Monday, April 21, 2014

What came first: the chicken or the feed?

20 Baby Chicks Free,
Wall's ad,
The Daily Citizen, May 1, 1959

On May 2, 1959, Wall's feed and seed store at 507 Eighth Street gave the first 75 purchasers of 25 pounds of Larro Surechick, a chick starter feed, 20 free chicks. But "bring your own container."

So, even if you didn't already own chicks, Wall's would give you 20, and as you raised them, you'd return to Wall's (hopefully) to buy more chicken feed. Clever marketing.

It wasn't that uncommon back then for Ambridge area folks to raise a few chickens on their property.

I still remember the sharp smell of what I supposed was fertilizer in the Wall's building.

The Wall's business has closed, but the building remains. I don't know what the building is currently being used for or what's planned for its future.

Former Wall's feed and seed store building,
507 Eighth Street,
June 23, 2013


  1. Photo caption says 507 Merchant Street but the sign posts in the picture say 8th and Glenwood.

    1. Fixed. Thanks for the heads-up.

      The store was indeed on 8th Street at Glenwood Avenue, not on Merchant.

  2. I too remember the smells from the store. Spent many happy days there as a child and I remember wanting to take those baby chicks home but my dad wouldn't let me. He knew they would grow up!

  3. Its funny how some things stay with you for your whole lifetime. I also remember the smell of the feed store when you went into the door. Happy memories or a much simpler time.