Friday, January 24, 2014

Ambridge Pharmacy

Ambridge Pharmacy ad,
The Daily Citizen Trade Area Directory, 1956

The ad above shows the lovely Art Deco storefront of the Ambridge Pharmacy, 752 Merchant Street in Ambridge, John Donatelli, Pharmacist.

The ad promotes the pharmacy's "EXCLUSIVE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE" and stock of:

Surgical Braces & Elastic Stockings & Wheelchairs
Trusses For Your Rupture--Comfortably, Effectively Fitted

The address no longer exists, and it appears the site of the pharmacy is now part of the 8th Street CVS parking lot.

CVS parking lot,
looking East from Merchant Street,
Google Street view

1 comment:

  1. jde aka john domansky

    The john donatelli pharmacy was always an eye catcher, very deco when deco was just over, go inside & always be greeted by a friendly hello johnny, lived across on 8th & merchant & big JD knew little JD me. when i had a a nickel or dime, from carrying groceries for women, a candy bar was next or the movies if i worked a little overtime & did not feel the money burning a hole in my pocket, son claude was a tad older & the girl was younger, recall john as being balding & like his son later on in high school had a friendly italian smile. once he told me we don't sell caps for cap guns here, johnny. after high school we shoveled snow off the 3 story buildings a little south, push it to the alley & once in a while a shovel to the front when no one was walking there. that was the big snow of 1950 - 51, just started at hh & still got into the movies as a 12 yr old, 5'2", grew 6" in next 3 yrs or so. there was a good restaurant across from donatellis, name was ??? senior moment , great burgers & the 1st chili hot dog i ever saw. after getting the legal age & sometimes b4 we spent time in buffalinis, ate hard boiled eggs & hot sauce & watched the phillies & indians world series, it only went 4 games as i recall. 4th to 8th st merchant was the hot spot of the town, cruising b4 anyone knew what cruising was, go down to 14th turn around & back to 4th & do same over all nite long, gas was about 25 cents a gallon or less.