Saturday, April 22, 2017

American Bridge Co. ships 165-foot girder by rail, 1950

Ambridge's American Bridge Co. produced some amazing products. Here's one of them:

Longest Steel Girder
American Bridge Company
Acme press photo
February 14, 1950

The back of this press photo describes it:
Workmen put a protective coat on the longest steel girder ever shipped in one piece from the Ambridge, PA., plant of U.S. Steel's American Bridge Company. The 165-foot, 75-ton girder is bound for use in a Philadelphia railroad bridge. Ten others, just like it, are being made for the job. Four standard length railroad flat cars are needed for the giant girder.
Ambridge's American Bridge Co. plant, once the largest structural steel fabricating plant in the world, was operating by 1904 and closed in 1984.

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