Tuesday, August 23, 2016

American Bridge and Ohio River postcard, 1920s

This postcard shows a drawing of American Bridge Co. from the Ohio River.

Every early colored postcard I've seen showing the Ohio River near Ambridge shows the river colored a pretty blue. Artistic license.

Note the green, undeveloped hills rising above still-growing Ambridge.

"American Bridge Co., Works"
postmarked 192?

reverse of above postcard
"Published by S. G. Horlick"

I can't make out the year the postcard was mailed. 192(something).

I also don't know what language the card's message is in. German? If anyone knows and can translate, please leave a comment.

You can see another, slightly later, postcard showing American Bridge and a lovely blue Ohio River in the February 4, 2015, post "Bird's-Eye View of Ambridge and American Bridge."

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  1. jd aka john domansky
    looks like 1929, when u see pcs like I do its not a guess the 1/2 circle & a loop down is a 9. don't think those pcs were artists drawn tho, they had many methods in making pcs, the best ones are rppc,