Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vlasic's Market, later Gorup's Market

On May 12, 2015, I wrote about John Vlasic Groceries, 338 Maplewood Ave. John's brother Nick also owned a neighborhood market, Vlasic's Market, 198 Maplewood Ave.

The photo below shows the Nick Vlasic family in front of the market. The man standing next to the Vlasic's delivery truck is unidentified.

Sophia and Nick Vlasic and daughters Marion and Alberta
Vlasic's Market
198 Maplewood Ave.
circa late 1920s - early 1930s
courtesy of Frank Gorup
used with permission

Nick, Sophia, and Marion Vlasic
circa mid-1920s
courtesy of Frank Gorup
used with permission

According to a Vlasic relative, Nick Vlasic and another Vlasic brother, Matt, also owned the Vlasic Brothers Markets in the 1920s: 160 Maplewood Ave., 345 Maplewood Ave., and 798 Fifteenth St.;

Nick died in 1932. His wife, Sophia, then married Frank Gorup, and the store became Gorup's Market.

Gorup's Market closed in 1962.

The two photos above came from Frank Gorup's son, also named Frank, via Mary Ann Vlasic Syzmoniak.

I always thought the market's building was beautiful with its white bricks, decorative brick trim, and green tiles at the top of the front facade. It was so different from the other buildings in Ambridge, it was as though it had been transported to Ambridge from a more exotic place.

When I was in Ambridge in September, the 198 Maplewood Ave. building was boarded up.

198 Maplewood Ave.
September 27, 2015
credit: Nancy Knisley

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