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Automotive Electric Company,

Automotive Electric Company
Daily Citizen supplement, August 10, 1929

This is another newspaper clipping saved by the late Louis Vukovcan and shown here thanks to his daughter-in-law, Jackie Vukovcan and Maria Notarianni who scanned it for me. Louis Vukovcan indicated that the ad came from a Daily Citizen supplement, August 10, 1929; however, I have not found a copy of the supplement to confirm that date.

I don't have much information on the Automotive Electric Company. The December 12, 1929, Daily Times, said that the Automotive Electric Company, Treasurer Pauline Stewart, had been granted a state charter. The Beaver County Mercantile List of 1930 gives the address of the business as 1196 Merchant Street.

"USL" shown on the front sign was a national car battery brand.

It looks like the building is still there and vaguely recognizable despite a new facade and windows. It's currently a doctor's office. A side-view of the building is no longer possible, as another building was built abutting it. Here's the most recent Google Street View:

1196 Merchant Street
Google Street View

Other businesses that were once located at 1196 Merchant were: C and W Packard, Lang Motors, and Beaver Valley Printing. Later, Central Radio and TV was in both 1196 and 1194 Merchant Street.

The smoke stack behind the building in the ad was part of National Electric Company.

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