Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sacks Ladies Store

I always thought Sacks' Art Deco facade with its second floor display window was so wonderful. While I usually like the original facades of Ambridge's old Merchant St. buildings better than any updating, I am smitten with Art Deco.

533 Merchant St.
Daily Citizen
August 25, 1954

According to the August 25, 1954, Daily Citizen, Sacks' owner, Charles Sachs, established the store in 1934. Before moving to 533 Merchant St., the business was at 517 Merchant.

Like a number of Ambridge stores of that era, Sacks had a signature tile entryway, not always appreciated and properly maintained by more recent owners.

Sacks' tile entry
533 Merchant Street
July 2009
credit: Bill Orlowski, used with permission

I don't know when Sacks closed. Charles Sachs' 1978 obituary said he'd operated Sacks for 35 years, so until 1969 if the 1954 Daily Citizen article is correct. However, the obituary also said he'd retired five years before he died, which would mean around 1973. And of course, Sacks could have stayed open even after Sachs retired. If you know when Sacks closed, please leave a comment.

While the tile entry and some of the Art Deco touches around the windows remained in July 2009, the front facade of the building was virtually unrecognizable as the former Sacks building when Bill Orlowski took the photo below. It's the building to the right of Anderson's Candy store.

529 and 533 Merchant St.
July 2009
credit: Bill Orlowski, used with permission

A new business was "coming soon" in March 2014.

533 Merchant St
March 30, 2014

Before that new business could open, the 533 Merchant building was heavily damaged by a July 6, 2014 fire.

533 Merchant St. fire
July 6, 2014
credit: Larissa Dudkiewicz/Ambridge Connection
used with permission

The October 2014 photo below shows the building in the process of being razed.

533 Merchant St.
October 3, 2014

The site is now a vacant lot.

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  1. I know I purchased clothing there for my first real job in approximately 1981 or 82. They tailored them for a custom fit. ❤️