Thursday, December 10, 2015

Class photo: Ambridge High School Class of 1928

Ambridge High School Class of 1928
25th Reunion Program
courtesy Judy Pugar
used with permission

This photo of the Ambridge High School Class of 1928 came to me from Judy Pugar, whose father graduated in this class. Andy Pugar is on the far left of the fourth row, unfortunately with a white mark on his face. I don't know the identity of anyone else in the photo.

In 1928, the high school was on Park Road. In 1938, the high school moved to the new Senior High annex to the already-existing Junior High School building on Duss Ave. The Park Road building then became an elementary school until 1972, when the building was used for Ambridge Area School District's administrative offices. The building is now the location of the Center for Hope.


  1. My mother, Louise Napolitan Mancinetti was in the class of 1928, along with Dr. Woody Harris, also, her friends Betty Brown and Avonelle Feick.
    I believe(since the picture is so small) that my mom is in the center of the 4th(?) row with a line going through her chin. Doc Harris is in the center second from the top row and I believe Betty and Avonelle are in the front row...Betty directly below my mom and Avonelle to Betty's left....just saw this and wanted to comment...I think that my mom went to all of the reunions, I believe the last one that she attended was in 1983, their 55th Anniversary year.

    1. Did you enlarge the photo when you viewed it? If you're on a computer, click on the photo. If you're on a mobile device, tap the photo. It gets pretty big. Of course, if you're reading the blog on a smartphone, it won't get all that big. :)

  2. Thank you. Upon enlarging the picture, I think that the woman with the line through her chin is Wilma Skapik Murray and that my Mom is actually one row below, to Wilma's left (line above her head)....but it's a different hairstyle than what she normally wore (at least from the pictures I've seen. But, then again, it may be some other girl from that Class) Thank you for this beautiful treasure trove of memories for Ambridge and those who grew up here....