Friday, January 27, 2017

American Bridge Co. office under construction

In late 1902, the American Bridge Co. bought land to built a massive structural steel fabrication plant along the Ohio River in the area that would be incorporated as Ambridge in 1905. The company wasted no time in erecting the plant buildings, plus a large office building.

The office building, located on Park Rd. near the intersection of what is now 4th St., was under construction in this 1903 photo:

American Bridge Co. office building under construction
courtesy Gary Augustine

A news photo showing the office a little further along towards completion is in my February 16, 2014, blog article, "The American Bridge office: Going up and coming down."

The postcard below shows the office's Park Rd. side after construction was completed:

"Office of American Bridge Co."
postmarked June 1908

After American Bridge Co. closed the Ambridge plant in 1984, the office remained empty, neglected, and deteriorating until it was razed in 2014.

Here's the reverse side of the postcard:

reverse of postcard

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