Monday, September 29, 2014

Ambridge Golden Jubilee: the human pirohy

I've been doing research on Ambridge's 1955 Golden Jubilee, the 50th Anniversary of the borough's incorporation in 1905.

The big celebration, with a huge parade seen by an estimated 50,000 people and fireworks, was on July 4, but there were plenty of shenanigans and hoopla leading up to the big day. I thought some of the pre-July 4 goings-on were amusing, others bemusing, while a few made me cringe, given changes in society's values and concerns since the mid-50s.

Of all the photos and articles I've found so far, this one amuses me the most because of its sheer silliness and Ambridgeness:

Cooking of the human pirohy,
Daily Citizen,
June 24, 1955

Text of original caption:
COOK HUMAN PIROHY--A "human pirohy" was "cooked" last evening at the Ukrainian Workingmen's Association Branch 5 lodge, Melrose Ave., following sentencing at Kangaroo Kourt by the Brothers of the Brush. Held inside a six foot replica of a rolling pin, and a four by six flour sack was used in making the human pirohy. The victim is pictured in the center, shortly before the "cooking" job.


  1. Was walking downtown around 8rth street when I was grabbed and put in "jail" by kangaroo court folks. Had to pay a fine or get a pie in the face. It wasn't an actual pie but whipped cream. Hung around to see a couple other violators get pied. Fun day!

  2. This was a big event: merchant street was crowded with was in the air..very well advertised and folks came into Ambridge from all over..