Thursday, March 18, 2021

Coffee Pot Inn, Duss Ave., 1929

Coffee Pot Inn
Duss Ave., Near New Byers Plant
Daily Citizen 
August 10, 1929

Ever since I first saw this ad for the Coffee Pot Inn ("Hot Bar-B-Q Open All Year") when Maria Notarianni shared a scan of it with me several years ago, I've wondered exactly where on "Duss Ave., Near New Byers Plant" it was.

And then recently, while looking for something else entirely, I found the answer in The Pittsburgh Catholic, Sept. 22, 1932, issue, in an ad for a different Ambridge inn: the Golden Moon Inn, "Formerly Coffee Pot Inn."

The Golden Moon Inn ad advertised "Delicious BAR B Q--10¢. No Cover Charge; Dine and Dance; Private Parties and Banquets a Specialty."

Golden Moon Inn
"Formerly Coffee Pot Inn"
3000 Duss Ave.
Pittsburgh Catholic
September 22, 1932

The address in the Golden Moon ad, 3000 Duss Ave., no longer exists. But if it still did, it would be as far north on Duss as possible without crossing the Legionville Bridge into Baden.

But perhaps the Coffee Pot Inn and the Golden Moon Inn weren't actually located that far north on Duss. I have a later address for the Golden Moon Inn, 2916 Duss Ave., which would have put it more or less across the street from where the Byers plant's office was. So either the Golden Moon had moved further south on Duss, or the buildings on that part of Duss were renumbered at some point so 3000 Duss became 2916 Duss. Does anyone know?

I've also wondered what that cute little building on the Coffee Pot Inn's right side was. Phone booth?  

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  1. My grandparents Gracian (Mike) and Victoria Ulinski lived on 7th street. They moved there in the 1920s and my grandfather was a machinist at American Bridge. My father(Ray)and his three brothers(Stan, Eddie and Harry) grew up there. Eddie, Ray and Harry played football for Ambridge High and went to college on football scholarships. My dad went to Penn State, Eddie to Marshall University and Harry to Kentucky. Eddie went on to play for the Cleveland Browns and became an assistant coach for the Cleveland Browns. Harry played for the Washington Redskins and also played in Canada. They were all inducted into the Beaver County Sports Hall of fame.