Thursday, June 22, 2017

Luce Hardware & Supply, Metz 22 ad, 1912

I really like vintage newspaper ads and am especially delighted when I find something unexpected--like Ambridge's Luce Hardware and Supply Co.'s 1912 ad for a Metz 22 car. Imagine going to your local Do It Best for some picture hooks, potting soil, and a new car.

Luce Hardware & Supply Co. ad for the Metz 22
Daily Times
March 28, 1912

The advertised 28 - 32 MPG isn't bad, but that "100 miles on a pint of lubricating oil" is a bit of a negative. On the plus side, the Metz 22's guaranteed hill-climbing performance would be a real asset in Ambridge.

As far as I know, Luce Hardware & Supply Co. opened in 1905. I don't know when it closed. I also don't have a street address.

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