Thursday, February 4, 2016

Group photo: faculty Liberty and Harmony Schools, 1927

Liberty and Harmony Schools 1927
Louis Vukovcan collection
courtesy of Jackie Vukovcan

This composite photo shows the faculty of two of Ambridge's public schools, Liberty and Harmony, in 1927. The schools once were next to each other on the north side of 5th St., east of Duss Ave., with Harmony being closer to Duss and Liberty further up the hill. Harmony was the older of the two schools, built in 1912. Liberty was built in 1917-18.

Harmony was used by St. Veronica's High School from 1945-65. Both schools were razed in 1968, and the Ambridge Towers Apartments for seniors were erected where the schools once stood.

The photo came from the late Louis Vukovcan's collection. The handwritten list of the faculty's names on the sides of the photo appears to be his. Unfortunately, while the list is numbered, the photos aren't, so I can't match the names to a particular photo.

I  had a bit of a hard time trying to read Mr. Vukovcan's list, so if you see a mistake, or if you can match a name with a photo, please let me know.

Left side:
1. (no first name) Willard
2. Mary Hartman
3. Ruth Brown
4. Jane Creese
5. Berta Powell
6. Mary Multon
7. Cyril Lewis
8. Mildred Leeper
9. Wilma Johnson
10. Ella Mae Lear
11. Isabel McCalmot
12. Celia J. Blake

Right side:
13. Mildred File
14. Violet Paice
15. Jessie Rountrec
16. Margaret Brinker
17. Irene Shea
18. Maybelle Seybert
19. Alfadine McClester
20. (no first name) Aldstadt
21. Ada Staub
22. Bertha Rice
23. Mildred White

You can see a photo of Harmony and Liberty schools in the February 4, 2014 blog post "Early Ambridge public schools: then and now."

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