Thursday, April 24, 2014

Eighth and Merchant Streets, 1922

8th and Merchant Sts, Ambridge
Source unknown
Courtesy of Laughlin Memorial Library archives
used with permission

The above photo shows the intersection of 8th and Merchant Sts. in 1922, looking south towards the 700 block of Merchant. The photo was probably taken from the old Ambridge Hotel which at the time was across 8th St. from the bottling works mentioned in the photo's caption:
EIGHTH AND MERCHANT STS. as the intersection looked in 1922. On the right old timers will recall the bottling plant which was destroyed by fire.
In 1922, the large building on the left side of the photo was the Martsolf Furniture Company. Later, it was the site of Caplan Wholesale Grocery Company. The building was razed and is now part of the 8th St. CVS parking lot.

I do not know when the Ambridge Bottling Works, identified by the painted sign, on the right side of the photo was destroyed by the fire mentioned in the caption.

Note the streetcar tracks.

I do not know the original source of the photo. The caption would indicate that this is a post-1922 newspaper clipping. The newspaper and date of publication were not identified in the library archives.


  1. Thanks for posting this! Louis Caplan was my grandfather. He was originally from Conway. He worked in his store until he died of Parkinson's disease in late 1988. He worked at his store, even with the Parkinson's Disease, until about a week before his death. I used to love to work in his store when we visited when I was a kid. I loved being there! My mother, Louise, and my uncle, Ralph, used to work there every day after school. My grandmother, Ruth Caplan, worked as the bookkeeper there. It's really sad that it was demolished, and was replaced by a soulless CVS parking lot. My grandfather, grandmother, mother and uncle's life revolved around that store!

    Glen Russell Slater

    1. Thanks for your informative comment. If you would be interested in sharing more information about the store or your grandfather and your memories about them, please let me know.