Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kubek's appliance store

Kubek's ad
The Daily Citizen Trade Area Directory,

In 1933, Mike Kubek opened Kubek's appliance store at 1121 Merchant Street. Sometimes advertised as "Kubek Electric" or "Kubek Electrical Appliances," Kubek's sold brand name appliances as well as parts, and did repairs.

Kubek Electric ad
Beaver Valley Times,
June 25, 1951

Kubek Electrical Appliances ad
Beaver County Times,
January 19, 1960

According to an article in the March 10, 1989, Beaver County Times, Kubek became a Lionel model train representative in 1940. One Christmas, he bought his daughter a train, but he "played with it more than she did." Trains became his hobby, then eventually his business, as Kubek's started selling only model train supplies.

Kubek's ad for Lionel Trains,
original source unknown*

I do not know when the switch to trains-only occurred or when Kubek's closed. Mike Kubek died in December, 1992.

If you have additional information about Kubek's, please leave a comment.

The former Kubek's location is now Pamela's Hair Salon.

Pamela's Hair Salon
Google street view

* The ad was found without attribution on a site for model train enthusiasts, Mark DiVecchio's O-Gauge Train Layouts. But given the AMbridge phone exchange, the ad is pre-1956.


  1. My name is Eddie Kubek. That was my Grandfather's Store. I can remember playing out front as a little kid and going down the street to Stangles to get candy. My brother and I are planning to re-open KUBEK'S "ECLECTIC" CO, EST 1933, In Madison, Indiana, along the banks of the same river as my Grandfather's original store. Goal is to open in 2018 or early 2019. The store in Ambridge was opened in 1933 and my Dad and his family lived in the apartment above the store. My Dad still goes to Lionel train meets and has the original Lionel train layout from the Ambridge store.It's a big hit with the grandkids :-)

    1. Thanks for commenting. I really enjoy hearing from relatives of some of the people I write about.

      Best wishes for success with the new store.

  2. I vividly remember my uncle's store and upstairs living quarters. Visiting Kubek's was always a treat back in the 1950's because there was so much stuff to look at and play with, especially in the basement. My cousin, Mike, and I enjoyed many fun days in the store, in the side yard and even jumping off the balcony just like the cowboys did to mount their horses and make their getaway. Those were good memories.