Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ambridge Borough Swimming Pool expansion: the solons' inspection

While you're waiting for the next article about the Ambridge Borough Swimming Pool, enjoy a photo about the pool expansion plans. I think it's a nice segue from the posts about the bathhouse to one about the pools themselves, since the "solons" are standing on the bathhouse roof.

Photo about the planned pool expansion from The Beaver County Times, February 4, 1960.

The text under the photo says:
SOLONS INSPECT SWIMMING POOL - Several Ambridge Borough officials inspected the borough swimming pool area Wednesday in connection with plans to enlarge the sun deck and construct a picnic pavilion adjacent to the pool. Shown here, left to right, are Councilman John Kaiser, chairman of council's redevelopment committee; Joseph Rodio, borough secretary; Floree Aquino, president of council; Charles Radakovich, chairman of the recreation committee; Stanley Phillips, chairman of the property committee, and Ollie Werner, a representative of Michael Baker Jr., Inc., borough engineer.

While I remember the deck being expanded when the sloping area was added on the baseball field side of the pool, I don't recall "a picnic pavilion adjacent to the pool" being constructed in the 60s. I hope to find out more about the planned pavilion.

Update June 1, 2014:
According to the Times' caption under the photo below, the pool deck expansion being contemplated in 1960 wasn't completed until before the 1965 season. (Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. That's the way it was published in the online digitized version.) I still have not found any further mention of the planned "picnic pavilion adjacent to the pool".

Ambridge pool inprovments,
Beaver County Times,
May 22, 1965

The text under the photo says:
POOL IMPROVEMENTS - Ambridge Water Authority employes [sic] install a new water line at Ambridge swimming pool. The bathhouse has been painted and sun deck extended in preparation for the start of the 1965 swimming season on Memorial Day.

Today's vocabulary word: In case you were wondering, as I was, what a "solon" is, it's "a member of a legislative body." Impress folks by using "solons" the next time you talk about the Borough Council.


  1. Solon was an actual person - an Athenian statesman, lawgiver, and poet of the 6th century BC. Most of the leaders of early America were educated in the classics and knew about him - that is why some towns (Solon OH) are named for him.

    His name also became a synonym for "lawgiver".

    I knew one of the solons in the picture. Mr. Aquino owned a shoe shop on 4th Street just below Duss.

    Dad used to take our shoes there to get re-soled. Occasionally we would get new ones. I remember the "Cat's Paw" sign in the store window.

    Mr. Aquino was super nice to us kids and respectful to our Dad, always addressing him as "Mr Giles".

    p.s. I don't remember a pavilion near the pool either. There was one up the road in the picnic grove.

  2. jd aka john domansky

    something i will always recall about the ambridge swimming pool, there were 2 ways to get up to the deck, right side by womans locker shower room, & left side by mens, if someone would sit on the womens side stairs up in a certain area, one could see into the ladies shower, dressing stall area, women had seperate stalls to change from clothes to swim suit & the opposite when going home, once in a while a "lady" would leave her stall door open, maybe she knew someone was watching & teased that someone. oh la la, talk about showing something, a nicely endowed girl running to fast in a 2 piece suit 1950s, near diving pool , one side of bra top lost its contents, was her face red i nearly got run down, & still recall her name, 2 grades ahead of me in AHS. the pool had swimming events at certain times, once a lifeguard swam underwater the lenght of the pool, about 5' short of the end he surfaced & passed out, my friends & i would do the width underwater 2x with no air between. start w/a dive of side.for a little help.