Sunday, July 27, 2014

Charlie's Sterling Service

Charlie's Sterling Service
14th and Merchant Streets
The Daily Citizen Trade Area Directory

Charlie's Sterling Service was on the southeast corner of 14th and Merchant Streets at 1398 Merchant Street.

In the 1960s, Sala's Quaker State Service operated at that location. [update July 28, 2014:  Sala's Quaker State was owned by Irvin "Buss" Sala who operated the station until 1982 when he retired.]

Later, the building was briefly home to a bakery called The Bread Basket, followed by Mac's Donuts which was there for many years, closing in late 2009 or early 2010. The most recent business there was the Apple Lane Cafe which opened about a year after Mac's closed and closed in mid-2013.

Currently, it does not appear as though the building is being used as a business.

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  1. the gas station had a small flat roof in back on top & it was a hangout at nite for us guys about early teens, the big building at left was portos barbershop, on right was an auto dealer, buick?? opposite side was an auto dealer where I got a ride in a 1948 tucker along w/many more people all day long. further up was d'ambrosio shoe maker shop, (mad anthonys?) fixed many old shoes for me free, we were poor, about 1937 8 whole family lived upstairs, opposite of the Mc Carthys family, kardas restaurant & great roast beef sandwiches smothered w/fries & gravy then came the ketsup on top too, great vegatable plate for 45cents. down more was slaviks grocery & meat market (live fowl, chicks )( butchered his own meat led me to meat cutting a few years), gave me a job for a short time, sons paul & joe. tavern of course on the corner, across was the best bakery in town, stangls, cream horns to die for, on down was a novelty store across from barbershop, a gas station (flying horse)across from stangls, on down was the german gym where bud marqutte got started & ended up coaching cathy rigby in 1970s olympice, came home from 3to 11s & saw him on tv olympics,( got a letter from his wife & cathy rigby who found him for me in calif) 10th st police sta. was the stop to get ice cold water walking home from holy redeemer, is the eddie zubak name i see the same eddie that owned the 8th & duss gas station?????? anyone know him, short guy i could write a book here, any comments well received