Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The David Shop

The David Shop
The Daily Citizen, January 7, 1959

In 1959, Ambridge businesses ran a series of "Meet Your Ambridge Business Establishment" ads in The Daily Citizen. Each week, the ad would focus on one of the businesses listed in the ad with a photo and a brief write-up about the store. On January 7, 1959, the focus was on The David Shop.

The write-up of the store said it was founded in 1947 by Mr. and Mrs. David Apple, who also managed the shop, originally at 704 Merchant Street, but it had been at 658 Merchant Street for three years. According to the ad, "The David Shop carries a complete line of clothing for women with the exception of hats and shoes."

I don't remember much about The David Shop. If you do, please share your memories in the comments.

Update 2/3/2014: A June, 1955, The David Shop ad:

The David Shop ad,
Beaver Valley Times,
June 29, 1955

Magical Moments Child Care,
658 Merchant Street,
Google Street View
The most current photo I could find of 658 Merchant Street was a Google Street View showing the building occupied by Magical Moments Child Care.

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  1. could child care building be the old Prince theater??
    john domansky