Thursday, February 18, 2016

Group photo: Ambridge High School's first basketball team, 1911

Ambridge High School's first basketball team
Laughlin Memorial Library archives
used with permission

Oh, look, they wore long shorts back in 1911. Who knew that current uniform shorts were retro?

Some of the players' names appear to originally have been typed below the photo, but they are faded. Local historian William (Bill) Bowan rewrote them on the back of the photo:

The back says: 1911- Ambr. H. School Basketball Team

1st Row L R

1 - Sid Parsons
2 - ?
3 - ?
4 - Bill Cooper
5 - Harry West

2nd Row

1 - ?
2 - Bert Bianchi
3 - Sid Cadmus
4 - Bill Hutchinson

If you know the names of the unidentified players or the coach, please let me know.

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  1. jd aka john domansky

    the long pants you are seeing may be sweat pants or warmup pants like they use today, pants & light jacket, to keep you warm while getting ready for the game, shooting hoops etc. after warmup if you sit on bench, body gets cold & muscles stiffen up, charley horse heaven,