Saturday, March 24, 2018

American Bridge Company office building, 1903

American Bridge Company Office
Beaver County Historical Research & Landmark Foundation archives

The photo above shows the west side of the American Bridge Company office shortly after the building was completed in 1903. The building, which was at the southwest corner of Park Rd. and 4th St., was razed in 2014.

The photo was donated to BCHRLF by the Zahn family and a copy passed on to me by Jeffrey Snedden, writer of the Beaver County Times' "Histories & Mysteries" column. Jeffrey said, "Jesse Zahn was one of the original employees of the American Bridge Co. in 1903 and retired with 47 years of service. He and his family lived in Ambridge early on, but moved to Rochester later. "

Thanks, Jeffrey!

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  1. Bess Zahn was my grandmother's sister and the wife of Jessie Zahn, who assisted his nephew (my father) in obtaining a job at the Bridge Company in the late 30s. I had no idea Uncle Jesse was an original Bridge Company employee. I suspect my cousin Julia Zahn donated the picture. Thanks for posting.

  2. Robert, the immensity of stuff that was donated by the Zahn/Shroades/Shaffer families to the BCHRLF is overwhelming. If Bess Zahn is your relative, you may want to stop at the Vicary Mansion in Freedom to check it out. There are many personal letters, photos, and other paperwork from Jesse and Bess. Some go back to before their marriage. I only had an hour or so to go through it all, but will be going back this week. - JPS

  3. Forgot to add, Jesse Zahn's retirement card and letter is in there, which give the story of his hiring by the company during its first days in Economy. There are also many photos and stories about their home in Rochester, family vacations, etc. I am not sure who donated the stuff, but I have to think a family member would have wanted to keep it all. You can call Vicary on Monday to inquire if you like, 724-775-1848. - JPS

  4. Jeff, thanks so much for the information. I will share this information with family back home.