Thursday, May 19, 2016

Group photo: Divine Redeemer booth, Nationality Days 1966

The first Ambridge Nationality Days was in April 1966. The photo below belonged to the late Eddie Dzubak, Sr. His daughter, Lesabeth Trzcianka, says she believes the photo was taken during that first festival.

left to right in booth: Pat Halicek, Marie Dzubak, Virginia Ochman, Dorothy Roman
Divine Redeemer Church booth
600 block of Merchant St.
Nationality Days
April 1966?
courtesy of Lesabeth Trzcianka and Eddie Dzubak, Jr.

On the left side of Merchant St. you can see Perlman Jewelers, 609 Merchant St.; a business with a sign that looks like it says "Gil's" which I don't remember at all; Lee's Shoppe, 619 Merchant, which sold women's clothing; and Sun Drugs, 625 Merchant.

On the right side, you can make out a bit of the sign of Dr. Alter Steinberg's optometrist office, 608 Merchant; Krauss Jewelers, 610 Merchant; the white building to the left of Krauss was Timney's Appliances, 612 Merchant; and on the left of Timney's was the old Prince Theatre building.

Last year's 50th Annual Nationality Days probably was the last one to be held. There are no plans to hold one this year or in the future. I haven't been to Nationality Days for many years, but I heard it just wasn't the same now that there are fewer ethnic churches to staff the booths and make the food sold at them, fewer ethnic organizations to provide entertainment, and fewer businesses to help support the Chamber of Commerce which sponsored the event.

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  1. Nancy thank you so much for making my morning fly by looking at the Ambridge site. I graduated AHS in 1971 and have lived in Mount Joy, PA for the past 44 years. These were great memories to look at. I will be smiling the rest of the day thinking about old friends and relatives and a great small town to grow up in.