Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Northern Lights, Christmas shopping season 1960

Northern Lights in Baden was packed with shoppers during 1960's Christmas shopping season. Even though the parking lot was huge, trying to find an open parking space could be hard.

A small part of the parking lot
Northern Lights Shoppers City
Beaver County Times
December 8, 1960.

Times caption:
BUSY PLACE AT CHRISTMAS -- Cars jam the big parking area at Northern Lights Shoppers City these days as Beaver County folks prepare for the Christmas season.

In December 1960, Northern Lights, which had opened its first stores just in time for Christmas shopping in 1956, had over 50 stores, many new to the area, including some that were part of popular chains. Stores, modern and bright, were open late every night. Parking was free, no meters to feed, and no parallel parking was required. Plus Santa arrived by helicopter! It's no surprise that Ambridge businesses were feeling the pressure.

Christmas shopping ad
Northern Lights Shoppers City
Beaver County Times
November 24, 1960

Now, the Northern Lights parking lot is mostly empty spaces and potholes. Many of the stores are vacant. The big Penney's building that was once its centerpiece is gone, and a road to a Walmart runs through where it used to be.



  2. I would love to see Northern Lights return to the way it was back then. There wasn't anything you could not buy there. There are so many seniors living in the area, and it is so much easier to get there than many of the other places to shop in the area. I think if they cleaned it up and put in some good stores, they could be doing a better business than they were back then.

    1. jd aka john domansky
      better yet, everyone move back to ambridge & bring all the stores back to how they had been. now!!! let me tell you another fairy tale.

    2. jd aka john domansky
      not being sarcastic, just truthfull!!!