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Ambridge view 1906

This incredible panoramic shot of early Ambridge, looking east, was taken from across the Ohio River in the South Heights area. Given that the Union Company, the Harmony Society's real estate company, didn't start selling off the land that later became Ambridge until 1900, and the American Bridge Company started building its plant in 1903, I think the amount of development by 1906 is amazing.

Ambridge Pa. 1906
courtesy John S. Dunn collection

On the reverse of this photo, there is a description written by the late William (Bill) Bowan, local historian:
Ambridge Pa. 1905 - 1906 
See old Ball Field where Ambridge High School Football Stadium is now. Winding road going up Hillside, Left, was Brydan [should be Bryden] Rd. now Rice Ave. 
House Right of center on Hillside surrounded by Trees is the oldest House in Ambridge. It was occupied By Farm Manager for Old Economites - it is still There, Behind the the (sic) Bldg occupied By "WMBA" radio Station. 
Wm. J. Bowan - 1973
I've numbered some of the details in the photo to help you find them. Click to enlarge.

1. Just above the river is the enormous American Bridge Co. plant, which gave Ambridge its name, and spurred its rapid growth.

2. The large building near the center of the photo is the American Bridge office building.

3. The "oldest house in Ambridge" according to Bowan. The "WMBA" building was at 304 Duss Ave., most recently Action Tire Center. I've tried without success to match the building in the photo with any current building in the area behind 304 Duss. Can you ID it? Thoughts?

4. The wide road leading from below the hills to American Bridge is today's Fourth St.

5. Buildings on the east side of the 400 block of Merchant St.

6. Fifth St.

7. Ambridge Savings and Trust, 500 Merchant St.

8. American Bridge Park that once extended from Fourth to Eighth Sts. just below Park Rd.

9. Crackerbox tenement buildings?

10. Original St. Veronica's Church.

11. Second Ward School, Maplewood south of Eighth St.

12. A bit of the original Zion's Evangelical Lutheran Church.

13. Ambridge Hotel, northwest corner of Eighth and Merchant Sts.

14. "Old ball field" at location of Ambridge High School stadium mentioned by Bowan.

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