Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Auburn, Hudson, Essex, Marmon, Graham Brothers Trucks: ads

These ads for long-gone businesses selling long-gone brands of cars and trucks came from a photocopy of pages from a 1925 Ambridge City Directory in the Laughlin Memorial Library's archives:

Auburn Automobiles were produced from 1900-1936.

Hudsons were produced from 1909-1954. Towards the end of their brand-life, they were part of AMC.

Essex cars were produced from 1918-1932, from '22-'32 by Hudson.

Studebakers were produced from 1902-1966.

Marmon Cars, which introduced rear-view mirrors as standard equipment, were produced from 1902-1933.

Mack Trucks which began in 1907, are, of course, still made.

Dodge Brothers Cars were produced from 1915-1935, towards the end by Chrysler. Eventually "Brothers" was dropped from the name, and Chrysler still produces Dodges.

Graham Brothers Trucks, once part of Dodge Brothers, were produced from 1919-1929 when they became Dodge trucks.

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