's Russian Club seen it a while ago filled with pin ball machines and pool tables!

      78. The final resting place for the Czechoslovakian Dramatic Club was the building right before the Fox Hotel at the end of 3rd and Merchant even side. Also there was a Martha's Lounge mid-block odd side of 4th and Merchant. Owned by Tony (Toters) and Martha Thomas.