Saturday, December 21, 2013

Northern Lights: The Farm & Garden Patch

Judy Reed addressed a comment to me on Facebook regarding an earlier post about the opening of the first stores in Northern Lights:
Nancy…we moved from Ambridge to Baden in 1953 and lived in the Kubia homes right above Northern Lights. Two of the stores that you have listed I have [never] heard of…Farm & Garden Patch & Fintex Clothes. In fact, I also worked at Northern Lights…can't imagine where those two stores were.
This post will be about The Farm. I will post about Fintex later.

This store seems to have gone by several names. In the October 31, 1956, Northern Lights Shoppers City ad in the Beaver Valley Times listing all the stores opening the next day (see previous post), it's listed as "The Farm."

An ad for the store in the same issue, calls the store The Farm, but also says it's "The Two Biggest Little Stores in Northern Lights Shopper's City" and mentions "The Garden Patch," which will feature fresh produce and "The Hen House," which will feature "Acronized chickens."

The Farm ad,
Beaver Valley Times, October 31, 1956

There's also an article about the store, "The Farm and Garden Patch Managed by Beaver Area Man" and a photo of the interior. [Update 12/21/13: a reader says that the photo below looks like the interior of Murphy's Meats. It is possible that the Beaver Valley Times misidentified the store in the photo. The paper also ran an article about Murphy's Meats next to the one about The Farm. I do not remember the interior of either store. Can a reader who does remember help?] [Update 6/11/14: After comparing the photo below with the one of Murphy's Meats in the June, 12, 1957 Beaver Valley Times, I agree that the photo below does appear to be of Murphy's Meats; however, both photos are of such low quality that I'm not able to say I'm 100 percent sure.] 

"This long row of meat cases is in The Farm at Northern Lights"
Beaver Valley Times, October 31, 1956

The Farm was still around for Northern Lights' June 1957, Grand Opening Celebration. The Beaver Valley Times' June 12 edition had an article about The Farm, "'The Farm' Has Fresh Produce," and a full page ad in which the store no longer advertised "two biggest little stores."

The Farm ad,
Beaver Valley Times, June 12, 1957

I don't know where The Farm was located in Northern Lights. Maybe another reader can remember.

As of now, I do not know when The Farm closed or what store took its place. If I ever find out, I will post that information.

Update 12/22/13: The Farm Christmas ad:

The Farm Christmas ad,
Beaver Valley Times, December 18, 1956


  1. Whenever I get a yen for acronized chicken, I put on a suit of fintex clothes, just in case I have an accident.

  2. Thank you for this article. I've lived in Conway off and on since 1958 and have many childhood memories of Northern Lights. I have shared this site and this articles with my Conway Friends. Thank you again for posting this.