Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dean's Dining Car

I'm still working on the next installment of the Ambridge Golden Jubilee posts, but in the meantime, here's a vintage restaurant photo for you to look at.

Dean's Dining Car ad
288 Fifth St.
courtesy of Good Samaritan Church archives

All I know about Dean's Dining Car is the little information that's in the ad and that it was on 5th St. in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The later Fifth Street Diner had an address of 286 Fifth St., and that part of 5th St. is only a short half-block, so I'm guessing that both diners were in the same location at different times. Butch O'Keefe says that he believes that the diners actually occupied the same building.

That part of 5th St. is now the parking lot for The Maple Restaurant.

I don't know where the ad was originally published.

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  1. jd aka john domansky

    pretty sure seeing deans in the early 1940s when sometimes i rode the bus from 14th to 3rd st to divine redeemer school in the mornings, got there for 8am mass, the bus always picked up a mailman on 10th & merchant & dropped him off at 5th & merchant,while pulling away you got a good look at that side (west) & looking south there was a building just like that one, no recall of name, but also saw it when walking across 5th st just behind the big red brick building that housed economy drugs, they did not allow me to read comic books like down on 14th st & merchant drug store, comics were right inside front door in a small alcove that i sat in on floor & read untill i got the boot, mostly from abe the druggist or big dutch, he opened drug store up on duss & 14th st. one tough cookie. drove a cool red chrysler or desoto woodie convertable. 1947 or 8.

    do not recall seeing deans in the 1950s tho, it looked like a 2 place building, the newer address was west. coming home from DR we always tried new streets, merchant st was ok, but liking to explore was fun, no one cared when i came home, thus was spawned a roving free spirit, ambridge had lots of places to explore, only place that had territorial rights was 1st st. most went to divine redeemer & knew me, but don't push my luck, just because of that. oh yes just going up 5th st east were those 3 story buildings w/porches on all floors, just past the barbershop i mentioned eartlier