Monday, September 26, 2016

Maplewood Ave. at 7th St., 1904

"Corner 7th and  Maplewood Ave. 1904
Looking North on Maplewood"
Laughlin Memorial Library archives

The furthest building on the left hand side, flying a flag or pennant, is Second Ward School, built in 1904. Second Ward School later became the Ambridge Recreation Center.

Update October 3, 2016:

Sharp-eyed Maria Notarianni noticed that the building in the background on the right side of the photo resembled a church.

Indeed it does, which raises a question about the accuracy of the 1904 date on the photo above.

The only church that could possibly be is the Presbyterian Church on 9th and Maplewood. But according to the church's history, the contract for the construction of the oldest part of the church, "The Chapel," wasn't even let until September 1905. The Chapel was dedicated on June 12, 1906.

Here's a postcard showing that first section of the church, and the top of it sure does look like the small part of the building in question that can been seen in the photo above:

"The Chapel"
First Presbyterian Church of Ambridge
9th St. and Maplewood Ave.
postcard postmarked February 1907

I checked the 1905 Sanborn Insurance map of Ambridge, and it supports the church history's 1905 date. The lot on 9th and Maplewood is marked "site for church"; no building is shown on the lot. So, right now, I would have to say that the Maplewood Ave. photo may have been taken, at the earliest, in 1905 - '06.

Good job, Maria!

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