Saturday, October 5, 2013

When American "compact" cars weren't so compact: Valley Dodge ad October, 1963

Here's a Valley Dodge ad from October 7, 1963, touting the "compact" Dart. Of course, the ad says the '64 Dart is "a fresh new compact in the large economy size." Because what could be better than a compact in a large economy size? I guess in comparison with other cars being sold at the time, it was compact.

Valley Dodge ad for "Compact Dodge Dart," Beaver County Times, October 7, 1963

Compare the Dart with the size of the Oldsmobiles in the Stettler Motor ad in the same issue of the Times.

Stettler Motor Co. ad for '64 Olds models, Beaver County Times, October 7, 1963

Valley Dodge, Inc. was located at 10th and Merchant Street, Ambridge.
Stettler Motor Co. Inc. was located at 916 Merchant Street, Ambridge.

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