Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ambridge policewomen 1953

Ambridge employed its first women police officers in October 1950, when five women were hired at a time when "lady cops" were still a rarity in the area. When the borough hired these women, with pay of $60 a month, it was primarily to act as school crossing guards. But when a woman was in police custody, they also were expected to assist with transporting and searching her.

I'm not sure what the November 1953 photo below of the women officers with Burgess Walter Panek and a small girl is about. I'm going to guess some kind of charity drive was involved, since those white cylinders look like collection canisters.

Ambridge women police officers, Mayor Panek, and unidentified girl
November 1953
photo courtesy of Bob Mikush
used with permission

The women aren't identified in the photo, but I think that they are, from left to right:

Doris Pastrick, Mary Fazar, Kay Kokoski, Doris Tarquinio, Helen Gebet, and Mary Dobrosielski.

Fazar crossed Divine Redeemer and First Ward students at 3rd and Merchant Sts. Kokoski crossed St. Veronica students at 8th St. Gebet crossed Liberty School students at 5th St. and Duss Ave. I don't know about where the others were assigned.

If I got the name of any officer wrong, or you know the name of the little girl, the reason for the photo, and/or the crossing assignments for the rest of the officers, please leave a comment.

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  1. jd aka john domansky

    i was waiting on someone as old or older than me to make a comment about women police, it had to be late 1940s & early 1950s, i can recall sitting near Dahmas store on the 300 block of 14th st north side & just east of merchant, & seeing a meter maid give out tickets for parking violations, there was a cop too that would mark tires w/chalk then come back & give tickets, that had to be before the meters were put in, 1 cent bought 10 minutes or so & 25 cents bought 1 or 2 hours. anyone recall when the parking meters were installed??