Sunday, February 14, 2016

Then and now: 600 block Park Road

600 block of Park Rd, looking north


600 block Park Rd.
circa 1910

The large tree on the right side of the postcard hides most of the apartment building on the corner. On the west side of the street, you can see a bit of the American Bridge park that once ran from 4th to 8th Sts.

I'm not sure how old the above postcard is as it's unmailed, so there's no postmark. But if you enlarge the card*, you'll see that there are horse-drawn carts next to the curb. This pre-linen card has a divided back, so it was printed by "H. C. George, 5 and 10 cent Store, Ambridge, Pa." after 1907, but probably before 1915.


600 block of Park Rd.
May 2, 2015

Unfortunately, I didn't have a lens with me that would allow me to take a photo wide enough to capture both sides of the street as the postcard does. The homes on this block are remarkably unchanged except for color.

The park has been reduced to a single block from 7th to 8th St. The west side of the 600 block of Park Rd. is now a parking lot for St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church.

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  1. we lived at 614 park rd, in the late 1960s through the 1980s Recognize that view