Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas shopping at A&P, 1957

A&P ad,
Beaver Valley Times, December 11, 1957

In December 1957, when you shopped at A&P, along with Lux or Ivory Flakes, Blue Dot Duz, Camay Soap, Cott Pure Fruit Beverages, Clark Chewing Gum, and a large cherry pie for $0.45, you could also pick up Christmas gifts: HiFi Christmas L.P.'s, Rock'n Roll records for $1.00, a Lone Ranger Gun, Slinky Train, or large bride doll for $5.99.

The Ambridge A&P was located between 11th Street and Sherman Street, now the location of the Trinity School for Ministry.

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  1. OMGosh! I almost forgot about the bride dolls. They were THE thing to have when I was a little kid (5 or 6); It was definitely Barbie when I was older 10-12. (Hmmm, do 12-year-olds even PLAY with dolls anymore?)