Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bird's-Eye View of Ambridge and American Bridge

"Birds-Eye View of Ambridge, Pa.,
 and American Bridge Company Plant on Ohio River"

This vintage postcard shows Ambridge from South Heights across the Ohio River. I believe it's an artist's drawing rather than a photo as nothing looks very realistic. Have you ever seen the Ohio so very blue? I guess a brown river isn't nearly as picturesque.

The postcard that I own was never mailed, so I can only guess at the date. It's a linen era postcard, so 1930-1945. I think that given the still-undeveloped hills in the background, the picture probably dates from the 1930s and not the '40s. The only non-mill building I can identify with confidence is the American Bridge Office on 4th St. and Park Road. The office was built in 1903, so that's not helpful in dating. I don't see anything else in the picture which might help me date it. If you see anything, let me know.

I've been trying to identify that lone tower/derrick at the top of the hill at approximately 5th Street. If you know, please leave a comment.

For those into such things, on the reverse:
Publisher: Minsky Brothers & Co., Publishing Division, Pittsburgh, PA.
"C.T.Art-Colortone" Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.
Place one cent stamp here in the stamp box


  1. It looks like the Harmony Township water tower located to the east of Highland School. I grew up on Virginia Avenue in the 50's and had a view of it from my parent's back yard.

  2. I agree with Bob, I grew up on Ridge Rd. also during the 50's.
    It might have been an older type tower at that time.