Thursday, May 5, 2016

Group photo: Bluebird Dramatic Club 1923

Bluebird Dramatic Club
Laughlin Memorial Library archives

I wish I knew something about this group or the people in the photo. It appears that the photo was taken on the American Bridge Company office steps, but I don't know if it was sponsored or otherwise affiliated with American Bridge. If you know anything about this group or recognize anyone in the photo, please leave a comment.

Update May 26, 2016:
It turns out that I already had some info about this photo that I'd forgotten about!

According to notes I took while visiting the Laughlin Memorial Archives in April 2016, Ambridge historian Bill Bowan made some notes on the reverse of this photo.

The notes said that the young people in this photo were Ambridge High School students. And confirms that the photo was taken at the American Bridge Company Office building.

Bowan also identified the students as follows:

First row: Earl Haskel, Edith Mytinger, Emma Opperman, Angela Foster

Second row: Margaret Hancher, Susan Manning, Virginia Hall, Virginia Grey

Rear: Ed Grey, Donald Schell, Regis Ging

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