Thursday, April 28, 2016

Group photo: 6th grade, Park Road School, 1955 - '56

The photo below, courtesy of Marge Kosis, is of Park Road School's 1955-56 6th grade class. Her husband, Norman Kosis, is identified with the arrow. The other students are unidentified. Were you in this class? Do you recognize anyone? If so, please leave a comment.

6th grade class, 1955-'56
Park Road School
courtesy of Marge Kosis

Caption: Norman Kosis' Sixth Grade Class in 1956-57 [correct year is 1955-56] in front of Park Road School. The teacher in the back row, in the middle is Miss White. Norm Kosis is in the front row first one on the left.

Park Road School, 749 Park Rd., was originally Ambridge's first high school building. When a new senior high school opened on Duss Ave., Park Road became an elementary school. After Park Road was closed as a school, it was used as an administration building by the Ambridge Area School District. It is now the Center for Hope.


  1. My brother Frank Osegueda is in the second row, first one on the right.

  2. Last row, 5th from the left is Rob Raimondi.