Friday, October 4, 2013

Penney's October 1957 ad

Here's a Penney's Northern Lights ad from the same Beaver Valley Times as the previous Davidson's ad. My family shopped at both the Penney's in Northern Lights and the one at 601 Merchant Street, Ambridge.

Penney's Northern Lights ad, Beaver Valley Times, October 4, 1957

Penney's was one of the original tenants when Northern Lights opened on November 1, 1956, and occupied the central spot in the shopping center. It moved to the Beaver Valley Mall in 1996.
After the move, the Northern Lights store remained vacant and was recently razed, leaving a large gap in the middle of the shopping center. It appears that the empty area may now be used as part of an entrance road to a new Walmart being constructed on the hill behind Northern Lights.

The Merchant Street store was open at least through 1967 when I left for college. I am trying to find out when it finally closed. Sol's Sporting Goods currently occupies that building.

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