Friday, October 4, 2013

Davidson's Department Store 1957 coat ad

Davidson's was a large, independent department store at 510 Merchant Street, Ambridge. They carried very nice clothes, but our family never shopped there much because the clothes cost more than we could afford.

Here is a Davidson's coat ad from the October 4, 1957, Beaver Valley Times.

Davidson's coat ad, Beaver Valley Times, October 4, 1957

I think I might balk at paying $125 for a coat now. But in 1957? Look at the "Female Help Wanted" ads from the same issue of the Times:

Female Help Wanted ads, Beaver Valley Times, October 4, 1957
Clerk: salary to $45 per week
Laboratory Technician: salary to $350 per month
Resident Director: salary to $300 per month

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI Inflation Calculator, the cost of those $69.95 to $125 coats in 2013 dollars would be $582 to $1,040.

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