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Ambridge memorabilia: Ambridge Savings & Trust Christmas card

Christmas card
Ambridge Savings & Trust Co.

The Ambridge Savings & Trust Co. called itself "The Oldest Bank in Ambridge."  It was chartered in 1902 and started doing business in 1903, two years before Ambridge incorporated, on the northeast corner of 5th and Merchant Sts. in a three-story brick building said to be "the first building erected in Ambridge." In 1911, it built and moved into an elegant two-story limestone building next door.

Ambridge Savings & Trust Co. ad with 1911 building
Daily Times
August 28, 1916

According to notes left by the late Ambridge historian William (Bill) Bowan, Ambridge Savings & Trust later remodeled both the brick and limestone buildings into a single Ambridge Savings & Trust headquarters building.

At one time, Ambridge Savings & Trust reportedly had the largest deposits of any bank in Beaver County. Like many banks, it ran into financial trouble during the depression and reorganized in 1933. According to Bowan, it became The Economy Bank of Ambridge.

The beautiful stone building at the corner of 5th and Merchant Sts. that was home to Ambridge Savings & Trust and Economy Bank was razed in 1984; its location is now the drive-through of Wesbanco bank.

The above card is the same size as a typical postcard of that era, 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches. But it has a blank back. There's no stamp box, and no space designated for the mailing address, so I doubt if these cards were mailed as postcards.

I believe the double arcs in each corner may be marks from some kind of album mounting corners.

In Feb. 2018, I was able to write more about the history of the Ambridge Savings and Trust Co. and its building, and provide some photos. Click here to read that Ambridge Memories Blog post. 

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