Saturday, October 17, 2015

The boys at the Greek coffee house

"Boys in the town in front of Greek coffee shop"
278 First St.?
Photographer: Arthur Rothstein
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division
July 1938

Thanks to Tom Boudros, AHS '67, I now have names of some of the boys and men in one of the oft-seen Ambridge photos taken by photojournalist Arthur Rothstein in 1938:

Sitting in front of the window, left to right are: Steve Hopak; Mike "Junior" Tesnovich; unidentified; "Hepack."

Inside looking out of the window: left to right, Harry Bellas; unidentified; unidentified; Jimmy Pappas.

If you know the names of the unidentified boys and men in the photo, or "Hepack's" full name, or have memories of the coffee house, please leave a comment.

I believe this is the Greek Coffee Shop that was once at 278 First St.

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