Saturday, December 7, 2013

Buying a Christmas tree on Merchant Street in 1952

1952 Daily Citizen photo showing Margaret and Edward Barlow
buying a Christmas tree from Edward Carrera
 at a Merchant Street lot

This newspaper photo comes from my friend Marge Barlow Kosis, who I've known since kindergarten at Divine Redeemer School, which is a lot of years. It shows "Margaret Louise" and her dad, Edward Barlow, buying a Christmas tree at a Merchant Street lot.

The "DC" watermark in the lower right corner of the photo indicates that this is a photo from the Daily Citizen. Based on Margaret Louise being identified as being "age three," it was taken in 1952. I have yet to find an exact date.

The text under the photo says:
THREE WAYS IN DETERMINING THE PRICE of Christmas trees are its fullness, size and type state owners of the lot on 11th and Merchant St. Owners are Carrera Brothers and Frank Polce. Prices are from $1 and up. In the picture Edward Carrera right, aids Edward Barlow, left, 1002--10th St., in purchasing a tree while Margaret Louise Barlow, age three, looks on. Types of trees are red pine, Scotch pine, bank pine, Canadian balsam, Norway spruce and Canadian spruce. 
I wonder what a $1 tree looked like.

Edward Barlow, who worked at American Bridge for 42 years, passed away at age 72 on March 26, 1994.

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  1. jd aka john domansky
    i went to Ambridge high w/a richard kosis, he may have graduated 1949, not sure, played basketball i think, kind of tall, anyone over 5'5" was tall to me. had a jutting chin & wore a good smile. polite & easy going guy.

    next are xmas trees, we bought a few trees from there on 11th & merchant. 1953 a bunch of guys, walked from 14th st merchant to downtown & up to 3rd st, found an old tree, xmas eve nite, & i dragged it all the way while we wll sang have a merry xmas w/a little help from a couple of bottles, stops along the way we carolled a few places & shared a bottle, what fun, BUT oh no too hung over to get to xmas mass at DR church, even noon mass, mom hit the roof, i was 21. never lived that one down.