Friday, May 16, 2014

Historic 462 Maplewood Avenue

When I stopped at the rather unremarkable looking building at 462 Maplewood Avenue during a visit to Ambridge, it was to take a photo of the faded painted Coca-Cola sign on its south side.

Coca-Cola sign,
462 Maplewood Avenue
March 22, 2014

I didn't realize until today that 462 Maplewood is of historic interest far beyond the sign.

I knew that Beth Samuel Congregation once not only had a synagogue at 463 Maplewood Avenue, now the location of the Maple Restaurant, but also that during the 1920s, the congregation had met in a building on the opposite side of Maplewood. But I didn't realize until working on the upcoming "Church/synagogue" list on my Ambridge List of Lists that it was in that building, 462 Maplewood.

462 Maplewood Avenue
Google Street view

And what's more, before Beth Samuel, the building was home to the Ambridge Library.

How many other ordinary looking Ambridge buildings have we walked or driven by, not realizing the importance of their history?

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  1. It's really weird when you check out a webpage and realize that you are reading about your home. When Michelle and I moved into this apartment, we had no idea of the history.