Monday, May 4, 2015

Ambridge Clean-up, Paint-up, Fix-up Week

Painting the J. C. Penney Co. sign
Paint-up, Fix-up, Paint-up event
Beaver County Times,
May 14, 1965

Text below photo:

EARLY START - As part of the Clean-up, Paint-up, Fix-up Week program sponsored by Greater Ambridge Area Chamber of Commerce, the J. C. Penney Co. store in Ambridge is being painted. Watching painters at work are James Parkinson, right, store manager, and John Dontas, Baden, painting contractor. On the ladder are Jack Sarries, Ambridge, and Joe Klimkowski, Sewickley. Clean-up, Paint-up, Fix-up Week observance officially starts Monday.

The Committee to Clean and Beautify Ambridge (CCBA) gave Ambridge a spring cleaning on April 25. More than 65 adults and 20 children removed many bags of litter and trash from Ambridge streets, sidewalks, and other public places. Good job, volunteers!

In May 1965, the Ambridge Chamber of Commerce sponsored a week during which businesses were encouraged to spiff-up their buildings. Does anyone know if that was an annual event?

The J. C. Penney store was at 601 Merchant Street. For many years, Penney's had a store both on Merchant Street and in Northern Lights. Penney's finally closed the Merchant Street store some time after 1967, but I've yet to find the exact date. Anyone know?

The photo isn't great, but you can see the S&S shoe store, 599 Merchant Street, in the background.

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  1. I don't know if it was Father & Son Shoes or S&S Shoe Store that had an X-Ray machine that would X-Ray your foot inside of the shoes and we thought nothing of it.