Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 1958, below Crestview Village hill

This photo, taken on Easter 1958, belongs to my mom, Agatha Bohinsky. It was taken in the backyard of 1522 Beaver Rd.

Nancy, Kathy, and Paula Bohinsky
April 6, 1958
courtesy Agatha Bohinsky

I remember hunting for the eggs we'd decorated the day before on Easter morning, and later eating a breakfast with the food Father Rostas had blessed the day before at Divine Redeemer Church. The blessed food would have included homemade sweet bread and nutroll, kolbasi, decorated eggs, horseradish, salt, and butter. My mom would press the butter into a fancy little glass bowl, then use a knife to decorate the top; the center was always a cross.

And, of course, we always went to mass.

When we were old enough to take communion at church, because of Catholic rules about fasting before communion, breakfast would have to wait until after we got home from mass.

Then finally, we'd bite the ears off the chocolate bunnies which filled our Easter baskets, along with foil covered chocolate eggs, molded popcorn bunnies or eggs, plus a few Easter-related toys.

What's that building on the hill?

The building on top of the hill behind our house in the photo above is one of the Crestview Village buildings. The hill looks pretty much how I remember the hill below Crestview when I was growing up: eroded, rutted, hard brown dirt; a few huge boulders; a few scattered blackberry and jagger bushes; and some grassy sort of plants.

People who lived below the hill would often burn their trash in a large horizontal depression just beyond the alley that ran behind our yards; I set some of the dried grass on fire a few times while performing my chore of "watching" our trash fire burn.

I am amazed at how nature has taken back that hill, slowly over many years. This is what it now looks like before leaves block the view of the hill from the alley behind Beaver Rd.

Crestview Village building
looking East from 1522 Beaver Rd.
April 15, 2016
credit: Nancy Knisley

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