Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hidden between the walls #2

Yesterday, I updated a post from February 2, 2015: Hidden between the walls. Then Jim Ernst mentioned that as Rooks Cantina 505 was being razed after that sport bar's July 2, 2014, fire, an ad on the wall of the building next door, Perri's Barber Shop, 280 Fourth St., was exposed, adding that the ad has since been covered over.

I think this photo shows the ad Jim is referring to:

Post-fire rubble
Rooks Cantina 505,
282 Fourth St.
September 28, 2014
credit: Nancy Knisley

The ad, on the dark brickwork on the right, is rather faint, but I believe that the larger letters say "WALLPAPER." Above that, among the smaller lettering, I think I see "OUSE" (house?) and very faintly, "PAINT."

Laman's Wallpaper & Paint was once at 294 Fourth St., but I don't know if the ad was for that store or not.


  1. Wasn't the whole corner of 4th and Merchant a paint store; Pittsburgh Paints or something of that nature. I think it was a fairly large store that succumbed to a fire as well. I could be wrong, but does anyone else remember this?

    1. Padco? Destroyed in arson fire in 1976.

  2. Yes, there was a paint store there. I remember as a kid with my mother we had come out of the Kroger's store which is where the Rite Aid drug store is now. Saw Ambridge fire trucks racing towards 4th St. Once we got in the car to travel home we saw the fire. My brother Pete was a Fair Oaks fireman and helped battle the blaze.