Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ambridge trivia: Did you know...? #8 Wooden coins

For Ambridge's 1955 Golden Jubilee, merchants handed out not just wooden nickles, but also wooden dimes and quarters.

I've never seen one of the Golden Jubilee wooden dimes or quarters, have you?

Examining wooden coins
Ambridge Golden Jubilee
Beaver Valley Times
June 22, 1955

Times caption:
WOODEN NICKELS INITIATED -- W. L. Cain, president of Ambridge Economy Bank, and Kay Kokoski, "Miss Ambridge Golden Jubilee" who is a teller in the bank, examine wooden coins, official money of Ambridge Golden Jubilee. The money will be handed out by merchants in the form of change. It is redeemable in Ambridge, Economy and Mellon National Banks. It comes in three denominations, nickles, which are red; dimes, which are blue, and quarters, which are green.
A photo of a Golden Jubilee Wooden Nickel is in the July 17, 2015, post "Golden Jubilee: Old Fashioned Bargain Days."

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